My Vampire System ​Chapter 1757: Burst-Through!


The sword attack had broken the illusion of the bright sky above. As the pieces of tower continued to fall on the city, the residents raised their heads and stared up in shock, their hands plastered over their mouths, and the children in the area were crying, looking at the scene.

After all, some of them had lived in the tower all their lives. Because once one person had entered the Tower, the whole of their family could also join, and so could the future generations. Therefore, not all those who lived in the tower were strong amra’s, nor had they stepped foot from outside. And seeing the damage caused by the blood sword, they could only think that it was the world’s end. To them, a demon had created a sword of blood that everyone could see, and now the sky had turned blood red as the hell had descended.

As for the person responsible for it all, he was still standing in the courtyard, looking up at what he had done.

“My theory was correct after all.” Quinn thought.

After exploring the celestial space, Quinn had linked the special tower doors and the tower together. It was strange how each floor felt like they were in a completely different place, almost like they were on another planet, and that’s when it clicked.

It didn’t just feel like it was a different place. Each of the doors was almost like a portal to another area. When looking at the outside, although the tower was expansive, it wasn’t enough for the space they were exploring.

Things didn’t match up, meanwhile on the tenth floor the sky looked extremely high and the blue light of energy must have meant something, which is why Quinn believed that the rest of the floors, the living quarters where the amras actually lived, were real parts of the Tower.

Having blasted a hole straight upward, it looked like he was right.

“The celestials were able to create the celestial space, so creating actual dimensions, trial rooms and other things for themselves wouldn’t completely be out of the question.” Quinn thought.

Since he was no longer using his celestial energy, his armour wouldn’t burn if he was to use it. Now using his shadow, the chest piece had soon attached to him again, and his wings had sprouted.

“I will ask you guys again, are you sure you want to come with me? If so, then you will need to hold on.” Quinn said with his hand held out.

The three amra looked at each other, they honestly were stunned by everything happening and didn’t know what to do, but in the end, there was one that took the first step.

“You are one crazy human,” Geo replied, holding his hand. “I have never seen anything like you. For a long time, I have thought, why are the lives of those in the tower different from those outside it? I want to ask our god these questions.”

Quinn now started to know why he liked Geo quite a bit, and the answer was because he reminded him of himself. Reminded him of his old self.

After seeing that Geo was going along, Nock couldn’t fall behind and quickly ran over as well, and finally, there was Dober, who just smiled as he held on to one of the wings.

“You won’t need to do that. I will let you guys see everything when I get up there.” Quinn said as he activated his shadow and placed each of them into his shadow space.

Straight after, bending his knees, Quinn blasted off into the air. The arma from below could see a small person flying up to the hole that he had just created in the distance.

They couldn’t quite tell what it was but could see large black wings on its body. This was because Quinn had activated his shadow.

“What is happening? Is that an angel!” A little child looked over in awe.

“An angel? Don’t be foolish. I don’t even think that is an amra. Don’t look at it.” A mother said, placing her hands over the child’s eyes.

Quinn moved fast with his wings and was able to reach the hole quickly. He wasn’t flying as fast as he could run, but he was still agile and swift. When going through the hole, it was as Quinn had expected.

The next moment, he found himself on the ground floor of another city. This time it looked different to the one below. The technology being used had advanced, and Quinn could see more high-rise buildings and different technological specs here.

The Amra even seemed to wear more clothing similar to humans in fashion. However, the style was completely different as everything seemed to be a different shade of green and nothing else.

“Catch the intruder! We have to stop him at all costs!” An amra guard shouted.

Continuing to fly upward, Quinn could see most of the Amra on this floor were already alerted of his presence and had equipped themselves for a battle. They also wore slightly different coloured clothes, which was most likely to show the status of being someone from the 25th floor.

In their hands, they had large tube-like weapons, imitating something somewhat like a bazooka. While others had objects that looked like canons, and finally, some just had rounded rocks in their hands.

“Fire!” the commanders shouted.

Being thrown by the larger, stronger amra were several different coloured rocks of all shapes, sizes, and colours.

The first one to reach Quinn was a red-coloured rock. Using his wing that was covered in the shadow, he was able to block it, but the second it made an impact, it exploded.

The amra who had made the hit had jumped for joy until the smoke had cleared up and everyone saw that Quinn was unharmed.

Of course, he was because the demon tier armour and shadow powers were the best defence one could get. And when the other rocks started to come towards him, Quinn decided to do something else.

One green-coloured rock came from his right, and using his wing he sucked the rock in. Then straight to the other side, the rock had come out of the other wing and aimed below at some amra guards.

It came out just as fast and destroyed the whole building in which it crashed.

“That was a powerful throw, but not nearly as much as the one I received earlier, which means there are even stronger ones above.” Quinn thought while holding two more rocks in his hand that he had caught mid-air.

Once again, Quinn threw both of these down at those below as he sped up and started to fly even higher into the sky. After all, Quinn’s goal wasn’t on the 25th floor, so there’s no need for him to waste any time here.

Now that the Amra were alerted and would be waiting for him on every floor, it didn’t seem like they would give him the ship’s equipment without a big fight.

The far quicker and in this case and moment, the easier option was to talk to the tower owner and ask them directly to get him a ship so he could leave this place. Flying up higher towards the purple sky this time, Quinn was about to reach the second hole he had created.

As soon as he passed through, he reached the next floor and landed on the hard grey-coloured ground. He stood with spread wings, looking up. This was because there was no hole in the sky this time.

“So my attack could only go through two floors? Whoever made it must have made this tower out of some strong stuff.”

Seeing as there was no one around them for now, Quinn decided to release the others. When they got out, they stumbled a bit but quickly regained their balance and began to look around.

“Wait, where are we? This doesn’t look like where we were before. Are we on the 12th floor?” Nock asked.

“Wait, I’ve been on the 12th floor too. This looks nothing like the 12th floor.” Geo said.

When the other two looked around, they noticed huge three-tiered mansions off in the distance. They were all somewhat shaped like a temple. The ground was flat everywhere, and the only thing they found was the large mansions, around twenty in total.

“I have only heard about this place.” Dober started to speak with sweat running down his face.

“This is where the ‘Sedi’ Ranked amras live… some of the strongest amra live here… Oh my… we are on the fiftieth floor!”

Just as Dober finished speaking, the suddenly began to shake and before the three of them could react, amra’s, much larger than all of them, began to land on the grey floor in front of them.

Other than their size, another thing to note was that some of them ever had a different coloured outer skin than the rest.

“This is nice… I guess I get to use a little more strength against you guys.” Quinn smiled, unphased by the huge amra’s in front of him.

[Item type soul weapon activated.]


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