My Vampire System ​Chapter 1758: The Amra Evolve

The Amra Evolve.

“There is something seriously different about these guys compared to the others.” Quinn thought, looking at the Amra that were known as the ‘Sedi’ rank.

They were slightly larger in size by about a quarter compared to others, their shoulders were broader, and the colour of their outer skin was also different.

It almost looked and felt like they were part of a different race. It was hard to believe someone could change this much.

Is it the tower? Has some sought of evolution made it, so their bodies have Changed?’ Quinn thought. One thing was clear. They were far stronger than the other Amra. It was why he had decided to summon his Soul weapon.

Either way, it didn’t matter too much, and this didn’t look like a situation that Quinn could just fly out of this time. Immediately, two of the Sedis had a strange green-coloured rock and threw it right at Quinn.

Using his demon tier piece of equipment that still had the shadow activated, Quinn stretched them out to hit the rocks. This was because bringing them in to defend himself would have taken more time.

It was the quickest action he could take. As the rocks had hit Quinn’s wings, they had stopped mid air, but something strange happened that hadn’t occurred before. Several vibrations came out, hitting the air like ripples.

When attacks hit Quinn’s shadow, it would either slow it down or stop the attack altogether if it was a more condensed form of the shadow. Because of the Demon tier chest piece’s special ability, the wings shadow acted more like the latter, as a defensive mechanism stopping any attacks it touched, no matter how great.

Although this had stopped the physical aspect of the attack, it seemed like something else was occurring Hitting the air, a large ringing sound could be heard in Quinn’s ears, and it was becoming extremely painful for him.

I can’t hear anything! My head feels like it’s going to explode! Quinn soon could see around eight more of the green rocks coming towards his front.

Tyring, his best, he shook off the strange feeling and decided to face the other rocks head-on.

“If blocking them isn’t the right thing to do, then I will just have to attack head-on instead.”

Lifting up the twin tails blades one would think he would start to swing them towards the Sedi. However, Quinn instead had bashed his two weapons aga inst each other. At that moment, several chains had broken off his blade.

There were five parts from one part of the weapon and five parts from the other, allowing for ten links to be in the air. The blade looked broken for a few seconds, and where the parts had come off, it almost looked like human muscle.

The chains, deep within Quinn’s body, started to swirl around more and the two twin tail blades extended out again, returning to their original length, but the ten pieces were still floating about, and they soon started to glow red.

Quinn had retracted away his shadow wings once more, and the red veins on his body started to show, as celestial energy was also running through his soul weapons.

“I’m sorry, but unlike the others, I don’t think I can give you the chance to live, but if you give up now, I will spare your life,” Quinn stated.

The Sedi didn’t listen and instead picked up more rocks they had brought with them, ready to attack from a distance again. Seeing this, Quinn had no choice; the floating chain links grew red, and went straight towards the rocks.

It had pierced right through them. The rocks were split to even more parts going past Quinn, but he could easily avoid them, and for the ones that he couldn’t he lifted his blade slightly, allowing it to deflect.

“What is that weapon, and those links able to block an attack from the Green rock. That weapon must be something from the gods!” One of the Sedi said.

In a way, they were right. Similar to how Quinn could now create celestial weapons, his soul weapon had become a celestial weapon itself. There was a large boost in its power, its durability, just like when celestial points were given to the others, and at the same time, there were more things it could do compared to before.

“Let’s get rid of a lot of you in one go!”

With celestial blood running through the weapons, Quinn could control the other links with his blood powers. They went right past all of the Sedi, moving at an incredible speed, but the Sedi also knew they weren’t coming towards them, so they started to leave.

However, they did do something strange. There was a separate link that was placed in between a few of the Sedi. Placing both his weapons out to the side, they started to glow bright red, and so did the links.

The next second, a red aura, just like when Quinn used blood, came out of the links. It continued to move, and the red aura had wrapped around, the back of the Sedi connecting all of the links together and finally connected back to Quinn’s blade.

It was then, using all of his strength, Quinn pulled forward, while also restricting the aura, to constrict and make the area smaller. The Sedi felt something suddenly hit their backs, a strong force that was slightly burning into their skin from behind.

They were lifted off their feet and were coming directly towards Quinn. When they were only a few metres away, the twin tails glowed bright red again, but their form started to change, and this item looked like gauntlets.

Meanwhile, the ten or so links that were behind them had changed their form into swords as well.

“I learnt just like with Peter, how he had an image in his head he could create when using celestial energy, that I could do the same.” Quinn thought.

Moving his hands, it looked like a red aura around the whole area was gathering in seconds. Just with his fingertips, he made what looked like a type of claw shape. Red lines were cutting the air around him.

The whole area was distorting, and even the ground around Quinn’s feet was disengrating a little.

“Inside that space, I learned to return to my roots a little. I always prefered hand-to-hand combat rather than all of these blood skills, so why not do something that’s more suited to me.”

The Sedi had somewhat recovered in the air and had wound up their fists, ready to punch the enemy in front of them.

Twisting his foot on the ground, Quinn had pounced from his position, leaping with great power, and swiped his hand, aiming for the fist. The red lines of power still flowed, and as they touched the hard rock hand of the Sedi, it had gone through like it was butter. Blood could be seen for a split second coming out of the hand, but it almost evaporated into a mist and had joined the red aura behind it, making it grow larger.

Using his other hand, Quinn had slashed at its stomach, and the same thing happened there. Then before it could do anything, Quinn continued to slash with his hands causing the enemy in front of him to disappear into nothing but more vampire aura.

Quinn quickly moved, from one to another, using his new Celestial blood gauntlets to cut through all of the Sedi’s attacks. Anything they touched looked like the enemy in front would just disappear, and Quinn was faster than them, and even if he wasn’t and they were to touch his deadly claws, they would lose their own limbs.

In the end, the other three that had come with Quinn could see only him standing there, with the bodies of the Sedi on the floor, whatever was left of them.

“I’m sure there should be something on this floor we can use to trade for the spaceship parts you need.” Quinn said.

Moments later, something could be seen falling from the sky, landing around 200 metres away. It was heavy and caused a loud dust cloud to rise, blocking the view of them all. Although Quinn couldn’t see, he could sense the energy.

“It looks like the big guy has decided to see me in person.”


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