My Vampire System ​Chapter 1736: Location of the Red Heart

The red heart was a big deal to each group for several reasons. First, as for what each group wanted to use the red heart for, it was unknown, but everyone could make educated guesses. In some cases, some groups just wanted the red heart, so others couldn’t use it.

The question for the longest time though, was where was this mysterious red heart in the first place? A large red crystal had been dropped after the battle between Hero Quinn and Graham. It was a condensed form of energy from Quinn’s awakening powers and the blood of some of the strongest people in the history of the Earth.

It was most likely a once in a lifetime item, one’s conditions that would be impossible to replicate and create another. There were those that studied the final fight with Quinn after seeing the red crystal.

Knowing the power of blood crystals that the vampires created and others learning of this fact, soon the Red heart was something that was desired by all. But the problem was, the red heart had only been seen on that day, and no one ever saw it again.

In ways, it increased the rumours of its powers, this mystical item. People weren’t even sure it could do what they believed it could do. Either way, Logan was one of these people who wanted the red crystal.

Since it had only been seen once, the one responsible for taking it must have been close at the time of its disappearance. That left mainly those that were in the Cursed faction. The other members knew why Logan wanted it, and he believed the item was best in his hands in the first place.

Why the others wouldn’t have given him the Red heart if they had it, he did not know, which was why he believed that the most likely culprit was someone else who had gone missing as soon as Quinn had gone into a slumber, and the most likely suspect for all of that was Vincent.

“You meet me after all this time, and you ask about the Red Heart? I guess I was right to keep that item to myself after all.” Vincent crossed his legs and casually looked away from Logan towards a corner of the room.

“You should know that the Red vampires are after the red heart. I don’t think you meant any harm in keeping the Red heart, but if it was to fall into their hands then I-“

“Then they would do something dangerous with it, and that is exactly why I won’t be telling any of you either,” Vincent replied.

“I won’t tell you what or where the heart is. I have been away a long time, and I have been keeping up with the actions of others.”

“You are pretty close to the Pure, and they have close ties with the Dhampirs.”

“If you had the red heart, it could easily fall into their hands, so the information is best kept with me.”

“The only person I can trust with the information about the Red Heart is Quinn himself. He is the one that deserves it.”

“So if you want to know about the red heart, I suggest you put a lot of effort into finding him.”

The others could see that this angered Logan. The wrinkles on his forehead increased, and his arms were slightly shaking.

He had put years and years into searching for the Red Heart, and now the answer was right in front of him, yet, the person refused to talk to him because he couldn’t trust him.

“You think you’re the only one that cares about Quinn. I have been helping him since the beginning. How can you not trust me?!” Logan eventually burst out.

Still, it looked like Vincent wouldn’t reply and continued to ignore the others. Eventually, with everyone turning silent, Vincent stood up from his seat.

“I have stayed out of the chaos and fighting for a long time. My life ended long ago, and I only came back to help Quinn.”

“Although you are all Quinn’s friends, you are not mine. So when I do something, I do it just to help Quinn.”

“If you have any more information about him, then call me. I will also be happy to help you with anything, as long as it is about bringing Quinn back.”

“Once I finish this event and give my message to everyone.”

The others looked back at Logan, wondering if they should say something. If Logan asked them to stop him, they would at least give it a try.

Whether or not they could stop Vincent was another thing, but they believed they at least had a good chance with Peter by their side. Even though Peter looked uninterested in the whole thing, standing in the room corner. However, in the end, Vincent left to do his own thing.

“So, what’s the plan now? I mean, he knew about the red heart and is he going to keep pretending to be Quinn? I’m really confused right now.” Jessica frowned.

The truth was, all of them were perplexed.

“Don’t worry so much. Vincent is in my city now. Wherever he goes, whatever he is doing, as long as he is on Earth, we will have information about everything.”

“Eventually, Vincent will be able to lead us to the Red heart.” Logan said to everyone.

It was a new day for Green city and the last day of the famous challenge event. Crowds were pouring into the area with smiles on their faces, all waiting to see the event’s outcome.

At the same time, all of the contestants for today were present as well, with the others watching them from the stands. Taking part, Logan had given them a ticket, including those that had entered the preliminary rounds.

As for Muka and the rest, they were in the special booth once again, all apart from Peter, who would be taking part.

Inside the arena, all five contestants were standing quite a distance apart, and today too, Vicky was here to host the event.

“Ladies and gentlemen, before we begin, please let’s give a round of applause for the five contestants in front of us!” Vicky announced, and the response from the crowd was immense, with roars that shook the stadium.

“Now, before explaining the rules for today’s event, I will show you all the grand prizes!” A podium rose from behind Vicky, covered in a hard glass case.

There looked to be a sword coming out. There were many people stretching their necks to get a glance at the prize since they thought the item was meant to be related to Quinn, even though his tales said that he fought with hand to hand combat, but those that knew Quinn had seen him use this particular sword a couple of times.

“The sword behind me was a gift to Quinn from the Earthborn group. Quinn had helped them in the past and received this Unbreakable weapon as a reward.”

“My husband, Logan Green, has personally verified that this weapon, with a unique trait, was once held by Quinn Talen.”

Hearing about the time and item that Quinn personally used, many of those in the crowd wondered just how much a weapon like that could go for.

Surely, many wealthy folks would be willing to trade even demon tier crystals to have that weapon on their hands, not because of the power but because of its meaning.

“Now, I will get to the rules for today’s round. There will be one event today and exactly one wave.”

“All five contestants will be going up against each other, and it will mimic the preliminary rounds.”

“And with that, two hundred hundred black coloured robots will be released into the arena.”

“The goal is to survive and take out as many as possible. Then, the one who takes out the most Black Al robots before they or the rest of the contestants are defeated will be crowned as the champion.”

“And in this round, you are free to do as you wish, so do whatever it takes to get the most points and win the contest and the grand prize!” Vicky smiled.

The audience started to cheer because they knew the meaning behind these words, and it looked like they might see some of the participants going against each other after all.


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