My Vampire System ​Chapter 1756: Blood Forest

Blood Forest.

The castle was huge, and there was a lot of ground to cover. On top of that, Quinn wanted to attack before they could react. Thus, he needed no distractions for his plan to work, which was why he was running around, defeating anyone he could find.

He wouldn’t outright kill them and just needed to injure their bodies to an extent where they would no longer get up, but he had to use his speed to the max to run faster than he usually could.

One way to do this was to use the Blue fang set, but that only worked for a limited amount of time, and on top of that, this was Quinn’s trump card. It was a very special set that got him through very dire circumstances, so instead of using it from the get go, he came up with a new technique.

During the fight with Russ, Quinn had discovered he could use the celestial energy in his body by making a cut on himself, and currently, he had a small cut on his leg that allowed the blood to flow out. Then using his other abilities, he hardened the celestial blood, creating himself a pair of blood boots.

Now at the right time, as he moved his legs, Quinn also would use his blood control skills to speed up the blood around his legs simultaneously. This allowed him to surpass his current limits and move even faster.

However, it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. To maintain the speed, he needed an immense amount of control to match up the movement of blood and his own legs, but during his time in celestial space, he was somewhat able to practice this technique.

His body in the Celestial space didn’t work the same way as it would on the outside, but Quinn’s body was still the same. It was strange that he still had access to his body to control celestial energy and use his abilities.

It made him wonder since he never saw anyone fighting in celestial space, there had to be a reason for that, but he never did find out. Nor did he know what would happen if one was attacked or killed in celestial space either.

Either way, Quinn was now running all over the place, beating all the guards one by one, and finally, he had reached the main centre room that he was looking for, where the source of energy was piercing the sky.

The castle had a courtyard in the middle, and a strange device gave off energy. It looked like a portal was lying flat on the ground. It was also by far the most guarded place in the whole castle.

Quickly scanning through the area, Quinn could see ten guards around the portal, another ten on the square-shaped second floor and another ten on the first floor. Then, without hesitation, he busted through a door and found himself Quinn was on the second platform, looking down at the guards below.

He quickly leapt over the railing and straight towards the portal. At the same time, using his nail, he pricked his finger, and blood started to pour out. It was only a tiny cut, but the blood that came out of it was far more than usual.

Quinn’s eyes started to glow red, and shadow covered his body, putting away his armour and revealing his bare chest. The blood armour instantly covered his bottom half, and one could see all the red lines of energy pulsating through his body.

“That’s the one Athos has been looking for! Attack him!” One of the guards shouted.

“I’m sorry, but you won’t even be able to get close to me.” When Quinn landed, a red pulse went out from his heart.

It was a dense form of energy that looked to be coming off his boots as it spread out towards the guards. And when it hit them, they felt a tingling sensation in their bodies until Quinn lifted his hands.

[Skill used Blood forest]

Immediately, the red blood aura had almost fallen to the ground and had become a liquid substance, more like real blood, and in less than a second, sprouting up from the floor were what looked like plants made of blood.

However, they weren’t like regular plants, and one could tell based on the gut-wrenching screams of the guards that the blood had acted like vines wrapping around their legs, and at the same time, it was as if they grew sharp thorns that immediately grew and stabbed into all of their legs.

It had pierced the hard exterior of their body with ease, and the strange thing was there was no blood. On the contrary, the blood vines from the strange blood plants that had dug into them were getting wider with every passing moment.

Eventually, all the blood started returning to Quinn, and some went inside his body while most of it was forming an object slightly above him.

Geo, Dober, and Nock had finally caught up, entering the courtyard and found the fallen Amra looking helpless, unable to move with large holes in their body.

“Quinn, what are you doing?! I thought you were better than this! What happened?” Geo shouted.

Quinn started to speak without looking at them and still forming the object above them.

“I didn’t kill them, don’t worry, Geo. I wouldn’t do that to your people. I know you care about them, just like I care about my friends as well.”

“But, you don’t understand how these beings see you, how the ones at the top see you all. I’m sorry if this sight upsets you a little.”

“Maybe I have become a little numb after everything I have seen, but I don’t plan to be like them, never do I want to be like them, and the worst thing is…”

“I’m a little afraid that I might change, but before I do, I want to do everything I can while I’m still sane!”

Blood from Quinn, the Arma around him, and the ones he had injured moved into the object above, which soon took the form of a giant greatsword. Although the sword looked solid from far away, up close, one could see it was made of blood.

When finding out that time in the celestial space moved differently, Quinn felt like it was finally time for him to learn. He then learned how the absolute blood control ability worked, which he had received for becoming king of the vampires.

He also focused on understanding how his celestial powers could be used and formed to improve his combat and shadow skills and to find a way to utilise everything he had at his disposal. When using his soul weapon, Quinn realised that his current body was not what it was like before. It has undergone many changes, and he has only touched the tip of the iceberg. Now he was ready to take on anyone.

“Wait, how are we going to get to the 11 floors? We need the guards!” Nock shouted.

Quinn took one look at the three and smiled at them.

“I never planned to go through the doors in the first place. This is a shortcut!”

Crouching down, Quinn jumped off and started to spin his body. As he did, it looked like a vortex of blood was covering him, causing him to spin even more until one couldn’t even see Quinn in the air anymore.

But at the last moment, Quinn swung out his leg, which was bright red as if one was looking into the sun itself and kick the large hilt of the sword.

The sword started changing colour from the bottom as it glowed and reached the tip. It immediately went through the air, constantly making bangs and finally, it had reached where it needed to. All-Novel–Full. C0 m

It had pierced the ceiling, spinning and breaking it like a drill, large crumbs were falling from the sky, and the giant blood sword continued going deeper into the Tower.

“I had a theory I wasn’t so sure about, but it looks like I was right,” Quinn said as the others stared at the sword in utter shock and disbelief.

*** *** ***

On the top floor, where Athos sat on his throne, a frantic female ran inside the room.

“Sir. I don’t know how to tell you this, but the human has reached the 50th floor!”


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