My Vampire System ​Chapter 1743: No More Luck

After the group saw Muka regaining her composure and jumping down to the arena floor where the fighting was going, the rest followed her. They didn’t know why, but with Quinn gone, there was always someone who would naturally next take charge, and all of them seemed to follow her.

Even if she was flustered at this moment, there would usually be a sense of air around her. A leader wasn’t just who was strongest. Peter could have taken that role, but he wasn’t one to order others or help them out, yet Muka felt more like one.

Maybe it was the fact that Muka was already a leader before. The group had done little to help so far though, when the shadow beast had come, the group was waiting for some order from her, but she said only a few words.

“They are dangerous, and now is not the time. It is best if we wait.” Although she said this, Muka still felt slightly nervous, and Mithcell, who was standing closest to her, could hear her say a couple more words quietly under her breath. “I think…”

Hearing this, Mitchell wondered if they were doing the right thing. He had heard about her ability, but no one truly knew how it worked. If she weren’t in the right mindset, perhaps it would affect her ability as well.

Either way, it was too late to act, as the Guardians had arrived, and four of them had surrounded them -each of them with the power of the shadow seen hovering behind their backs.

The first thing the group did was try and get out of their situation. They threw out blood swipes from all directions. Lightning strikes also came from Lucia on top of that. However, the group of guardians was able to do something they didn’t expect.

Seeing the attack, they moved their shadow and placed it in front of them. It was then that each of their shadows had linked up and grew larger, nearly creating a dome over the group. When their attacks hit the shadow, they had done next to nothing.

Slowly, the shadow dome was growing larger, and soon it looked like it would trap all of them. The group just continued to attack, but all attempts were turning futile.

“Use your heads, don’t just try the same thing over and over again!” Mitchell shouted.

His body started to change and transform as the casing on his eye increased, and it began to glow red. Soon his hand grew in size and narrowed out, turning into a rifle, giving him a chance to fire a powerful blood rifle.

He aimed at the top and fired into the air. The shadow looked like it was just about to close, but when the strong blood aura hit, mixed with the celestial energy, it pushed the shadow away slightly.

Shaking her head, Muka realized how stupid she had been.

“Let’s get out of here.”

She easily picked up a couple of the others around her and started to jump in the air. Unfortunately, the dome created was quite the large one, so she could not clear the dome in a single jump. Furthermore, she neither had the power of flight, so it looked like she would soon just fall back down.

That’s when a solid form of blood aura appeared under her feet and made it easier and quicker for her to jump. Once again, before the shadow dome was about to close up, Mitchell shot another blood aura from the rifle, breaking the shadow.

“Don’t worry about us,” Mithcell said as he was on the ground with Lucia and Hannah. The two Muka had taken, Jessica and Minny, were the closest at the time. “Make your ability work and get us out of here so we can help you.”

Muka, with the other two, had successfully gone out of the shadow dome created, while the others were now stuck in complete darkness. Again, in an attempt to break out, Mitchell fired out his blood rifle towards the side this time.

It had hit the shadow and cleared some of them away, causing them to move, and show gaps on the outside but quickly reformed over, trapping them within the dome.

“Even the new celestial energy won’t work. This shadow power is incredibly strong. We might not survive this one,” Hannah said, staring at the space around her.

Lucia had grabbed onto the blood amulet that Quinn had given to her after using the new ability upon leveling up as a celestial. The amulet had continued to gather energy ever since the event commenced and was gathering even more so now.

“I still think we have a chance,” Lucia said, clenching the amulet.

*** *** ***

Landing outside of the dome, the first thing Muka saw was the four guardians using both their hands to supply their shadow powers into the dome. Seeing this was the case, she thought it was her chance.

Charging in, she pulled a weapon out from her rope, it was as large as a short sword, but the top was spiked and thick. It was a mace.

In truth, Muka was one of the few vampires and vampire leaders that actually fought with a weapon. As she used her red aura and control, blood began to move up the mace and enveloped the spikes, making the weapon even more powerful.

Then, she threw out her weapon toward one of the Guardians, aiming it right for their head. It was the perfect shot until the Guardian turned around and lifted his hand. Then, taking some of the shadows from the dome and stopping the mace in the air.

“That doesn’t matter!” Muka thought as she went in now with her nails covered in small parts of aura and thrust it forward, aiming right for the man’s chest.

The guardian didn’t move, but when Muka’s hand had hit the other’s chest, instead of feeling flesh or blood falling, there was nothing but a shadow that moved.

“Is his whole body made of shadows? What is going on here?”

Muka froze in shock, and before she could react, she suddenly saw a fist coming toward her and hitting her right in the face, sending her back to where she was. Standing behind her, Jessica and Minny had managed to stop Muka from falling over.

“These guys have all sorts of tricks, I see,” Jessica said, wondering if she should use her dhampir power.

Whether or not it would make a difference was another thing, but with so many vampires around her, she would certainly get a boost in abilities compared to usual.

“That punch, it was a strong one as well.” Muka wiped the blood away from her mouth.

“Their blood aura, strength, and speed are as good as a vampire leader, and my ability isn’t working in this situation.”

“With their shadow stronger than Arthur’s and Quinn’s, I don’t know what to do.” Muka admitted.

These words didn’t really give confidence to others until the little girl was also shaking, but unlike others, she was shaking with anger.

“You want to be Daddy’s wife, right?!” Minny gritted her teeth as Muka.

“Then you need to show all your strength, and you need to be stronger than that. Or else how can you be worthy?”

Minny then turned to the other guardians, who still hadn’t moved from their position.

“You idiots, how dare you hurt my dad’s future wife!” Minny yelled at them and erupted with energy. This time, it wasn’t vampire energy. Instead, it was celestial energy.

And as she erupted, a red flame covered her entire body, as large as a standard person. It was then that Minny’s body started to transform, and the first thing that was visibly noticeable about her was something growing out from the top of her head, through her hair.

Pushing through her curly hair, there were two pointy things, orange in colour, with a shade of dark red, that had started to appear, and right at the tip, they curled upwards.

It was clear they were a set of horns, and with her red eyes, Minny almost looked like a demon from hell.


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