My Vampire System ​Chapter 1733: Enter the Tower

The Tower didn’t look to be in any worse state than before, but still, everyone had seen the outer shield of the tower break, which was no easy feat, and many were more shocked by the person who had attacked the Tower.

Seeing how everyone was acting around him, Quinn thought it would be best if he clarified himself a little to them, so they didn’t have to worry.

“Don’t worry, everyone. I just decided to return the favour to the one that tried to attack me.” Quinn explained, also making sure the celestial energy in his body started to fade away.

“I don’t intend to bring any harm to the people, and don’t worry about the tower guards either because they won’t be looking for me here since I will be entering the tower myself.”

With such an attack, it was clear to everyone that the Tower wouldn’t just stand by. They would certainly try and do something against this stranger that had entered their city. Hearing that Quinn would be going into the Tower put relief on their face, which meant it was best if Quinn was to get a move on quickly.

“Thank you for all your help Geo. I will clear up this misunderstanding.” Quinn said, waving to him.

The crowd soon made a path on the way to the Tower, allowing for Quinn to walk forward. Everyone knew where he was heading to.

The truth was, Gina, who had called him over, wanted to run forward, hug Quinn and thank him for what he had done, but even she was scared a little by this stranger’s powers. So instead, she just thanked him inwardly for helping out Geo.

“Wait, Quinn!” A distressed voice shouted from behind, and Geo could be seen standing on his two feet.

By now, he was mostly recovered from his injuries, which told Quinn that Amra also seemed to have regenerative abilities. However, it didn’t seem anywhere near that of a vampire, it was still several times better than humans.

“I… I want to come with you. I don’t know what you are planning to do, but I need to see it for myself with my own two eyes.”

Although what Geo said was true, he had his own selfish reasons for going with Quinn. After learning of what he could be, of the reason he would be here Geo felt like there was a good chance that there would be a change within the Amra race, and he wanted to witness that change with his own eyes.

“I have no say in what you wish to do. I have just told you where I will be going and what I will be doing.”

“I believe that you would know the risks of that better than anyone else here. In the end, the choice is yours.” Quinn stated.

Hearing this, Geo started to walk over, and without any further talks, the two of them began to walk towards the Tower. Seeing how Geo was also going with the stranger caused the city folk to start to murmur between each other.

“Geo is planning to climb the Tower again? Does that mean this time he will become a Tower Guard?”

“Maybe he just wishes to see how far that strange person can get?”

“Or he feels responsible. Responsible for bringing that person into the city in the first place.”

“He will feel like he has to stay by his side, especially if that person is challenging the Tower. That is just the type of person Geo is.”

Whether they agreed or disagreed with what Geo was doing, no one tried to stop the two of them. They knew that they wouldn’t even survive if they had the chance.

“WAIT!!” Another voice shouted from behind, and to everyone’s surprise, even Quinn’s, the one who had called out was Nock.

“I wish to come with you as well. No, I must go with you. The truth was… I initially came back here because I was stuck, I could not rise through the Tower, so I wanted to ask Geo to climb with me again.”

“It’s just when you overpowered me, something had taken over me, a fit of jealousy that I didn’t know I had, but I have always done better. I have always reached new heights when I have been by your side, Geo.”

“Please, I’m sorry for what I have done. Nothing I can say can change that, but I beg you to let me speak to the great man by your side to take me along with you.”

Geo himself was a little stunned, unsure about what to do. He looked over to Quinn, who just nodded, telling him that the decision was up to him. To everyone around, the decision was clear as day.

“You can come, Nock.” Geo replied.

There were audible gasps as they heard Geo’s reply, but in the end, they remembered that this was Geo they were talking about. He was never a normal Amra like the rest of them.

“Me accepting that you can come with us means you are now my responsibility, do you understand that?” Geo asked.

“Your actions will be the actions of mine in front of Quinn. I don’t wish to cause him any trouble. So I am gambling a lot by trusting your words.”

Running over, Nock slid across the floor on his knees and placed his head on the ground, thanking them. After that, the three of them left the neighbourhood and headed in a certain direction.

The kids who had played football with Quinn started to follow them. As they followed through the neighbourhood, more and more Amra, interested in what was happening, joined the fray.

“What is going on?” One of the Amra asked upon seeing the commotion.

“That man, that strange-looking small man, was the one who attacked the Tower. He’s going to challenge it now!”

As these words spread, the number of Amra following them also increased, but Quinn decided to ignore them because he was focused just on one goal ahead. While heading to the Tower, the group did make a particular stop, and that was at Dober’s Shop.

“What the hell is going on?” Dober thought as he saw the alleyway was filled with people. It didn’t take him long to put things together based on the events so far.

“I am heading to the Tower, and I will try to get the item you need, at the same time, if there is anything else you need in the Tower, just let me know.”

“I will be happy to get it for you. You don’t need to come with me, but I thought I would ask and inform you.” Quinn said.

The Dober shook his head but couldn’t help but smile.

“It has been a long time since I have felt this level of excitement. I see you somehow also managed to get Geo to come along with you. How could I miss this opportunity?” The man put up all four of his thumbs. “Bring me along.”

Now with Dober in the group, the group had eventually reached the entrance of the Tower. There was a long walkway towards it that looked somewhat like a bridge, but it wasn’t over any water body and on the other end, there was a large door.

When walking across the bridge, the people no longer followed them as they stopped and remained on their side of the bridge. Some wished the four of them luck, while a few even wondered how long these four would survive in the Tower.

“The two of us could enter the 10th floor and wait for you there, but I would like to see what you’ve got, kid,” Dober said, talking about himself and Nock.

“This tower, how long does it usually take to complete a floor?” Quinn asked.

“That completely depends on you.” Dober replied.

“There are floors that can take days, weeks, and there are even bottlenecks for people on certain floors.”

“Sometimes they can’t complete them for years before eventually breaking through and climbing even higher in the Tower, So keep that in mind, but I am sure you don’t have to worry too much.”

Listening to these words, Quinn slightly nodded and glanced at the three Amra in front of him.

“You guys have done this before, but still, I will let all of you know right now that I want to climb the Tower fast because I plan to get to the top within a day.”


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