My Vampire System ​Chapter 1734: Lookalike

The grand event was still going on, with Peter having already cleared the third wave of AI robots and was about to go against the fourth. During his battles, people believed that the Crazy Bloodlord displayed his high-level skills.

This was because, so far, for every single one of the robots he had gone up against, he defeated them in one punch, and now it looked almost as if he was trying his best to avoid them.

Peter easily avoided all incoming attacks from the robots while making sure only to go for offence as the last option, and the crowd didn’t mind this change of pace at all. On the contrary, they thought it was a clear display of one’s skills, because the participant was now showing his speed and confidence. When, in truth, Peter was just buying time and delaying the round because of Logan’s request.

“These robots are really starting to get on my nerves.” Peter thought, avoiding an energy blast and a metallic fist from the right and left.

He needed not to get hit because sometimes it would cause problems in the transformation ability.

“Logan, whatever you are doing, please hurry up!”

*** *** ***

Meanwhile, in one of the booths where the contestants were waiting for their names to be called, Mitchell, Hannah and Lucia were in the room, and stood opposite them was someone who looked exactly like Quinn, the face they all saw in the statues.

“What do we do..?” Lucia asked.

“What do you mean?” Mitchell replied.

“We know the real Quinn is with us, which means the one in front of us must be a fraud. We have already had more than enough proof that our Quinn is the real one!”

Seeing an imposter in front of him was making Mitchell’s blood boil, and he was ready to attack as the blood aura started to cover his hand. The girls thought what Mitchell said made sense and were also getting ready to do battle.

“Wait… you guys know the real Quinn? He really is back!” The stranger was a bit confused upon hearing Mitchell’s words.

Ignoring the person in front of them so they won’t get confused or distracted, Mitchell swiped his hand, throwing out a blood swipe while also running forward, chasing after it.

Seeing this attack, Quinn’s look-alike covered his hand in blood aura and solidified it, so it made a type of small blade. Then, he slashed through the blood aura at the right time. His attack won out as Mitchell’s swipe was smashed to pieces.

However, Mitchell was somewhat expecting that, so he was ready with his fist throwing out a punch. But before he could though, Quinn’s look-alike knocked Mitchell’s hand in the air, making the blood strike to hit a wall. He then grabbed his hand and twisted it while getting behind Mitchell.

A lightning bolt came straight towards Quinn’s look alike, who had no choice but to throw a kick out since his hands were still holding onto Mitchell, restraining him up. A long straight line of blood aura had hit the lighting strike perfectly.

Then there was Hannah to deal with. She had her two blood daggers, but before she could move much, Mitchell’s body was already being hurled towards her with great strength, hitting her in the stomach and sending her flying back.

“You guys should really listen before you act,” The Quinn’s look-alike said, “Look, if you guys know who Quinn is, then just tell him that I have come. I’m sure it will clear up the misundersta…”

Before the Quinn’s look-alike could finish his sentence, the others regrouped, and Mithcell was also ready to transform, clearly seeing that this vampire’s blood aura was strong, incredibly strong. In fact, if he had met this person first before the real Quinn, he was starting to think that he would be fooled.

However, time had run out.

“The Crazy Bloodlord has successfully defeated all five waves!” Then, they heard an announcement from outside. “Now, it is time to bring out our next contestant!”

The door to the arena began to open. Quickly picking up the robe himself, Quinn’s look-alike was ready to cover himself and leave the place. Mitchell had prepared his blood rifle even though he didn’t have time to transform.

Still, the Quinn’s look-alike had rapidly fired out several blood swipes heading toward all the three of them. The group had to concentrate on blocking the attack in front of them, and during that time, the Quinn’s look-alike had already left and was out on the field.

At the last second, the blood swipes started to move as if being controlled, and during that time, all of them had hit the ground rather than the three.

“That..was blood control!” Hannah was surprised, “It must have been a bluff attack in the first place. I guess he really wasn’t trying to hurt us.”

The others had quickly realised this as well, but the question was if the Quinn’s look-alike didn’t have any hostile intentions, why was he pretending to be Quinn, and for what purpose?

*** *** ***

When being called out with the name Quinn Talen, the Quinn’s look-alike had received many boos from the crowd. Many didn’t like a random person using Hero Quinn’s reputation for attention.

Regardless, the new rounds had started, and the first wave with one of the black Ai robots started to head towards the hooded Vampire who stood at the centre of the arena.

As it came close, that was when the robbed figure held out his arm, just pointing it in the Robot’s direction. The Robot was fast, faster than many beasts and could reach speed beyond that of vampires as well.

It was the reason why Logan would use them in combat, but the Vampire in question was aware of this fact, which was why he was waiting for the right moment as he made a pistol with his fingers. And after a few moments, the Vampire fired a blood bullet from the tip of his index finger, and it went right through the hard exterior of the black AI Robot, damaging some of the circuits inside.

The Robot’s head flung back a little, but the attack wasn’t enough to beat the Robot or put it out of action.

“I just wanted to slow it down a little bit.” Quinn’s look-alike thought as he threw his other hand right towards the Robot’s stomach. In this hand, he had been gathering a ball of red aura, almost the size of a basketball.

When it hit the Robot, the ball started to spin in all sorts of directions, and because of the great force, the Robot also spun. Eventually, the Robot was sent flying through the air with the ball of red vampire aura.

The attack didn’t destroy the Robot, but its parts were falling out of the sky. Seeing this, the robbed man then closed his fist, and at the same time, the ball of energy exploded, and with it, the Robot was blown to pieces and seen falling to the sky.

After witnessing the action, the boos from the crowd had died out, and there were even a few claps.

“That was amazing; I’ve never seen a vampire have such blood control before!”

“I know he’s not Quinn, but he’s surely a powerful vampire.”

The crowd was starting to turn, and before the second wave had begun, the robed figure had started to do something. He placed his hand on his robe, gripped it tightly and threw it off from his body, revealing his face to the whole world.

The camera showed footage of a close up of the person’s face, and everyone now could see in the middle of the arena that there was a Quinn’s look alike.

“Computer, do a matching trace right now!” Logan shouted, seeing the person on his screen.

Immediately, the computer stated that the face of the person on the stage matched 99.9% with the real Quinn’s face.

“This can only mean one of two things. It’s either a vampire who has a transformation ability or finally… finally, for some reason, Vincent is here!” Logan thought.


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