My Vampire System ​Chapter 1744: The Markings glow

Minny had activated her celestial energy, and she wasn’t shy about the anger that had risen in her. But, in truth, when Quinn had given her the celestial energy, he had told her it would be best if she did not use it to avoid attracting unnecessary attention.

However, there was one condition to this, and that was if Quinn, for some reason, wasn’t around to protect her, she shouldn’t hesitate. In this case, Minny knew the others were in trouble, especially since Muka was also injured. She decided to use the energy, irrespective of the consequences. Two large horns had appeared on her head, but that wasn’t the only change on her.

Minny’s eyes not only grew red, but there seemed to be red tears streaming down her cheek. Some would think it was blood if it wasn’t for its emitting glow. It ran down her face, stopping just shy of rolling off her cheeks.

At the same time, her arms were also transforming. A rigid outer scale clad her legs and arm, going up to the elbow and knees. It looked like melted lava was forming around her body. Eventually, when it stopped, Minny had dark scaled hands that were twice the size they had before, and it was the same with her legs.

Her main body looked the same size, but it was still a frightening figure for the others to look at.

“AHHHH!” Minny screamed and was already on the move, but she was too fast to catch even for Jessica, who was also outside of the shadow dome. All she could see was a red mist where Minny once was.

Muka could just keep an eye on her and saw Minny was in the air, already towards one of the guardians. She looked like a wild beast in the air, and she had locked her eyes on her opponent. Her arm swung out above her head slightly to the side.

While in the palm of her hand was a ball of red aura. The Guardian was able to confront this in the last few seconds, and the shadow from the dome had risen in time, But Minny shoved the blood aura ball right into the shadow,

A large explosion of energy had collided with the shadows, causing it to disperse. The attack had hit and destroyed the shadow but could not carry on and hurt the Guardian, but that didn’t matter.

When the Guardian looked in front of him, Minny was nowhere to be seen. That was because she had already landed on the ground and pushed off, using her other hand, swinging another ball of red energy right towards his back.

As she pushed the ball of raw energy into the Guardian’s back, he was sent flying in the air, and a particular part of the dome’s shadow was now dispersing.

“I thought that little brat was a nobody!” Another Guardian shouted.

Seeing how fast the small vampire was and how strong she was, they wondered if they should give up on the shadow dome and perhaps focus their attention elsewhere.

That was, however, when a particular person appeared behind them.

“I was being a bit foolish!” A female voice spoke.

Turning around, the Guardian saw a beauty right in front of him. Never in his life could he even imagine a person of this calibre, and yet here she was in front of him. Even when looking at her, it appeared like there was a majestic red glow around her.

Because of the celestial energy, Muka’s hair had grown in size, going down to her waist, but that wasn’t the only thing. Her hair colour was now a dark red and was floating in the air. It appeared as if each strand of her hair was being controlled.

When one looked closer, it almost looked as if there were little snakes at its end. These little snakes all opened their mouths, hissing towards the guardians, summoning up their energy.

The Guardian would have had to use his shadow if he had any chance of blocking this attack, and maybe even then, it would have stood no chance, but something was stopping him from doing so.

When looking straight into Muka’s eyes, it felt like his whole body was frozen, and never in his wildest dreams could bear to hurt such a beauty.

“Will you marry m…” The Guardian tried to say, but Muka blasted him with her hair strands before he could finish his words.

Multiple red lasers had torn through his body, head, and heart. It looked like a machine gun had shot him, and eventually, the Guardian fell to the floor.

With only two of the remaining Guardians keeping up the shadow dome, it had weakened and felt like it would be useless for them to do such a thing, but before they even let go, they felt a burst of energy from the inside.

The shadow was breaking bit by bit, and something was hitting every part of the dome from the inside. There wasn’t enough time for the shadow to repair itself as it had done before. As more and more of the shadow started to disappear, the others could see clearly what was happening.

Sparks of red lighting were firing off in all sorts of different directions. It was constantly hitting the shadow, and eventually, it had disappeared entirely.

Then, standing in the centre of where the shadow dome once was, they saw Lucia, her amulet around her neck lighting up and the spear in her hand, with the tip emitting a small amount of lightning.

“This amulet… gave me so much power… it fused with my lightning skills perfectly, and it also isn’t using as many MC cells as expected.” Lucia was amazed by the power of the Celestial marked amulet.

“I haven’t even used the other skill that the amulet holds.”

It was then, for the first time in a while, that Lucia had a smile on her face. She felt empowered, and most of all, she felt like she could help her new friends.

Soon after, Minny jumped towards the others and crashed right into Lucia, knocking her onto the ground. She was still transformed, but her expression was that of a lost baby.

“I’m so happy that everyone… everyone is okay.” Minny sniffled.

Not far behind were Jessica and Muka, who had landed in the centre and the group was once again reunited. Although it was how they got trapped the first time, now with their full strength realised and activated, they no longer feared the shadow that contained them.

The guardians gathered around their dead one, including the one Minny had injured.

“Many of them seem to carry a power similar to ours. He instructed us not to use it unless necessary.” One of the guardians stated.

“I think, now that one of us has died, this has become a critical situation. However, I am sure Laxmus will not hurt us because of this.” The other replied.

The three of them moved back away from the group, just far enough so they wouldn’t be interrupted by what they were about to do next. Then, less than a second later, parts of their body started to glow. And as it happened, the others could see a marking on them.

“They’re… they’re the same.” Muka pointed out.

“They are just like us. Someone gave them similar power as what Quinn gave us.”

The group was already having trouble with the guardians before they used their celestial energy and transformed, and just when they were getting an edge, it seemed like the others were able to one up them.

“We have a chance!” Lucia stated. “We outnumbered them, and Quinn gave us the things we needed. He has given us enough power to get rid of these guys!”

Hearing Lucia, the only human in the group, shout these words encouraged them, and some in the group had yet to show everything they had. Just as they took their fighting stance, a dark shadow began filling the entire floor.

This pitch-black shadow continued to spread through the arena and soon reached the very edge of the arena. It then started to rise, creating a dome over them.

Upon turning their heads, they could see this was all the work of a single person, Laxmus.


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