My Vampire System ​Chapter 1752: Celestial World

The system hadn’t been active as of late, and honestly, although Quinn did expect the system to go off at some point during his trip in the tower, he never thought he would suddenly get a level up out of the blue.

“Level three, what does this mean?”

Quickly, Quinn went to check his other stats; meanwhile, the other three standing behind Quinn were left confused. All they knew was that Quinn had stopped just before entering the street. They thought that maybe Quinn had seen something. Either way, he was clearly focusing, so none of them said a word while he concentrated.

[28546/31256 Celestial energy]

Seeing this number, Quinn was absolutely stunned. It was expected since the last level up was related to his celestial energy. Quinn believed it would be the same now, but to have this amount of points suddenly.

“How is that possible? Is it because I entered the tower? Did someone give me these celestial points or something, but that doesn’t make any sense.” Quinn scratched his head, trying to figure it out.

Still, there are only a few possibilities. Either it was something related to a tower, something related to a celestial or lastly, that the condition had been somewhat completed. If it was the latter, Quinn could think of a few things.

Andy had spread the news to the other vampire bases that were located away from earth, but whether or not it would amount to this many vampires, Quinn didn’t know. Then there was Logan and Zinon.

Quinn had informed Logan of the condition he had, and perhaps with his influence, he had asked people to help. There were far more than 30,000 humans however, how many would actually do as Logan asked was a different thing altogether.

The other person, Zinon, Quinn, also thought that if the request was made by him or Logan, then perhaps he would be able to convince the people as well. Either way, it now meant he had a lot more points to play with.

“I don’t have to worry about creating celestial weapons for the others now with this many points, and I can give them as much as they need to keep them safe.” Quinn thought.

However, right now, Quinn wasn’t planning to do that just yet, because there was a celestial that was currently quite close to him. There was no way for Quinn to gauge their strength, meaning he would need all the celestial points he could get for the moment.

On top of that, Quinn didn’t have the others present to inform him if they were at their limit or not with the celestial energy, so it would be a dangerous thing to just suddenly give them more points.

“What’s this new skill?” Quinn thought.

[New skill – You have unlocked “Enter the Celestial world”]

[The Celestial world is a space that only Celestials may enter. When in the celestial space, time is significantly slowed compared to the outside world.]

[Celestials will only appear as an energy form while in celestial space. The space was created as a way for celestials to communicate with each other, even if they are a great distance apart. Only celestials who are currently using the space will be able to be seen.]

[Please note that due to your current level, limited features will be available to you while using the Celestial space. Please continue to level up to get more features.]

“A space just for gods, that’s typical and somewhat expected” Quinn thought and smiled.

“Why would they even need such a thing… and what if I were to enter the place, how would the other celestials react?”

Thinking about it a bit more, Quinn couldn’t help but resist the temptation to try it and see what it was. After all, he decided that by the sound of it, it didn’t sound like one could actually get hurt in space. Since his real body was active outside. He was concerned about just how long was significant when it stated that time would be slowed down.

“Sorry about this, guys. I just need to focus on something for a few moments. If you guys could look over my body, if anything comes up, that would be great.” Quinn said, walking back into the alleyway and sitting down against a wall.

The others thought Quinn was acting strangely, but then again, they didn’t really know what humans were like, so they decided to just let him do his own thing.

“I have to enter that space. If there are other celestials in there, then maybe there is a chance that Bliss will be in there as well, and she might have an answer on how to get me out of this place.”

“Then there are those other gods that reside in the other plane. If I’m right, then it means that all celestials, no matter where they are, can enter this place. There might be a chance to find him.”

Thinking about this, there was some guilt felt in Quinn’s mind, because he had promised Ashley and the others that he would find a way to turn them back to humans. Yet, he never did, but he did have somewhat of an answer, finding the god that Richard Eno had contacted long ago.

According to Logan, it was a god named Imortui, the same name that Laxmus had spoke when attacking the vampire settlement.

Quinn, a while ago, had put two and two together but even after becoming a god, there was no way for him to go to the other side, and perhaps he had found his answer.

[Skill activated “Enter the Celestial world”]

As soon as the skill was used, Quinn could feel his mind, his whole body leaving where he currently was, and now he was suddenly in a white space. It reminded him somewhat of the Power fighters game. However, one could tell that this was real.

Looking at himself, Quinn could see that he was just a glowing figure, an outline of his human shape. Just an energy source with no details on his face or body, it would be near impossible to tell it was him.

[Before entering the Celestial space, please choose your Celestial name.]

A screen appeared in front of him, just as his system would have done, but this was clearly not a system screen from his system. It was glowing with power and felt more radiant with energy.

“A name, I guess I shouldn’t go for Quinn. Otherwise, it might cause Bliss to run away from me. I might not be able to see her now, but maybe I can in the future.”

[The name BB has been selected.]

For some reason, Quinn could only think of the letter B, and Buinn; he felt like it would give him away a little too much. Anything related to his past, he felt like Bliss would know about, which was why he had to come up with something completely new.

[Very well, BB, welcome to the Celestial world]

Once again, Quinn felt like his entire body was being dragged and mushed up, then thrown about. Then, it felt like his body was being moved at speed faster than he could comprehend.

It reminded him of when he went through the portals until, eventually, it had stopped. Once again, he was in his human energy form. Looking at his arms, Quinn felt somewhat lucky that he was alive and in one piece. Shortly after, he looked around to appreciate what was in front of him.

“All of this… it’s so beautiful.” Quinn thought.

It looked somewhat like he was in space. Multiple colours were floating around, small little white objects like stars. However, it wasn’t black or dark like space was. Instead, it was incredibly bright.

Looking around. Quinn could see other figures of energy. They were outlines of what they looked like. Some appeared to have a human shape, while others looked like beasts. It was hard to tell what they were because of the energy sources.

Still, there were more than Quinn could ever imagine, as the space was packed and seemed to endlessly go on.

“So this is the celestial world.”


[You have received a message from another celestial, would you like to open it?]


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