My Vampire System ​Chapter 1738: A Diffrent Shadow

The robed vampire had managed to summon five large beasts, each of which was around five metres in height. Luckily the stage was quite big, so it didn’t take up most of the stadium, but it wasn’t something the crowd was expecting to see, that was for sure.

It also looked like Vincent wasn’t the only one that could tell these beasts were different. It was easy to tell, and the crowd was a little concerned. However, there were some guesses as to what this possibly could be.

“Are they like shadow beasts? Maybe he created beasts from the shadow? Is that why they look different?” One said.

“Yeah, or maybe he’s infused his shadow power with the beasts. It was stated that Quinn could also store things in his shadow, right?”

“So it would make sense, there are things that we just don’t know about the shadow.”

It was true that the current generation didn’t know much about the shadow since the guardians rarely made a public appearance. However, some people here were acquainted with Quinn and knew about shadow power but had never seen something like this before.

“What do you want me to do?” Vicky asked with her hand up against her ear. As soon as she saw what was going on, she knew that she might need to intervene.

“I think the best choice is to hold off for now,” Logan replied.

“Don’t worry; I’m keeping an eye on everything, and my main priority is making sure that the public is safe.”

“At the moment, it doesn’t look like they are attempting to attack the crowd, and if we intervene now, others might have opinions about what we are doing.”

Hearing this, Vicky didn’t know if it was the best choice, but she decided to listen to her husband. From her past experience, more times than not, he knew what he was doing. He had grown up a lot from when the two of them had first met.

“Is this all for me? I have to say I am quite flattered.” Vincent smiled. “I would say getting extra help is a little unfair for the contest, don’t you think?”

It was true. With this many strong beasts, it looked like the predicted winner might change, especially since some of the robots had already turned towards them.

The league bear-like beast was the first to react to the robot, swiping toward it. The claws sliced right through its body, and as the paw hit the rest of the robot, it smashed it into the ground smashing it to pieces.

It had clearly demonstrated the level of its strength.

“That’s a little worrisome.” Vincent thought. These beasts look to be at the Demi-god level, not the Demon tier level, but that attack just now was clearly close to the Demon tier level.

“If all of the beasts are like that, I might have to try and hop out of here as soon as possible.”

Knowing this, Vincent turned around, but there was already the flying creature from before in his way. The strange eyes on its wings opened up, and fireballs came out toward him.

Vincent had no choice but to use his blood aura to try to attack them and hit them out of the way. Successfully blocking the attacks. Vincent could feel the strength of the hits, but there was more to worry about than that.

The Large bear-like beast had swiped its hand toward Vincent. For such a large figure, Vincent was surprised by how fast it could move because it was at the same speed as a vampire lord.

“I’m going to have to use a lot more blood aura than this… but then…” Vincent was in the middle of contemplating what to do. It was clear now that this guardian was more concerned with fighting against Vincent than the contest itself.

Just as Vincent was getting ready to extract more blood aura, he could see someone had come to his aid. The other person threw out a fist, which collided with the giant beast and pushed it back, causing it to stumble for a few seconds.

“That’s quite the punch you got there.” Vincent complemented the other.

“Is that your way of saying thank you, Peter replied, “Anyway, I just don’t like others using Quinn’s power, and that bear looked a bit smug when he destroyed that robot.

By now, the bear was ready to attack again.

However, this time, it was in some sort of rage mode. Its eyes started to glow, and a shadow started to appear on its back with it. Seeing the shadow from the bear, it looked a bit different from Quinn’s.

Quinn’s shadow, when used with his abilities, would often give a little purple look, whereas the colour of this shadow was pure black. The shadow from the bear’s back started to move until it covered its two claws, constantly moving in place.

The bear went on the attack again, thrusting both claws towards Peter this time. Somewhat worried that this attack would be stronger than the last, Peter also decided to add Qi to his attack.

“If the shadow works the same way as Quinn’s, then the Qi should disrupt it, as long as this damn giant bear doesn’t know how to use Qi.” Peter thought.

“Interesting.” The robed figure said, seeing this.

“It seems some people know quite a bit about shadow power, at least the old shadow power. A god slayer’s power can be made into their own” The figure mumbled to himself.

“Don’t touch it!” Vincent shouted.

Perhaps Vincent was just being cautious, but with this shadow looking different to Quinn’s, he wanted to know everything about it before facing it head-on like Peter was about to do.

Hearing this, Peter pulled back at the last second. He dropped his fist and leaned back. As he did so, the bear’s claws looked like they were about to miss but suddenly, the shadow that surrounded them extended and was heading right for Peter.

Quickly, Peter managed to lift his arms to protect his head. It was the one rule he had, but that was when the shadow claws went right through his body, and Peter paused in surprise. He had felt nothing.

He didn’t feel any kind of pain or was there any visible injury on his body. But he knew that the shadow claws had gone through him, and Vincent had even seen it.

“Hahaha.” The robed figure started to laugh aloud seeing this, which only made Vincent worry even more.

It was then that Peter could feel something strange, For the first time in a long time, he could feel a tingling on his skin.

“This feeling. I haven’t felt it in a long time, but my skin is a little itchy.”

The sun was shining brightly on the event floor, and a Wight wasn’t meant to be affected by the sunlight, but Peter was also starting to feel a little hot.

All the creatures started to emit the shadow power they had from within them, which enveloped their mouths, eyes or heads, specifically, whatever parts of their body they would usually use to attack.

“I will warn you all now.” The vampire said. “We are just after the one that calls himself Quinn Talen. If anyone gets in our way, you shall pay.”

“I think it might be time we jump in, Jessica said to the others, and she thought it was best if everyone used their celestial energy if possible.

“Jake, help the others and take out that Guardian!” Vicky ordered her son through their communication device. Then, listening to his mother, Jake turned to face the guardian and noticed he was doing something strange.

A shadow covered his body like a vortex. They started to rise up and became a tornado of shadows, The five beasts continued to stand guard. Then, when the tornado of shadow faded away, another larger bulkier figure could be seen standing in the guardians place.

He wore a long trench coat but had no shirt underneath, displaying his pale body. His hair was up to his waist, and a marking was branded onto his chest, the marking of a single eye with wings.

The others were waiting for Muka to give the order on what to do, but when turning to her, they could only see her body trembling and her lips quivering a few words.

“That’s… Laxmus…”


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