My Vampire System ​Chapter 1749: Remember me

“You’re confident coming back here without the rest of your bunch and that damned Vampire!” Peter shouted.

His body was already transforming, and his legs had already kicked off the ground while he readied his fist to throw a punch at the Guardian’s face.

After all, Peter and the others were somewhat restricted from concentrating because of these Guardians. However, even without Laxmus, the individuals proved strong due to their shadow power. Getting rid of them now would solve some of their future troubles.

But when Peter’s fist got closer, he noticed something. The air around his fist was becoming denser, and the image of the Guardian was starting to distort in front of his eyes, looking like it was forming into waves.

That’s when the vision around him started to disappear, as everything was becoming some type of mist. Peter no longer had a target and was lost, not knowing where to strike. He wasn’t the only one, though. The others in the arena could not find the Guardian either.

As they stood in thick mist, the most they could see were the hands if they put out in front of them. As for the others beside them, they couldn’t see anyone in the dense mist.

“You seriously don’t believe I would blow this damn fog away?!” Peter shouted as the aura gathered around his fist.

“Please, I am not here to fight but only to help! I know you care for Vincent, and so do I. Peter, I know we didn’t communicate much but don’t you recognize me of all people?” The Guardian asked.

Peter was moving his head, trying to pinpoint where the voice was coming from, but as if he were in a large tunnel, the sound was echoing from all directions, making it impossible for him to pinpoint where it was coming from. At the same time, sensing the guardians’ energy didn’t seem to work either.

“This doesn’t make sense,” Hannah said, loud enough for the others to hear.

“Is this person really a Guardian? This fog must be an ability, but all Guardians know how to use the shadow.”

It certainly was strange, and Logan had caught on quite quickly. When the Guardian first appeared, instead of going on the aggression as Peter had, Logan used his specially designed speed suit to boost himself to Vincent’s side and grabbed one of his limbs.

His grip was still tight as he wondered what this Guardian wanted.

“He has come on his own and is not with the others, so maybe he was telling the truth? If there was just some way to confirm it.” Logan thought.

“Because the longer we do nothing, the worse it is for Vincent.”

While Peter was frantically swinging his head and his fist around, finally, he could see something forming from the mist.

“You have to recognise me!” The Guardian said, taking off the mask and revealing his face.

For a second, Peter had stopped to observe, but it had only taken him a second to decide.

“I don’t know you, so you can just disappear!” Peter shouted.

A short pause saw him go through the mist right up to the Guardian’s face. The only thing was Peter wasn’t holding back, and he was far too annoyed about too many things, Laxmus had gotten away, they were about to lose Vincent, and the burning sensation still left on his skin constantly made him feel itchy.

With his celestial energy, the fist slammed the Guardian’s face, and in an instant, a strange look appeared on Peter’s. He could tell something was wrong.

“I don’t feel any weight… that’s not him.” Peter thought.

Either way, the punch was still one that Peter didn’t hold back with, and as it finished, everyone heard a loud bang, as if a cannon had gone off. It had created a circle in the mist, and less than a second later, the mist blew away, out of the arena as if it was never there.

That’s when everyone has a clear look at the Guardian in front of them. “Damn it! I thought everyone here would at least recognise me.” The Guardian complained about his as everyone stared at his face.

“I can’t believe you would rely on him to recognise you instead of me,” Logan said, walking forward.

“Although he was always around Quinn’s side, don’t you know that his memory is like that of a goldfish?”

Stopping for a second, Peter looked at the person again. Even while trying to imagine what everyone in his memory bank would look like after a thousand years, he still couldn’t pinpoint who the person in front of them was.

“I know you as well. You originally belonged to the first family and then moved up your ranks in the tenth family.” Muka said, walking forward. “You are Xander.”

There was a sigh of relief from Xander that quite a few people had recognized him. He still looked close to his age before, around fifteen, only slightly older. Skilled vampires could, as long as it wasn’t too long in their life, control what age they wished to look like well.

Why Xander had chosen this age was his choice, either way, it had worked out for him.

“You were part of the tenth family and helped run the place frequently with Timmy. Is that why you wish to help Vincent?” Logan asked.

This, in reality, was a trap because Logan knew that Xander wasn’t part of the tenth family when Vincent was in charge. Right now, someone could be using a name and appearance to trick them. Logan was cautious after all these years, and he had to ensure the right person was in front of him.

“Look, there really isn’t time for me to explain all of this if you want Vincent to live!” Xander replied.

“I don’t really care for him that much, but I will listen to whatever Layla says, and if she wants me to save Vincent, then that’s just what I’ll do.”

The others were ready to act at any second. They had their weapons drawn. After going through what they had been through, they would never trust anyone who was linked to the Red Vampires or the Guardians again.

“I’m not stupid. I know you can forcefully beat me.” Xander replied.

“And, I know you might not like me, Peter, because we got on the wrong foot, but believe in us. Believe in Layla”

Ultimately, it came down to Logan to make the decision. He was holding Vincent, and his little spider-like device was active on the latter’s body.

“If I’m by his side, then there will be even more chance of his survival, so take me with you,” Logan asked.

This surprised the others, and whether they thought it was the right thing to do or not would be saved for another time, and it didn’t matter anyway due to Xander’s answer.

“No, I can’t do that, We can’t just bring people to the Red Vampires base. If people were to find out… that would be a disaster for us all, and we already have enough on our plate to deal with anyway.”

It looked like Logan had made his decisions as his grip weakened, and he slowly placed Vincent on the floor.

“Do whatever it takes to keep him alive.” Logan stepped away, and the others did nothing.

They knew they had no chance if Logan couldn’t save him, so it was most likely the best thing to do for Vincent himself.

Quickly, Xander walked up to Vincent’s body and grabbed onto him. In the next moment, shadows began shrouding both of them, and his head was the last part to obscure.

“I hope we will meet again.” Xander was gone.

Some of the others fell to their knees in exhaustion, believing it was over and had to be over. Yet, at the same time, some felt defeated by what happened.

“What are you planning to do now?” Muka asked. “What’s your next step? The Red Vampires just left in front of us.”

That was when Muka could see a smile appear on Logan’s face. “That device that was on Vincent’s chest, Xander took it with him.”

“The device just revealed its location to me. So we will return the favour they have done to us tenfold.”

Looking over to Vicky, Logan nodded before saying. “Contact the Blades and tell them to call Sil”


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