My Vampire System ​Chapter 1761: The unknown promise

The unknown promise.

After Quinn had said those words, the demeanour of the two girls by Athos side began to change. For one, they looked to have pulled a piece of rock from their own body. It had quickly healed, growing back, nearly as quick as the strange beast Quinn had fought against on the tenth floor.

Once their hard golden skin was in their hands, they had crushed the rock and almost started to form it into a spear-like shape. They soon completed this and held two spears in both of their hands. Then brandishing them up in the air, it looked like they were immediately ready to throw them towards Quinn.

“Now, I had heard you were quite the greenhorn when you displayed your energy out in the open. but I never expected you to be so rash,” Athos said.

“I don’t know what type of god you are.”

“Perhaps you were one who has come due to a lot of fighting, that is the case, then I agree you would be troublesome to deal with, but while you are in my tower, I believe you are at a serious disadvantage.”

Hearing this, Quinn thought that might be the case. The different floors, the whole tower system, and the strange beasts which would reappear each time, for each floor had to be the Amra god’s doing, and it was quite possible that the latter could change the structure of the tower as he wished.

More so than likely, the tower here was somewhat like a celestial item, one that Athos could personally use and do as he wished.

“I also don’t want it to come to this, but as I said, I have urgent matters,” Quinn asserted.

At that moment, Athos raised two of his arms while the other four remained folded.

“Is he preparing to attack? What should I do? Should I try using my shadow first? Should I try to do my best from the beginning and take him by surprise?”

“This is my first real fight against another real celestial!” Quinn thought.

However, nothing seemed to have happened, the two girls didn’t do anything, and no energy was forming in Athos’ hands. It was then when Athos crossed his hands again, and Quinn believed that something had to occur, and looking around, he had noticed a key difference.

“What did you do to them!” Quinn shouted as he quickly turned his head. “They have nothing to do with this, and they are the same race as you. They were only helping me!!!”

Geo, Nock, and Dober looked to have all disappeared. Then, in the slight movement that Athos had made, he had changed the floor that the others were standing on to sink them into the ground.

Although Quinn didn’t know it, they were in a place where they could view and hear everything that was going on.

“You seemed like a person who would care for them,” Athos said.

“It seems you are more inclined to listen to me now. Don’t worry, I will not harm them. They are only a security measure to make sure you actually keep to your end of this favour.”

“Once you have completed the task, I will send you to earth and release them to do as they wish. They can go with you, live their life in the tower or return to their families.”

“How can I even trust what you say?” Quinn replied. “I don’t really trust a lot of celestials to begin with, and now you go and do this?”

“I could say the same to you,” Athos shrugged, “You have attacked my tower, and this is the first time the two of us have met.”

“So how would I know you will keep to your promise? I can see, you think I am the bad guy here, but I am not.”

Waving his hand, Athos had created a type of portal that showed the outside city, and it showed the Amra people walking through town with a smile on their faces. Then upon waving his other hand, another portal appeared, and it showed the Amra that lived on the tenth floor, with similarly happy smiles on their faces.

“I know what happened on Earth, so I can understand why you might feel the way you do, but you have to know that things aren’t the same here.”

“I don’t force anyone to try and climb the tower. Everyone can try to enter and clear the floors whenever they wish.”

“The people are also free to leave the tower whenever they want if the tower life is not for them. All I have done is given the people a goal something better to look forward to and a purpose in their life.”

“I will be upfront with you if you don’t trust me. My condition is simple: to create something that will give people a dream.”

“The tower is the Amra race’s dream. Many living outside wish to enter the tower, while those who live inside wish to reach higher floors.”

“The reason why I am being patient is that I want you to see that I am a fair person. Which is why I think this deal can work out for the both of us.”

Quinn was still unsure, but he had to admit that what Athos said made sense. He could see that the people he had met and those from Geo’s village were actually happy, and the tower guards weren’t the ones to abuse their power. What happened between Nock and Geo was more like a personal vendetta than anything.

Of course, some looked down on each other and split the groups into those in the tower and those who lived outside, but was that really Athos doing? Quinn really couldn’t say, and if Athos was being truthful about his condition, it wasn’t something he was imposing on the Amra.

This meant, just like humans, it was more of something that naturally happened when you had people of various characters.

“I can see that you are at least thinking about this thoroughly. While you are deciding whether to attack me or not, at least let me explain the favour to you.” Athos continued. “In this Galaxy, soon in this solar system where the Amra race lives, a Godslayer will arrive.”

“I would take care of it myself, but I have other things to deal with and besides, I feel like it’s definitely more suited to your role.”

“A Godslayer, those were the things that Logan and Bliss talked about, and I also heard many Celestials discuss them in the Celestial space.”

“It seemed like there were many of them out in all the different galaxies. Some celestials were even trying to hunt them down.”

“Is this a way for him to test my strength?” Looking around, Quinn still couldn’t sense where Geo and the others had gone.

In all honesty, he wanted to forget about them. He wanted just to head back home, but there was something inside him, in his nature, that told him he couldn’t just abandon Geo, who had helped him.

Even though Quinn felt it was unlikely that Athos would do anything, there was still a small chance, especially after seeing how so many celestials treated the lives on planets as if they were nothing but numbers to fill their condition.

“I promised I would continue to try and live this way to the fullest while I still felt somewhat human. I don’t want to be like them.”

“Fine,” Quinn made up his mind, “I accept your deal, but you better keep every promise you make.”

“Otherwise, I swear I will hunt you down and won’t give up until you can no longer be reborn.”

There was a red glow in Quinn’s eyes when he said this, and Athos could tell that he was being sincere. The only thing was, Quinn didn’t realise how big of a threat these words were to a celestial, but for the time being, Athos would let it slide as there was a good chance he could kill two birds with one stone.

“Very well, I will now transport you to the planet the Godslayer is on. Good luck.”


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