My Vampire System ​Chapter 1753: A whole new system

Looking at the notification that Quinn had just received once again, he could tell that it wasn’t from his own system but was part of the system used to enter celestial space.

“Wait a sec, in the past, the system has always made things easier for me to understand. So is the system doing the same for me now?” Quinn thought.

Maybe this system was actually from his own system. Either way, it was a detail that didn’t really matter much. What he was more concerned about was who and what this message was.

[Welcome BB, my name is Xox, and I’m one of the celestials that helps out the newbies. Here is a greeting message as a hope that the two of us can work together. I just thought I would send you a note before meeting you in person.]

Reading the message, Quin didn’t know if he was lucky that the message didn’t come from Bliss or someone he knew, but he also thought it was very bold of this celestial to believe that the two of them would meetHowever, just as Quinn had finished reading the message, he could see a round floating ball of energy coming toward him.

There was no shape to the energy like the others. It was just a ball about half the size of Quinn himself.

“Hello there, I’m Xox. You must have just got my message.” A voice came from the floating ball of energy.

“Yeah… wait for a second, you just…how did you find me? How did you know who I was?” Quin replied, quite surprised. He believed the celestial space was a bit of a safety area.

For one, there were so many celestials all around the room, each looking different yet similar at the same time, so how did this ball of energy know who and where he was?

“Ah, well, I thought you might be a little confused, which was why I took it upon myself to help the new ones like you,” Xox replied.

“Also, your confusion is indeed quite valid. Although I don’t know who you are or what type of celestial you are on the outside, I can read your energy.”

“Every celestial energy is slightly different, and since I am a person who likes to spend nearly all his time in this space, your energy was unfamiliar and new.”

“So, looking through the name list, I just popped you a message while heading down here.”

It was a sound explanation, and Quinn could tell what Xox was saying was true. The energy everyone gave off in this place was distinct. But, unfortunately, Quinn could not tell what Bliss or Imortui’s energy reading was like, so finding them would be impossible unless he went up to every single one.

When Quinn also tried to bring up this list of celestials that Xox spoke of, the system had come up with a message.

[You are unable to access this feature, please level up to unlock more features in the celestial world.]

Whether to trust someone for the first time he met them or not was a different thing. It wasn’t as if everyone he met for the first time was terrible, Geo was a clear example of that, but it was the fact that he had never really met another friendly celestial.

“I mean, these guys are gods, right? The whole balance thing, there should be some good ones or at least some like me, but so far, they all seem to be doing things just for their selfish benefit.” Quinn thought.

“If you’re really here to help a new celestial like me, then can you tell me what the others are doing? And what are those white balls they are standing around.” Quinn asked.

Just as he finished asking the question, he saw one of the energy figures disappear, and it looked like they had been absorbed into the strange white ball.

“Sure!” Xox said, moving his whole body as if he were nodding. “The white balls are different solar systems belonging to this Universe. As for what the celestials are doing, they are discussing matters.”

“Many celestials work together to help fulfil their condition, you see. They are discussing the best plan and course of action to take. As you are quite new to this, it would be helpful to talk with as many celestials as possible.”

“After all, if you stay in your solar system, or with those you know, your growth will be limited. You might never feel satisfied.”

“In fact, part of the reason why I offer these services is so that we can work together as well.”

“Who knows, one of these days, I might actually get close with a big shot and become a big one myself.”

Now learning of this fact, Quinn felt like he could trust Xox. There was a reason behind why he was doing things.

Celestials were looking at entire solar systems with billions of lives and discussing the best course of action amongst themselves. And it was the first time that Quinn felt like he himself was one of such gods.

Just then, Quinn saw another energy form disappear into the white light.

“And what was that we just saw?” Quinn asked.

“That was the celestial accessing that world. Not every solar system is in the same plane you see. It also allows the stronger celestials to move quickly from one solar system to another. It’s the fastest way.”

“This is also why making connections and discussing with others is essential to ensure you don’t step on the toes of another celestial if you enter their space.” Xox explained.

“Before you try anything though, just know that only the higher celestials can do such a thing, and I am sure you’re a long way from that.”

Hearing this gave Quinn little hope of going back to his world and also visiting other solar systems, but how to search for the right solar system was another thing altogether. Still, he remembered that Richard Eno had found a way to access the place without becoming a celestial himself, so Quinn thought he could at least try to look for one too.

Besides, to even get the chance to access a feature, Quinn had no idea what level he needed to be at and how much more time he would need to complete his condition. To Quinn, making more connections sounded tiresome and not something he wanted to get involved with, with all the other solar systems at least. Just one was enough trouble.

Xox moved away into a small group of celestials around one of the white orbs of energy.

“Come on. This is your chance.” Xox shouted.

Following, Quinn could hear the others discussing, but when he had approached, the others stopped.

“Let me introduce you to a new celestial guy. I thought it might be great for you guys to get acquainted with him.” Xox took the lead.

The others stared at Quinn for a while. Honestly, Quinn wasn’t sure if he wanted to be doing this in the first place, but he thought about what was the worst thing that could happen. He goes back on his deal, and the gods try to kill him?

“Sure, we can talk.” One of the other energy forms, who had two big antennas sticking out from where his head would be, said. At least Quinn thought they were antennas based on what he could see.

“All of us are from the solar system Narxer, but we mainly focus on the planet Yumen. This is because they have the most life forces, and our conditions mostly revolve around that.” The celestial started to explain.

“Not all of us from the solar system are here right now, and we already have a deal set up with another but were always looking for more partners. And the thing is, there are two types of partnerships, one of which allows you to use our planets.”

“In this, you help us with our condition, and in return, you can do what you want to help yourself, as long as it doesn’t interfere with ours.”

“And that’s where the discussion phase comes in. In that, we will debate and finalise a deal.”

“Or we can go with the second method: a more extensive partnership. In this, you can access our solar system, and we have access to yours.”

“However, this would require more discussions with those that are part of your solar system, the other celestials, and since you’re new, I doubt you have much say over them.”

“Anyway, what solar system and planet are you from anyway?” The celestial asked.

“Oh, erhhh, we have named it the Milky Way galaxy. I don’t know the names you use to refer to my galaxy and solar system. And the planet I am from is called the Earth.” Quinn replied.

He had a hunch they would at least have heard of the Earth.

At first, Quinn also thought that perhaps he was giving away too much information, but seeing how many celestials and white energies there were, he didn’t think they would know of all the celestials and locations in this place.

This was until the group in front of him suddenly stepped back and quickly moved away from him as if he were some plague.

“What is this reaction?” Quinn was surprised.


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