My Vampire System ​Chapter 1755: The Strange one

The Strange one.

“Have you heard about the one from the milky way galaxy?” One of the celestials leaned over and whispered to the other.

“Oh right, there is a new celestial on that planet now. Hopefully, it means things are looking up. If new celestials are coming, then surely it means that they will be able to get rid of most of the god slayers.”

“Wait, if the current celestials couldn’t do anything, do you think a new one will make a difference?”

“It could be a few thousand years until the new guy can grow strong enough to clear that mess.”

“Look, you all make good points, but I wasn’t talking about that. Maybe it will be easier if I just show you guys rather than explain?”

A group of six celestials were moving through space at a fast speed, and after a short while, they arrived in front of the celestial they were talking about. The person in question was none other than Quinn.

The group continued to stare, with more coming and leaving after getting bored as for what they were witnessing. Some didn’t understand what was happening and what the others were doing here.

“This is what he has been doing this whole time?” the celestial said.

“Rather than using this space to check on potential planets or communicate with others, he has tried to find the most open space possible?”

“Well, most of us have been trying to ignore him anyway, so even if he did talk to others, they would just walk away!”

“That’s why I think that might be the best action now. Maybe this is his way of trying to grab his attention?”

“But doing this… doing these things isn’t going to help his cause at all. We have seen far more impressive things and different causes.”

Finally, the group of celestials that would come and go seemed to stop arriving to stare at Quinn. Finally, he had the space he needed to focus on what he was doing. There was a big concern for Quinn in the past, and that was time.

There was hardly any time for Quinn to do things properly. Due to the crazy events that would be happening to him or others. Even now, Quinn was rushing to head back to Earth, worried that something could happen to them,

However, he made up for that time with his ability to quickly learn and comprehend things. Vincent had given him a few compliments about how quick of a learner he was, but Quinn didn’t know if the former was just saying those things or not.

Eventually, though, through his experiences, he even realised that he just could grasp something he had seen and try to implement it in different ways. Or to make his own creations come to bear fruit. And sometimes, even this would be an understatement to his comprehension talent.

Now, in this space, he had plenty of time. How long he had been here, he didn’t know. When concentrating, he lost track of time, and time felt unreal inside the space. The concept of a minute or an hour in a place like this just felt a little silly when he thought about it.

Still, when resting, he also spent time trying to do other things and learning more about the space. His super hearing was still effective, just like his speed in a place like this, so there was no need to communicate with others. He could just pick things up himself.

One of the things he learned was where he currently was. When entering space, it would put you in a location next to the galaxy you were currently in. So the White ball of energy closest to him would allow him to see the Amra planet and the others next to it.

Although Quinn never found any celestials around the planet so much, at least not those that looked like the Amra race. He believed there would be at least one celestial that looked like them.

Trying to locate Earth from here was impossible. In this space, one could move in all directions, including up and down. So there was no way to confirm what area the Earth was in.

One day, Quinn had attempted to just run through the entire place looking for it. He ran and ran, checking the white balls of energy before anyone could say anything, but he never did find it. Instead, he was being called all sorts of weird names, and all of the celestials looked at him weirdly.

Through this experiment, though, he found that there were celestials that could just move to another location through space by pinpointing where they wanted to be. But it was a feature for the higher levels, of course.

Which was why he had other uses for the space, and he was finally confident enough that he was ready.

[Would you like to leave the celestial space?]


Upon pressing the button, an involuntary sigh of relief appeared on his face, and now back in the alleyway, Quinn looked at the others again.

“It’s good to see all of you are still alright. How long was I out for?” Quinn asked.

“Well, at least in this turn, you were doing something for some time. I think it was around ten minutes.” Geo replied.

Quinn nodded and tried to move his hands a bit, but to his surprise, his own body felt foreign to him. Mainly because of the extra added weight from the planet they were on.

“Come one, let’s go,” Quinn said, already walking out of the alleyway and heading down the street straight for the castle.

“Does this mean that you’ve devised a plan on how we’re going to get to the next floor?” Nock asked.

He couldn’t hide his nervous expression anymore as he looked over his shoulder to see if there were any guards or anyone following them.

“I know what I’m doing. You guys don’t have to worry about that. If you just stay behind me, you guys will be safe.” Quinn replied.

Geo certainly didn’t like the sound of that, and Nock was increasingly getting worried the closer they got to the castle. Now they were almost at the bridge where two tower guards were present.

“Haha, I like this human!” Dober said. “I never knew this place could get so exciting. Doesn’t this guy just make your blood boil?”

Up until this point, they were still walking together until Quinn ran straight ahead and instantly reached the two guards. Then, he grabbed both of their heads and slammed them into each other.

The next second before they could do anything else, he threw them both by the heads into the sky, hurling them back to the town where they had come from.

“I thought as much. He has decided to fight. I don’t think this is a good idea. It will just make the next set of floors even harder!” Geo shouted, but Quinn was nowhere to be seen. All-Novel–Full. C0 m

Quinn had already run across the bridge and destroyed the large door. It was only now had they heard the delayed sound of the slam from the ruptured door. The three looked at each other in surprise and quickly ran in the direction where Quinn had gone. However, a few minutes later, as they entered the castle walls, they came across a grim sight they had never expected.

The tower Amra were all beaten, and on top of that, they had large cuts all over their bodies. It was not just one or two, though. The ones that stationed the wall, those on the floor, already around thirty or so. Amra had been defeated and so quickly.

“Look at that.” Nock pointed to the ground.

Looking, they could see Amra’s blood creeping towards the main hall and entrance of the castle.

Just what are you doing, Quinn? What happened in these ten minutes while you were away! Geo thought.

Looking up, they could soon tell where all the blood around the place was going as something cast a large shadow over them.


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