My Vampire System ​Chapter 1735: Top five

The crowd had fallen silent too many times during this whole event, there had been surprises that they had never suspected, and it had happened once again. The resemblance between the person in the middle of the arena and Quinn Talen was uncanny. They all knew it as soon as they saw the face.

Immediately, the crowd began to pull out their devices to record the event and send it to those on other planets. Logan had attempted to stop it by activating a device that would jam the signals, but it was already too late.

Videos were being sent all over, and programs were being used to try and match up the faces between the two. Matches were coming back, confirming with near a 100 percent chance that they were the same person. This all happened in a matter of seconds because of the advancements in technology.

The reporters that had been unable to attend the event due to Logan’s request were kicking themselves in the foot. Logan wanted to control what could and couldn’t be televised, and since it was an event anyway, who could capture news better than him, he just never imagined this.

“With that special blood control form earlier, does this mean it’s really him? Did Quinn Talen really return?” People in the crowd started to discuss.

“It could just be someone with the transformation ability. We have had something like this happen before. Only this one is a little stronger, so more people believe it.”

“Hero Quinn died more than a thousand years ago. How could he come back now? And even if he did, does he need to show himself like this?”

“I agree. Even though this vampire’s powers are strong, and if it’s not because of the transformation ability, then this is plastic surgery, or maybe specially made masks or something, because I know for sure that this is not Quinn.”

“Also, notice that he doesn’t have Quinn’s armour, and another thing, why would he enter an event where the prize is something that belonged to him anyway?”

As conversations and arguments continued, more and more people were convinced that this was just another fake. But it was a convincing fake, at least. Because, for one, this Quinn didn’t have specially made armour set the blue fang, nor did he have the Shadow power. There were a lot more things that weren’t adding up.

That still didn’t stop people from changing their boos to cheers, as they believed they could at least be witnessing the reincarnation of Quinn, a strong vampire who resembled him.

The event continued as it was meant to, but now the people kept a closer eye on him. The second wave was beginning, and just like before, the vampire was showing his skill using red aura in ways that weren’t typical for other vampires.

In the special booth watching everything, Muka had quite the expression on her face.

“It has to be… that has to be Vincent. That’s the only explanation.”

“I have seen him fight a few times, and in some ways, it matches up to what he would do, at least when he uses his hand to hand combat.”

“What I don’t remember about him is having that much blood energy and blood control. Something has changed.”

It was then that the others had returned, explaining what they had gone through and now hearing their story, Muka was sure of it.

“I believe that man was telling you the truth… he is someone that Quinn knows, and in fact, the two of them are related,” Muka replied.

Scratching their heads, the others just had to get used to the fact that even though they were travelling with Quinn and had already learned so many things about him.

There were still a lot of things that weren’t shown in the museum or in the presentation by Logan.

Quinn and those around him would always be mysterious, and many things have happened over the course of the last thousand years after Quinn defeated the Dalki.

Fake Quinn had managed to clear all five waves of the event, giving him one of the best results of the competition so far.

It still didn’t change many people’s minds because they hadn’t seen the vampire use any shadow powers, even during the instances when he struggled against the robots.

However, many believed that they were witnessing something special, a reincarnation of the Hero.

“It’s a shame that this tournament isn’t a one on one battle. Maybe we would have gotten some answers to your question before.” One of the crowd members sighed.

“Oh, you mean that question about who is stronger, the Crazy Bloodlord or Quinn Talen?”

“I mean, I don’t think that would answer our question, but I think it would at least be an entertaining fight.”

*** *** ***

Eventually, the event for the day came to an end as the night sky enveloped the Earth, and people were starting to leave their seats. But nevertheless, they would be coming back tomorrow, as there was still one final day of the event, and the crowd was going with their hearts thumping with excitement for what was to come.

There were many strong contestants, one from Pure who had reached four waves, and even a dhampir had entered to test their skills, showing beautiful swordsmanship.

However, in the end, there were a total of four stand out contestants, and five contestants had proven themselves by defeating all five waves of Al robots in a row.

Jake Green, whose performance went as expected once they had heard he was entering. Then there was the AAA rank traveller Icas, who originally was one of the favourites to win the event. The two robbed vampires, one who was claiming to be Quinn Talen and the other showing off the special shadow powers.

It was another shocking event, which made those assume that the vampire was a guardian working for the red vampires, but the crowd wasn’t scared. After all, there was only one of them, while there were plenty here who supported the Green family.

Finally, there was the Crazy Bloodlord. These five will be returning tomorrow for the final event.

What it entailed, no one really knew, but even without knowing, everyone was sure to return tomorrow.

However, one contestant wasn’t free to leave as he wished. When Quinn’s look-alike tried to return to his room, he found himself locked in the room itself. Then, as the crowd left and the door was finally opened, the other side didn’t look the same as when he entered.

The hallway had changed, and there was only one path as if it was leading him down a particular way. Seeing this, Quinn’s look-alike just sighed. He walked down the hallway and eventually could see the light at the end.

Stepping into the light, he entered a room where there were seat refurbishments and more, and on top of that, several people were waiting for him as expected.

“Vincent,” The first person to speak was Logan, “The jig is up. Muka and I know that it’s you, and we have many questions to ask you.”

The Quinn’s look-alike was indeed Vincent. He first looked at the faces of the people in the room, and upon finding that the person he wanted to meet wasn’t there, he pursed his lips and sat down on the sofa opposite everyone else.

“Oh, how the times have changed. I never thought that I would be on this side of the sofa, being interrogated by you.”

“It was always me helping you young ones back then, and now look how much power you have.” Vincent replied, not denying it was him.

“Before that, I have something I need to ask you guys, and it’s crucial.”

“Judging by the fact that Peter is standing here, it’s safe to assume that means Quinn has also returned. So, where is he?”

The others looked at each other with traces of guilt on their faces. Because the truth was, they didn’t know where Quinn was, but until a few days ago, they did. In the end, Logan explained what they knew of Quinn to him and told him everything they knew.

“This is very unfortunate. I made my move to call him, hoping to attract his attention.”

Vincent sighed, “I thought if someone was pretending to be him, he would have come after me.”

“I didn’t realise I would be too late, and that high energy the other day that was him… we need to find Quinn.”

It was nice to know that the person in front of them wasn’t the enemy, but although they agreed they needed to find Quinn, they had no idea how to find him while attempting to continue his other goal of finding the red vampires.

“Quinn will return to us. We are trying to help Quinn find the red vampires. He said he is looking for the vampire Layla,” Jessica replied.

“Layla? He’s still thinking about her after all this time?” Vincent looked surprised. “Well, either way, would like to avoid the Red vampires as much as possible.”

Hearing this, Logan stood up because he felt like there was a double meaning behind those words.

“Vincent..does this mean? Do you really have it… the red heart?” Logan asked.

Red Heart was the item that the Red vampires, Pure, and everyone in the world were looking for.


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