My Vampire System ​Chapter 1745: Afraid

Laxmus had yet to use his power in battle, and Peter knew this. Nevertheless, he hadn’t moved from his position, and there was a confident smug look on his face even after Peter had defeated one of the guardians and the shadow beast.

In all honesty, Laxmus had only shown the power of his shadow, and it was enough to make them struggle, which was why Peter couldn’t imagine the strength in his transformed arm if he was to be hit by it. Thankfully though, Vincent was there, and Peter noticed the special sword in his hand.

Watching the fight go on, Logan was tense up till this moment, almost biting off his fingernails.

“Arthur’s sword… It was with Vincent? I always assumed it could have disintegrated into the red heart, but if Vincent has it, it’s getting more and more that he has the Red Heart.”

It was then that a thought had clicked in his head.

“Wait, why is Laxmus here in the first place? What have the red vampires been after all this time, the Red Heart? Then that means they were after Vincent. but how would they know that he was here.”

A particular face of a celestial appeared in his head, the same celestial whom they had run in at the top of the Green City before the event began.

“Bliss, that damned god can see the future. She made Quinn go away on purpose. She must have told Laxmus all of this. It’s clear, we definitely can’t trust her anymore.”

The question was, without Quinn would they be able to stop Laxmus? Logan knew that perhaps there would be some of them on their side who thought that Quinn would return in time to prevent the situation from taking any worse turn, just like he had done the times before.

However, living a thousand years without Quinn’s presence, Logan knew they had to act themselves. Otherwise, something terrible would occur.

“Someone used that sword on me once before; I remember it quite well,” Laxmus remarked as his arm transformed to what it once was, but the shadow continued over his back, mainly over his shoulders, forming the two shadow spikes.

“Back then, they couldn’t defeat me, and I didn’t even have my shadow power. Since then, a long time has passed, and I am now stronger than before.”

“This sword of yours won’t change today’s outcome.” Laxmus said, looking at the person in front of him.

He was talking to Peter but rather continued to stare at Vincent.

“Your words,” Vincent replied. “It sounds like you are trying to make me give up.”

This was what Vincent had to assume after hearing what one of the Guardians had said.

“I remember the event you are talking about, and it really has been a long time, and I can’t help but wonder why even after a 1000 years do you still remember something so insignificant?”

“You keep staring at me. Is it this face? Was it because this person was nearly the cause of your death.”

Lifting the sword, Vincent held it with a single hand by the hilt. It looked too large for someone to do such a thing, but of course, with a vampire’s strength, it was possible.

“I want to tell you something, I’m not him, but you should fear me as much as you do him.”

Vincent threw his hand forward, pushing it out by the rounded bottom, and just as it left his hand, a strong force of blood could be seen pushing out the sword.

The whole sword began to light up, and went through the air like a rocket. The trail of strong blood followed it, and it was Vincent’s aura that was being used. Behind the sword, the red aura was so large that it looked like a giant blood tidal wave was coming out of the sword’s hilt.

Seeing this, the smug smile on Laxmus’s face slowly disappeared. And, powerful energy started to gather inside him. This time, both of his arms had transformed black and had grown twice their size. Again, it would have looked strange, but Laxmus already had a large body.

White streaks were running through his black hands and were pulsating. Unlike before though, this pulsing feeling could be felt and seen through the air. Laxmus was just standing there, and each pulse from his arms made ripples in the air.

The next second, he moved from where he was and began to run forward, heading straight towards the sword. On his way there though, he wasn’t stopped directly.

But from the sky itself, several large metal balls were raining down. Large shadows were cast and crashed into the ground. Laxmus had avoided them, but they weren’t few.

They looked like small asteroids were falling into the arena ground as the whole place shook. As for the one who was behind this attack, he could be seen standing on a pillar up in the air, aiming the attack right down at Laxmus, he was none other than Jake Green.

“Dad told me to do whatever I can to stop Laxmus, and that’s what I’ll do. I don’t have to fight those other guys. I just needed to get them out of the battle!” Jake thought.

During his fight, Jake had an idea from what he had seen on the battlefield elsewhere. That was to trap the Guardians in a solid hardened metallic ball and then send them underground.

He followed the place, but it wasn’t a permanent solution to the problem because he knew they would eventually get out, and there was also no way for him to attack them while they were in the solid ball of metal. Nevertheless, he had made it so thick and heavy that it would be troublesome to get out. even for someone with similar strength.

However, there was also their shadow. With their shadow, the Guardians could phase through materialistic things, which was why Logan, using the power of his third ability, was able to do something: he injected a portion of his electrical power into the metal ball before it formed. As a result, he constantly created lightning currents, and they would rebound inside the metal ball.

After all, the lighting inside the ball wasn’t meant to defeat them. He wouldn’t be able to continuously supply it with his MC cells, but it was just to somewhat paralyse their body to make it so they could not use their shadow power.

During this time, Jake was ready to do battle with Laxmus and was heading his way until he got a message from his father.

“Although I said to do everything you can to stop them from getting Vincent, that doesn’t mean you have to put your own life on the line. You understand that, right?”

Hearing his father say these words for the first time. to him, the one that the world dubbed the made him a little nervous. For one, the Blade family relied on using other abilities for their powers.

It was their weakness, which was why the strength of the blade varied depending on those around them. There was only one that had overcome that weakness, and there had never been a Blade like that person since then.

Still, Jake thought he could make a difference with his soul weapon, and he needed to use his head more in battle, combining his multiple powers to create the most decisive attack.

It looked like Jake could not hit Laxmus a single time despite all of this. In his frustration, he raised both hands above his head and created a huge solid object.

At first, he used the Earth ability to mould the large piece of land, and then he hardened it with his Hardening ability, and lastly, he used his Lightning powers to give it an electrifying edge.

Hurling it with his strength and pushing it with his telekinesis, it looked like the moon itself was being hurled straight towards Laxmus, but for Laxmus, there was still the sword to deal with.

Now upon him, he had dodged the sword by bending his back, not using any of his shadow powers, and then grabbed onto the weapon’s hilt with both hands. However, the enormous blood energy made it hard for him to use his hands, and the sword’s momentum pulled him back in the direction he came from.

Powering more energy into the sword and the large planet-like structure moving towards Laxmus, it looked like any second it would hit him as the shadow had covered his entire body.

Suddenly, Laxmus opened his mouth wide, and a large red beam came out of his mouth and hit the large object created by Jake green. This attack of his held the solid object in place, and at that moment, he closed his mouth and spun his body with the sword in his hand, swinging it at the large object.

It cut right through the solid object and let off a series of explosions as the red aura spread throughout the arena.

It looked like Laxmus had used his own energy, as well as diverted Vincent’s energy on it, and now, the large object was seen crumbling to pieces and falling to the ground. As for the sword, it was now in Laxmus’s hands.

“The sword is in my hand now, and you three have annoyed me,” Laxmus took a deep breath as the shadow left his body and instantly shrouded the whole arena.


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