My Vampire System ​Chapter 1747: Pass it on

Blood aura could be used in several ways, and over the years, vampires have discovered many uses for it. Hardening the aura to use as armour over their bodies or using it as a pure form of energy to create temporary weapons.

The normal blood attacks can be used, such as the blood slash, which allows them to release the blood energy their bodies created. Some vampires could then use their blood control to move the blood aura or enhance it somehow.

However, the energy while out would dissipate as it hit objects or was in the air, and unless used to take a specific shape, it would just damage the other like a blast. What the others were witnessing was some of the most considerable amounts of blood aura they had seen.

It exploded in one place, where Laxmus once stood. Those that were close moved away but could still feel their skin burning from the energy in front of them, and it was making their stomachs feel a little queasy.

The energy had gone upward and looked like a giant flame ready to pierce the sky. Then, finally, it reached the top of the arena. The people who were outside, seeing this were a little panicked.

“Green City… was meant to be safe. How could something like this happen?” One of them quivered, falling to his knees. The robots that were stationed around wouldn’t let anyone enter the arena and stood strong in their position.

“Looking at the report, the only ones that have died were the ones that Laxmus used his shadow on.” Logan analysed.

“And from what I can see in the replays, his skill looks and acts similar to Quinn’s shadow eater skill.”

“So did Laxmus modify the shadow eater skill that also works on humans and has the same effect as it has on the vampires?”

“If that’s the case, how many human lives had he made to suffer over the last millennia to get his shadow this strong?”

It was a worrying thought, but seeing that Vincent still had some tricks up his sleeve, he was hopeful that this would be the end of Laxmus, but of course, no matter what, he couldn’t let him get to the people.

*** *** ***

The energy started to dissipate and die down, slowly fading away. It was a tense moment for them. All the shadows on the ground had already begun to retract as soon as Vincent started his attack.

The shadow hands binding them had long disappeared, and the shadow was reneging into Laxmus. So whether it vanished because of Laxmus death or not, they weren’t so sure. Finally, the dust cleared, and they found nothing in the spot where Laxmus stood earlier, not even his body.

Instead, there was a large hole in the floor of the arena. The hole was deep enough to pass through the vast city platform, and one could look down and see the sea waves cruising.

“He’s gone,” Jessica said. “That fake Quinn guy… he actually managed to defeat the Red vampire leader. I thought… I thought we were all going to die.”

The look on the other’s faces showed that they felt the same. Everyone at that moment, when being grabbed by the shadow, something had overcome them. Knowing that no matter what they did, they couldn’t escape was a suffocating feeling for them all.

Now there was a sigh of relief on their faces, and they had room to breathe.

“Now… all that’s left are those damned Guardians, and the Red Vampires will be done for,” Jake said, his hands shaking with anger. Because he, too, had felt the helplessness against Laxmus’s shadow.

Meanwhile, Peter was staring at Vincent, who stood upright even after letting out that much blood energy.

“The sword was strong before, but it was never that strong. There is something different and strange about him.”

“A vampire using that much energy… even the leaders didn’t have this power in the past, and Vincent definitely didn’t.” Peter thought.

However, Vincent, unlike the others, didn’t have a face of relief. Instead, there was a bead of sweat dripping down from the side of his face, and opening his mouth, he suddenly spoke a few words the others never thought they would hear.

“I give up,” Vincent coughed.

He spoke seemingly to no one. He wasn’t even looking at the guardians that were lined up on the other side.

“I’m the reason you came here, right. So I will leave with you, as long as you cause no harm to the others and this city.”

“Otherwise, I won’t go down without a fight. Or I will ensure it won’t be as easy as you think.”

“What are you saying?!” Jessica couldn’t help but shout out. “If you’re worried about the guardians, we can fight against them. We aren’t that weak!”

She couldn’t remain calm after hearing Vincent’s words. Even though she didn’t know why the Red Vampires were here or what they were doing, she knew that they were the ones that had attacked. After seeing this vampire display such resistance against them in the first place and seemingly defeating the biggest threat, she didn’t understand what was going on.

That was until a shadow began to appear above the hole that was created a few moments ago. It was dark in colour, almost a solid black like the shadow of the others. Then stepping out from it was Laxmus, who flapped his large wings on his back a few times, hovering in place.

He held the sword in his hand, which was still transformed and was surging with the white energy. but the rest of Laxmus’s body was just fine.

“He used the shadow lock to avoid the attack.” Vincent had realised this before.

“I was hoping he would be confident in his skills to try and take it head-on… but Laxmus is much more cautious than I thought. With the shadow and his strength, there is too much risk.”

Flying over the large hole, Laxmus landed on the arena and retracted his wings back into his body while twisting his head from side to side.

“I will take you up on your offer,” Laxmus said with a smile. “Besides, you have given me a nice gift to take back.”

Vincent started walking over to where Laxmus was, but of course, others began to move. For one, Peter had taken a step, and the rest were ready to follow.

“Don’t be an idiot,” Vincent suddenly said.

“I know you have been reckless for most of your lives, and all of you want to act with your feelings, but you should use your heads for once. This is the right choice… the only one to make.”

“And do you all want to die here? Then imagine what would happen next.” Vincent added without turning back, not looking at the others.

But it sounded like his words had gotten through because not a single one of them moved forward.

The shadow on Laxmus’s back was still active till this point, but seeing how they were listening to Vincent, he decided to put it away. Behind them, on the row of guardians who had earlier fought against Vincent.

A mask obscured his face, but underneath it, there was a sigh of relief from him as well.

“Thank you for doing the right thing, Vincent. I promise that Layla and I will do everything we can when you are back to protect you.”

“No matter what, we can’t let Laxmus get his hands on the Red Heart.”

Eventually, Vincent stopped and looked up to Laxmus. “I hope you are a man of your word.”

“Don’t worry, I am,” Laxmus replied. “In return for you, I will not harm them or the people in this city. You are the only person I need in the first place, anyway.”

Suddenly, Laxmus thrusted his black hand that was still active at that moment. It moved at lightning speed, faster than the others had seen Laxmus move before, and even Vincent failed to react in time as his eyes were wide open.

Blood suddenly spilled out of his mouth, and he coughed up. In the next instant, everyone found that Laxmus’s hand had gone right through Vincent’s chest, and on the other side was a red crystal in Laxmus’s hand.

“My time is over now!” Vincent struggled to say, he knew it was already too late, but a smile appeared on his face.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t pass it on to you, and I’m sorry I couldn’t apologise for everything that happened, but it’s all up to you now, Quinn.”


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