My Vampire System ​Chapter 1754: The troublesome one

The troublesome one.

Although Quinn couldn’t see the exact expressions on the others faces, he could tell how they felt by their actions. Some of them were visibly pulling away, almost flinching, and a few were just taken aback by his words.

“What is this? Everything changed when I said Earth. Do we have that bad of a reputation or something?” Quinn thought.

Often when he thought about the human race and what they had been through, he wondered if Earth was a normal place or not.

Meeting the Amra race, he was glad to find out that they were pretty similar to humans in their traits and characteristics.

“Is this fear or disgust? I really can’t tell… if it’s fear, who are they afraid of? What celestial is toying with us so much that, are they afraid of us?” Clenching his fist, this thought, in particular, was enraging Quinn a little.

Since it didn’t look like his new friends were willing to talk, Quinn decided to turn and look at the one who was. The large ball spun itself when Quinn locked eyes with it, and immediately spun around and started almost running.

However, in less than a second, Quinn had managed to run ahead of it and block its path.

“I don’t quite know the rules of this place yet, or if I can even hurt anyone in here but believe me, I will try before I get some answers!” Quinn pulled his fist back, preparing his punch.

“No, no, I’ll talk!” Xox replied, shaking his whole body side to side. “Just please promise me if I tell you why we are acting so strange, you’ll just leave me alone!”

To get the floating ball acting this worked up, Quinn needed to know, so he nodded to the deal.

The Celestial ball let out a large sigh before he started speaking and then started to float away from the others so they could continue doing their business as usual. No doubt though, that they would be talking about Quinn.

Once they were away from everyone, Xox was ready to talk.

“There are actually a few reasons why people don’t want to work with anyone from Earth.” Xox started to explain, and it looked like he was looking to his left and right, although the ball had no eyeballs, so Quinn couldn’t tell other than by the swivelling of his body.

“It’s gotten quite the reputation as a troublemaker planet. So much so that nearly everyone has heard of that planet which is quite rare for a single place.”

One of the main reasons it has caught the eye of many of the bigger celestials is because there has recently been a rise of a god slayer from that place. I’m sure you should know a little about them, but if you don’t, they are always a worry for us, since it’s in the name we gave them.

“Anyway, it’s caused an even bigger stir ever since a god slayer that has come from Earth has started to enter other solar systems and other territories. On top of that, he has also slain a couple of celestials.”

Hearing this, Quinn was quite surprised. Someone from Earth was actually capable of killing Celestials? Although he knew that not all of them were celestials because of their strength, they were still in a high position in which they would have been able to use resources around them.

On top of that, when trying to think of who it could be, Quinn only knew of two that had left Earth to do such things, one of them being Ray and the other Sil.

Although Quinn didn’t know if Ray had actually left Earth yet, he wasn’t someone he really needed to worry about. Quinn had received a taste of his power before, which reassured him about his capabilities.

“They couldn’t be talking about him… right?” Quinn thought, but unless Richard Eno was still actually alive, then there was no one he could think of.

“But still, because of the god slayers, they have reacted like that?”

“I can tell what is going on in your mind, but that’s not all.” Xox continued. “You see, Earth has a large number of lives. Due to the conditions of many celestials, it is an attractive place for many.”

“However, not many have attempted to migrate or go to Earth because there are already strong Celestials there currently, which is why even with the trouble of the god slayers, no one has decided to try and do something.”

“But because of this, the Celestials who are just as large and strong are now eyeing up Earth as well.”

After hearing all this, Quinn had gone back to when he was alone with Bliss in the white room. Now what she was saying had made sense. Her story and Xox had matched up. But, while deep in this thought, Quinn hadn’t noticed that Xox was pulling away.

“Wait!” Quinn shouted. “How do I find other celestials? Which one of these glowing lights is the Earth? And do you know someone named Bliss!”

However, Xox continued to run away in the distance while shouting. “We had a deal!”

For a second, Quinn did think about chasing Xox down, but in the end, the latter was right, the two of them had a deal, and it wasn’t like he had done him wrong.

Now on his own, Quinn attempted several things. First, he had approached a few of the white energies to see if there was anything he could see or do However, the system would state that he would need to increase his level before being able to do anything.

That included bringing up the list and more. In fact, the only thing Quinn could do now was roam around and talk to other celestials. However, it looked like no one was willing to speak to him.

The celestials around it would start to step away when approaching some of the white balls of energy. It was an apparent reaction to his arrival.

“I didn’t even do anything, and I already have a reputation here.” Quinn sighed.

“With nothing else to do, I should just head back and see how the others are doing. I don’t know how much time has passed or if I will ever find Bliss.”

This time, bringing up his own system rather than the one used in this space, Quinn activated the skill, and his whole body felt like it was being turned to mush once more. Then, opening his eyes, he found himself in the alleyway he was in earlier, and the multiple arms hovering over him proved he was in the right place.

“Sorry about the wait. How long have I gone for?” Quinn asked, standing up. All-Novel–Full. C0 m

“What do you mean?” Geo frowned. With a confused expression, he added, “You just closed your eyes and then opened them again.”

“Are you okay? You have been acting a little strange for a while now, at least, I think. Unless something happens to humans that makes them go crazy this time of day.”

Hearing the question, Quinn didn’t reply. It was because he was amazed. He had at least spent a couple of hours in the other space, yet Quinn had sat down and stood straight back up to the others. Rather than slowing time down, it was more like time didn’t move at all.

“This does mean that I will probably never find Bliss? If she spends a significant amount of time on Earth, and with the two points of time being different, it’s unlikely we will meet up.”

“Unless I stayed there for thousands of years or checked every passing second.”

Although it wasn’t a way for Quinn to find Bliss or do much else in the space, it did make him think of something. When running to stop Xox, he had run at full speed, and even with his body in an energy-like state, he was just as fast there as he was here.

“Sorry guys, I might be gone for a few seconds this time. I just need to try out a few things.” Quinn smiled.


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