My Vampire System Chapter 1740: ​Over to the other side

Standing right next to Laxmus were some of the most feared people presently in the world, bearing the title of Guardians. There had only been a few instances throughout history where the Guardians had appeared, and when they did, there was chaos that followed.

Their involvement completely destroyed towns, cities, and prominent establishments. It was because of this strong group of people who protected and operated the red vampires no faction could eradicate the red vampires completely.

Now they were all here in one place, the only thing that could make it worse was if the other leader of the red vampires were present as well.

“We did say we wanted to find the red vampires. I guess we won’t have to do any work since they have come on their own.” Lucia gulped and tightly held onto her spear.

The Guardians quickly started to move after stepping out of the shadow vortex. Their bodies shifted as if they were made of shadow themselves and went to the ground. This was a move called Shadow travel.

Now, on the floor of the arena, circular shadows could be seen moving everywhere, and they were fast, extremely fast. When the shadows reached their position, the guardian came back out of the ground and confronted the people in the arena.

Vicky, Jake, Isac, Peter, Vincent, Mitchell, Muka, Lucia, Jessica, Hannah, and Minny. Sadly, even with the others jumping in to help, they were outnumbered by the ten guardians, five strange beasts, and lastly, Laxmus himself.

Logan was watching everything while typing away as fast as he could on his keyboard.

“This… it’s too much. They need to get out of there, even if I help… but why did the red vampires appear to show up?”

“Especially Laxmus, why did he decide to show himself here? There has to be a reason, and they won’t leave until that reason comes into play.”

Finally, all of the crowd had left the arena, and Logan knew he had no choice but to seal off the place, so no one else could enter. Then, a large dome began to appear over the arena, slowly enclosing it.

Laxmus and the others didn’t seem bothered by it, and rightly so since they had the shadow powers that would allow them to come out anytime they wished, but it was also to stop others from coming in.

Logan didn’t want to lose anyone, and he had a special plan for stopping the others if they were going to attempt to get out. All of the AI robots throughout Green City were gathering and standing by just outside of the dome.

“I will support you guys as much as I can from here.” Logan thought. “Just try to get out of there as soon as you can.”

He reported this over to his dear wife, who knew the plan but unfortunately, she herself was dealing with one of the guardians and one of the large beasts.

“I can’t go easy. Otherwise, it would cost me my life, and I feel like my job, my place on this planet is still not over yet.” Vicky pulled out her blade, which looked to be made of a hard dark substance, and it slowly started to turn into what looked like mud. She had activated her demon tier weapon.

Not too far from where Vicky was fighting, another member of the same family was having his own problems.

“Mom can handle herself, but Dad told me to protect the others if they got in trouble.”

“So that’s exactly what I’m going to do, and it’s a chance to take out the big bad wolf now that he’s here in front of me!”

Jake ran across the field, activating a super-speed ability, and went up to the large two-headed snake he was fighting against.

These beasts all use the shadow differently. For the snake, it looks like it’s mainly concentrated in the mouth. So I just won’t hit the mouth then.

A guardian looked to get in the way of Jake and the beast in front of him. He was pretty much surrounded and was one of the most guarded figures. Soon, there were two guardians and one beast just for him, but he was unfazed by this.

Jake was already running fast, and seeing the Guardian, he jumped. At the same time, the Guardian had unleashed a shadow from his back. It looked like it was starting to form into a large hand, ready to grab Jake. But before it was fully formed though, Jake spun his body and encased himself in lightning.

Like a lightning bolt, he zapped himself even faster, past the shadow hand before it could touch him.

“Training those lighting powers with Zinon really came in handy. I must believe in myself that I’m the strongest human! With my father’s intelligence and the strongest power of my mother, I can beat anyone who gets in my way!”

Slamming into one of the serpent’s heads, Jake had almost knocked it off its feet, but it had a hefty base. Either way, Jake wasn’t planning to defeat the beast with that attack alone. When the lightning died down, the beast’s body appeared in everyone’s vision, and they could see he was bleeding black blood heavily.

By then, Jake had transformed one of his hands into metallic spikes at the last second and using the power of his speed ability and the lightning, he had managed to pierce the rugged hide of the beast.

“It’s time to turn up the heat here as I melt you from inside out!” Jake shouted.

Part of his hand had transformed and was stuck in the beast. Now, he was raising the temperature of his body and activating his hightning powers from within.

The serpent’s other head hissed and came towards him, and it looked like it was trying to get Jake off its body. It opened its mouth wide, revealing a set of fangs and the endless shadows inside, but it suddenly stopped before reaching Jake.

After a moment, black blood poured out of its mouth while making a sizzling noise as it evaporated into a cloud of black mist. It didn’t take long for both heads to fall to the ground, and its body slumped down. Then, pulling his hand out of the beast’s body, Jake transformed it back to normal.

“That’s one of those beasts down. Now it’s time I deal with the rest of you. I’ll happily take you out one at a time if I have to.” Jake smiled.

Still, he knew that the Guardians would be harder to deal with than the shadow beasts.

On the other side of the arena, Peter, who was originally next to Vincent, was now being blocked by a Guardian and shadow beasts.

The bear beast Peter was fighting against before seemed to be going up against Vincent, who was also fighting a guardian.

While Guardians also surrounded his friends who had jumped into the arena, however, they had to fight them off on their own because Peter couldn’t help them right now.

A guardian stood behind Peter, and a strange black beast stood before him. It looked like a giant turtle but had a head of a dragon and also had several spikes on its hard shell.

“Get out of the way! I want to fight that damned Laxmus!” Peter charged in, and strange shadows not far from the turtle appeared in front of its two hands, and a large one appeared behind its back.

Long sharp hard-spike-sized bristles began to come out from its back, and then, the beast sent them into the shadow behind its back. In the next instant, they suddenly appeared out of the shadow vortex in front of its hands. They were incoming faster than a bullet from a gun, heading straight towards Peter.

“This is all starting to piss me off!” Peter yelled as his head-tail moved faster, striking all the bristles and cutting them in half. It allowed Peter to run forward without decreasing his pace as he was sure he wouldn’t get hurt.

And when he was close enough, Peter jumped, and he reached the same height as the giant beast. At that moment, he allowed two of the bristles to pass through the tail defence dome he had created and caught them in both of his hands.

“I warned you, you damned hedgehog dragon!” Peter shouted.

His head-tail sliced the two arms off the giant beast as if they were made of butter. They fell to the floor, and now with nothing to stop him, Peter slammed both the bristles in his hands straight into the beast’s head.

With his strength and the sharpness of the bristles, they went in with ease, killing another one of the strong shadow beasts. When the shadow beast’s body slammed into the ground, Peter landed on top of it.

But to his surprise, the person on the other side wasn’t Laxmus but the Guardian who had been standing behind him.

Peter clenched his fists and was about to make a move when he suddenly hesitated for a moment and frowned at the Guardian in front of him.

Raising his hand, Peter then pointed his finger at the Guardian and said in a surprised tone. “Wait… I recognize you!”


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