My Vampire System ​Chapter 1760: A Favour

A Favour.

Quinn had stopped his advance for the first time and stood in front of the colossal giant in front of him. Although they were around fifty metres apart, the shadow cast from Athos had easily reached up to where Quinn was standing.

Quinn looked down on the ground for a split second before looking up at the three in front of him. Even though the person in front of him seemed calm, it would be naive to think he was a friend.

“What do I… say.” Quinn thought. “After learning the reaction from the celestials in the strange space, revealing information about where I am from could backfire on me.”

“But, I also never saw this Athos in celestial space. What if he doesn’t know about what’s going on in the team gang?”

“Not everyone will enter that space, and I can tell the celestial energy between these three is far beyond anything I have.”

“If the two of us were to fight, I don’t know exactly how well I would fare even with all my training in celestial space.”

After thinking for a while, Quinn was almost ready to hide the truth, but before opening his mouth, he bit his lip, stopped, and smiled.

“I… have faced so many challenges and did everything for the sake of my galaxy and everyone who lives on Earth, and here I was about to lie about where I come from?”

“I shouldn’t be ashamed about my origins… and I shouldn’t care what others think.

“I am from the planet called Earth,” Quinn said confidently and smiled, looking directly at Athos’s face.

Somehow, Quinn expected a reaction. On the other hand, Athos crossed all six arms and stared at Quinn. He didn’t say a word, the entire floor was silent.

Geo was still near the hole made by Quinn’s attack when entering the floor. The others seemed somewhat now used to the extra gravity, as they could stand independently, but their faces showed clear signs of discomfort.

“I’m surprised that Dober and Nock are quickly adapting to the change. This isn’t something they would have been able to do before.”

“Is it because the energy of the 50th floor is influencing us? Or is it because of the dire situation, or maybe because we are in front of such great people at the moment?” Geo thought.

“I’m not wrong in thinking that’s certainly Athos standing there right now, the god of the Amra race.” Dober said.

“The energy inside me almost feels like it’s starting to pull towards him.”

Hearing this, that was when the other two realised the same. The energy in their body, the one they had gained from entering certain floors in the tower, was pulling towards the man in front of them.

“But who is Quinn?” Nock finally asked. “How can a… what was he called? A human, right?”

“How can a human stand in front of our god that close? And why has our god not said anything after hearing the name of Quinn’s planet?”

Unfortunately, none of them had the answer to this question, and all they could do was listen in on this grand event that others wouldn’t be able to witness.

“You are very far away from home.” Athos finally replied.

“I hear there are also many things happening on Earth at the moment. Tell me why you are here and why you chose to climb the tower.”

Although Quinn was relieved that there wasn’t an immediate fight on his hands, he still was beaming with his own celestial energy, ready to fight at any moment. For now, though, Quinn thought that honesty would be the best policy.

“I did not come here because I wished to. Rather, someone has forcefully teleported me here.”

“I entered the tower because my friend informed me that I could get the parts for a ship here that would allow me to travel back to Earth.” Quinn answered.

Once again, there seemed to be a pause while Athos thought about what to say. Although honestly, it made Quinn quite anxious. What was the problem?

“You have caused a mess in my tower and scared the people. This will no doubt affect my planet.” Athos replied.

“On top of that, even if I were to give you a ship, it would take you an incredibly long time to return to your planet.”

“And since you seem stuck here. I can only assume you don’t have the means to use the space to travel back.”

“Which makes me wonder, who has even sent you here in the first place? There has to be a reason, and I do not wish to get involved in other people’s messes.”

“Then don’t,” Quinn replied. “The person responsible for my current predicament is my problem, and I will deal with it, but it sounds like you have a way of sending me back.”

“I apologise about entering the tower, as it was the only way I knew how to get around, and as for my extreme action in the tower, I am in a bit of a rush, you see.”

“If you grant me this favour, and help me out, then I will be happy to return this favour and help you out in any of your problems in the future.”

Quinn still didn’t know what Athos celestial condition was, but learning and listening to the other celestials speak, they always seemed to enjoy making deals with each other, at least one that would benefit them both. So now, learning that creating a ship wasn’t the ideal solution, it looked like this man, or the god, in front of him was the only answer.

“So you are asking me for a favour?” Athos placed his hand on his chin.

“Very well, then I have a request you can complete, a favour for a favour. As long as you do what I ask first, then I will happily be able to send you back to Earth.”

Hearing this, Quinn furrowed his eyebrow a little, First, although he didn’t mind doing this Athos a favour, he didn’t know what that would be and second of all, he planned to complete this favour after Athos complied with his.

“I’m sorry, I am happy to comply, but as I said, I am rushing to return to Earth. There is a lot I need to deal with.” Quinn answered.

“We can discuss the favour, but only if you could send me to Earth first. Otherwise, I’m afraid we can’t agree.”

To the others, it seemed strange that one could ask a favour from the god in front of them because Geo was the only one who had heard Quinn’s words when the latter claimed to be a god. That was why he wasn’t too surprised by all of this and was watching everything in awe.

However, he could tell there had also been a change in the atmosphere after Quinn uttered his words.

“I have already been kind enough to forgive you for disrupting the peace of my tower and killing some of my most talented individuals.”

“I think I have proposed a fair deal, and the fact is my favourite is actually related to your home planet anyway. So I believe I am being more than kind.”

It took a second for Quinn to decide what to do, and it was then that he lifted his foot and stomped thes shadow that was beneath him. It looked to disperse into pieces before it reformed itself again, creating itself.

It was something that shouldn’t have been possible and something the others really didn’t understand.

“I will tell you again. I am in quite the rush as well.” Quinn raised his fist, opening up and making a tiger claw again.

“I may not have as much celestial energy as you, but I was born a strong fighter. I promise you it will not be easy to take me down.”

“I will request again. Please agree with my deal and do me a favour by helping me get back to Earth, otherwise…”


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