My Vampire System ​Chapter 1750: Celestial Weapon

Usually, at this time, the Amra kids would be enjoying a kick about with their ball, but instead, they all were in a lacklustre mood. Solas hit the ball, barely kicking it off the ground, only moving it 2 feet before it landed.

Walking over to the ball he had just kicked, he sat down and placed two arms on his hips while the other two were on his face.

“I guess none of us are in the mood to play?” Gina asked, standing next to Solas and looking at all the others who seemed to be sulking equally.

“It’s just annoying. I mean, Geo is a good guy, he helps everyone, and it sounded like they were treating him like a criminal when he had done nothing wrong at all,” Solas replied.

“And now we have no clue when and if he will be coming back.”

Looking away from the kids and now looking around their neighbourhood, Gina kept an eye on all the Tower guards in the community. They had arrived a few hours after the events with Geo, Nock and Quinn.

After seeing them off and entering the tower upon returning, three units with their squad leader arrived. They were asking multiple questions to everyone and mainly to do with Quinn. It was clear that they didn’t see him as a hero by the words they were using and the questions they were asking.

Although, Gina understood that. Due to him attacking the tower, there were those in the city who now knew his name and what he had done, but attacking something so sacred made them wish death on him.

However, what was most upsetting to the children was that Geo the one that looked after them every day, was treated as an ally of Quinn and had been put on the wanted list. Even though Nock and Dober had gone with Quinn, they hadn’t gotten the same treatment.

“Maybe it’s a good thing that they are still here.” Gina smiled.

“After all, it’s already been a few days since those guys entered the tower.”

“The fact that they are still trying to gather information on them must mean that they are still alive and in the tower.”

Still, solace didn’t look as hopeful.

“Three days,” Solas replied with a raised eyebrow.

“How far could they have even gotten in three days, the third floor? With the others chasing after them, the only way out of this mess is for them to keep climbing.”

*** *** ***

The red of the walls could be seen reflecting on Quinn’s face. The expression on his face showed that he was in full concentration. He was unharmed nor tired, but there were plenty of sweat beads on his face.

This was all because of where they currently were. It looked like they were inside a volcano, as lava was running down the walls while a pool of lava was directly beneath them. When looking up, one could only see a large wall that was endless. It was as if there was no ceiling at all.

“I never thought that I would be fighting like this, but nothing seems to be working on you so far.” Quinn thought, tightening his grip around the weapons in his hands, allowing more blood to fall to the floor.

Currently, in Quinn’s hands were the twin tail chains. They were wrapped around both arms and went further than before when digging into his body, reaching a little past Quinn’s shoulder. They then started to spiral towards his chest slightly, but the pattern they were trying to make, whatever it was, it was unable to be made out as they had stopped there.

It had been a while since Quinn had used his soul weapon, at least the item-type soul weapon he had. This was because it required blood to be used and was only helpful if he was fighting multiple opponents.

However, this time Quinn was only fighting a single opponent. It was hard for him to tell if it was a beast, and the system could not tell either. It was gigantic, being eight stories high.

It was a creature made completely out of rock-type material and reminded Quinn of the Amra people a little bit but looked nothing like them. It had two giant limbs that looked like arms. However, its forearms were three times bigger than anything else on its body.

While fighting, it would lift these up and swing them down, meaning to crush its opponent. The only thing was when it had attempted to do this at Quinn. He had punched upward, destroying the giant creature’s arm.

The thing was, the giant creature’s arm had quickly grown back, and on its head, where there were free large pillars with a set of two slit-like red eyes, it started firing energy blasts towards Quinn. Quinn quickly avoided all of these, and using his blood powers, hard fists and martial arts, he punched the giant creature, destroying a part of its body bit by bit.

Regardless, each time it would just restore its body parts as if nothing happened. No matter where Quinn hit the giant rock beast, he couldn’t find its crystal, so he doubted that it was a beast.

Still, Quinn was in no danger. He never felt threatened by the creature, and watching him from the edge of the platform where they were fighting were Geo, Nock and Dobber, who had been told not to get involved since all three of them had passed this level before.

“It would be embarrassing to ask for a hint after telling them I would do this myself.” Quinn thought. “So let’s hope this works.”

Ever since entering the tower, Quinn had found it quite strange. Each floor was wide and full of people. It felt more like he was going to a different country; the land was so vast and wide. He mainly saw Amra, but he did spot what looked like some humans and creatures from other races inside.

While on a floor, each place differed from the last and contained several different beasts and more. On the floor, one would need to search for a unique door. This door would lead them to the next floor.

Getting to a door was relatively easy. At least Geo said it would be for the first few floors. Although these doors often moved and changed places, people shared information on the lower floors as to where the door would be.

According to him, most up to the tenth floor would be supportive; as for beyond that, he didn’t know what it would be like, but judging by the fact that competition was more fierce, he didn’t think they would be as willing anymore.

Finding the door wouldn’t just allow one to pass through it, though. One would then have to face a specific challenge. Sometimes they were done in groups. Others had to do it on their own, and not all of them were fighting a dangerous beast.

Quinn had to use his head to solve certain puzzles, avoid traps, use different skills and more, and right now, he was in one of these rooms, hoping to advance to the next floor. Since Quinn wasn’t struggling with fighting against the creature, he decided to see something.

He had an idea that ever since evolving, perhaps his soul weapon would be a little different. After all, he could use blood attacks without it affecting him, so maybe the twin tails wouldn’t affect him anymore.

What he didn’t realise was the fact that the whole weapon had changed. The jagged edges that would stick into his own body and on the weapon itself were glowing and had grown in size.

His HP was still somewhat affected as he had an open wound on his body, but it wasn’t draining him like before.

“These feel stronger. Is it because it’s taking in the celestial energy out of my blood? I guess you like the taste of it, huh.”

“Well then, in return for my special blood, you better show me something amazing!” Quinn started as he lifted both of them behind his head and jumped up in the air.

“Let’s see what you can do!”


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