My Vampire System ​Chapter 1746: Unbeatable

The shadow had quickly spread across the whole arena floor, which wasn’t a small area by any means. It had disrupted what the others were doing, and even the guardians slowed down with their own attacks.

Eventually, all of the guardians, including those who were injured, were picked up by their fellow teammates and were soon standing behind Laxmus. With their speed, it didn’t take long for them to regroup, and at the same time, the others who were in the shadow realised something.

“This shadow slows our movements down… this is worse than that dome the Guardians trapped us in earlier.” Lucia thought.

This thought was going through everyone trapped in the shadow, and they knew it was useless to chase after the enemies they were fighting against a few moments ago.

Instead, some had tried to attack the shadow under them, Lucia even stabbed her spear, summoning her new lightning powers. The shadow stirred, but unlike the shadow dome, it didn’t disappear.

For a second, it caused Lucia’s heart to thump louder. “This is getting really dangerous… just how strong is the Red Vampire leader?”

On the ‘Graylash’ side, there wasn’t much information about the Red Vampires. However, the Green group and Pure would often talk about getting rid of the Red Vampires with ease, as long as they knew where they were.

Lucia believed these things as well, but after witnessing Laxmus’s strength, it didn’t seem to be the case at all. Perhaps, they were just declaring these things to make the people not worry.

“This power is a waste on you all,” Laxmus said, lifting up the sword and giving it a swing as if he was testing it out.

It cut through the air cleanly, and the single swing caused a shockwave to appear through the air, hitting the edge of the arena. An explosion shook the arena in the next moment, and a large crack reaching up to the upper deck of seats appeared from that edge of the arena.

“This sword seems to be wasted on all of you. All of these weapons, all of these different powers, yet none of you can even step in front of me.”

Hearing this, Minny, who was still in her transformed state, was the first one to move. She ran forward, and although a little slower now because of the shadow, her movement was still incredibly fast.

At the same time, not far behind her, Muka had run after her, using her blood aura to create hardened platforms, allowing her to look like she was running through the air, not far behind Minny. The others were too slow to act.

Laxmus, seeing this, just laughed and moved his foot slightly. Shooting up from the shadow was a large hand, catching Minny mid-air. The shadow fingers tightened their grip over her body and restrained her.

She struggled, trying to move her arms and legs, and just like Peter before, she was unable to break out with her strength. Muka, who wasn’t too far behind, had brandished her mace. She was ready to hit the shadow away, charging up her attack, but another hand appeared out of the shadowed floor in front of her, bigger than her own body and the one that had grabbed Minny.

It did the same to Muka. But, Muka could use her snake-like hair even if her limbs were tied. The snake heads looked downwards, and then, opening their mouth wide, they attacked the shadow with the red aura ray.

It was a powerful attack, but when Muka had stopped, it failed to damage the shadow. Just like the outcome of Lucia’s attack, the shadow moved a little but was unaffected by her attack.

“This is bad. Dad, what do we do?” Jake frowned.

Unfortunately though, Logan didn’t have an answer as he found himself speechless. Everything they knew about the shadow, from Quinn and Arthur, all of the information they had, seemed like it was useless now.

It was clear from the beginning that Laxmus’s shadow was different from Quinn’s. Logan knew it was, but he just didn’t know to what extent. And he was hoping it wouldn’t be this powerful, but it was, and he had a strong intuition that this was not the limit.

More big shadow hands with pointed dangly fingers began to sprout from the ground. They had grabbed everyone one by one and held them tight, just like with Minny and Muka, and no matter how much the others struggled, they couldn’t break free from the powerful, shadow hands.

The last person to face the shadow was Peter. He stared at the ground in front of him and saw the ripples appearing on the shadowed ground beneath him. Then, he did the same as he had done before – concentrating his energy directly on his fists.

The moment Peter saw the hand start to appear, he punched his fist down into the ground as hard as possible. A large wave of energy blasted the shadow hand, and the force instantly obliterated it. He looked around and noticed that he wasn’t one of the only ones who wasn’t trapped by the strange shadow power.

There was someone else who had managed to avoid the grasps of the shadow hands. And that was vincent. Strangely, there was no big attack from him or some type of trick or even any special technique.

Instead, just like Peter, when seeing the shadow underneath his feet start to shift, he quickly knelt and placed his palm on top of it, and in the end, the shadow hand had never appeared.

The two of them looked towards Laxmus again, and Vincent could see the guardian he was up against earlier was standing behind the former but was directly staring at him.

“I know what you want me to do… you want me to give up and accept your offer but… I haven’t used everything I have yet, and I’m not the type to trust others so easily.” Vincent thought.

“Well, it looks like not all of you are useless,” Laxmus smiled.

“However, I have lost my patience a little. I know my presence here will bring more of you to me soon, and I am not in the mood to deal with that.”

“And since we’re meeting after a long time, I will be keeping this weapon as a gift.”

It was then that Vincent himself was the one that started to laugh.

“Thank you for holding onto that weapon. Indeed, it is my final gift to you.”

Then holding out his hands, Vincent twisted both of them in a circle shape. The second he did that, the sword began to glow bright red, and a red thread appeared that linked directly to Vincent’s hand. In the next second, the sword had sprouted multiple lines out. They were so dense that they looked like a pair of wings ready to grab Laxmus, and that was what they did.

The red threads didn’t stop shooting out from the sword and had wrapped around every part of Laxmus’s body. And when Laxmus tried to break out of the strings he was tied in, it didn’t go as easy as he had expected.

“I had that sword for a long time, and I too have been able to figure out the multiple different things that it can do.”

On top of that, there was something else that Vincent was able to do with the sword that only he could do, perhaps there was someone else who could do it as well, ut he was one of the few.

Summoning the red aura in his hand, Vincent then created two orbs of red aura. Reacting to this, the sword was also growing redder, still tied to Laxmus’s hand, which was exactly what Vincent wanted. Then as he threw both of his arms forward, the red aura headed straight for Laxmus.

In the next instant, it blasted on Laxmus, and the explosions of red aura went off from the sword, covering the entire arena.

The explosions were so intense that Laxmus’s whole body was enveloped in them, vanishing him from everyone’s sight.


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