My Vampire System ​Chapter 1759: A meeting of gods

A meeting of gods.

The large object had crashed at such a speed that Quinn could not react against it. The only thing he did see was that it wasn’t just a single object; rather, he had seen three in total. The dust cloud made by them had created a wave.

The grey-coloured flooring tiles were cracked, and the floor was covered in the smoke of dust. Looking around, Quinn noticed that the other three had been struggling to move ever since they had gotten here.

“Is it the Gravity?” Quinn thought.

“It is heavy here. my body was able to adjust to the speed a lot quicker, but for them, they were meant to get used to the changes from each floor.”

“Jumping directly to the 50th floor might have become a problem for them.”

All three of them had their hands on the floor, pushing off it like a giant weight was sitting on top of them. They were shaking as they utilised every muscle in their body. Lifting his head, Geo could see the wall of dust coming towards them and the hole not too far behind them.

“If we get hit by that, we’re going to get thrown back into that hole! We have to move!” Geo thought.

“Nock, Dober, if we don’t get out of here, that wall will hit us! Move your arses!” Geo shouted.

“Why… are you telling us…vsomething when you can’t do it either!” Nock shouted back and managed to place one foot on the ground, and his upper body was upright. Two of his arms were pressing off his one knee, and Nock was now the one doing the best.

“Haha, at least if we die, I can say I bested you in my final moments.” Nock smiled.

Dober was at the back, and that’s when he could see something happening. The outer skin on Geo’s leg looked like it was beginning to crack. At first, Dober thought it was a wound that Geo had received somehow, but he couldn’t remember them getting hit.

When taking a closer look, he could see that there was no blood though, and instead, it looked like parts of his rocky skin were falling over, and a new shade of rock was coming through. In addition, the hide of the rock was somewhat thicker, increasing the length and size of Geo’s legs by a little bit.

“He… is evolving into one of the Sedi ranks!” Dober noticed, but he also saw that it might not matter because the wall of debris was already upon them. Then, from the side, dense red energy came out of nowhere, sending the debris off in the distance through the air and crashing into one of the large mansions that was originally owned by one of the Sedi rank Amra.

“Did you guys think I forgot about you all or something? You guys chose to follow me, you guys are helping me out, so I won’t just let you die.” Quinn stated, still not looking at them instead of looking off in the distance.

Quinn briefly looked at his hands for a second, which were still covered in his celestial gauntlets. They made his hands look around double the size and were almost a solid black, like when Peter transformed, but also still had several red glowing lines coming down to his wrist and continuing on his skin.

Strangely, the chains that would be stuck in Quinn’s body were still there, connected from the base of the gauntlets, sprinkling to his body till his shoulders and the top of his chest.

“The tiger form martial arts I practised did well when mixed with the power of these gauntlets, but every time I change the shape of the soul weapon, it has a different effect with blood.”

“My fists were getting stronger each time my fingers went through their bodies. I could feel the blood was merging with my own powers.”

“But now that he’s here, if I have a big fight ahead of me, I will have to use everything I learn in that space right here and now.”

Walking forward, Quinn didn’t decide to be aggressive, but he wouldn’t get out of this either in case he needed to use it at any moment. It was then that he felt a surge of energy from behind.

Although he didn’t want to look away from those in front, turning around, he could see Geo standing there; at least Quinn thought it was Geo.

“It looks like I was right. The Sedi can evolve, which has something to do with this tower.” Quinn thought.

Geo’s skin now darkened, turning pitch black compared to before. There were also little sparks of white rocks throughout his skin, making Geo somewhat like a rare ore. At the same time, Geo was now just as large as the Sedi rank Amra. And he didn’t just go through a simple evolution, but it looked like he evolved to the point where he could match the older Sedi rank Amra on this floor.

“I wonder, why do all of their skin differ from one another, even though they have all evolved.”

Quinn thought as he saw Geo lift Nock and Dober off the ground with ease, placing them upright so they could stand on their own two feet.

“The two of them haven’t evolved either.”

Turning his head to focus on the front, Quinn found that the smoke had now slowly settled, and he could see two females with a golden-like skin colour on the outer scales. Since they were female, one thing to notice was that they had two arms instead of the four.

They were roughly the same size and width as the Sedi Rank, but he had never seen this colour on any of the Sedi ranks. The other difference Quinn could see and feel was that they both had a marking on their head.

It looked like a rectangle pointing upwards with two snake-like figures wrapping around it, but they did not have heads. Thinking about it, it somewhat looked like the tower from the outside in the distance and sensing the Celestial energy in them, Quinn could tell they were beyond that of the Sedi Rank Arma he had just fought against.

Finally, there was what could only be described as a literal giant. It was a large Amra that had similar traits to the rest. Its colour was also one that Quinn had never seen either. He had a platinum shine that was almost reflective like a mirror because his skin was somewhat reflecting everything surrounding him, from the Sedi Amra to the buildings.

However, the biggest difference was that this Amra had six arms, three sticking out from either side. This was the first for Quinn, and this perhaps was not just an Amra because Quinn could tell this giant was a Celestial too.

“This has become quite an interesting predicament. I never expected a god to just come to this place unannounced.” Athos said in a booming loud voice that shook the entire area.

“This…this is our god… the god of the tower!” Nock said in a quivering voice as the echo from Athos words dimmed. They had never seen him before, never seen any images of him, but at first glance, they could tell who this was.

“Quinn, I was right about you… from the way you stand calmly, I can tell you don’t feel anything in his presence. You really are on the same level as him.” Geo thought.

“Maybe I can tell more now that I am just a bit closer to the two of you, but for me to reach where you two are, I think it would just be impossible for me.”

“Good luck, Quinn… my friend.”

“I never expected to come to this place either,” Quinn said, still walking forward, not halting his advance.

“I only have one simple wish: to get off this damned place so I can return and help my friend. First, though, I might have some questions to ask you.”

“I won’t disrespect you since you are like me,” Athos expressed.

“However, you have caused a lot of trouble on my planet. I am curious about your name and where you are from.”


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