My Vampire System Chapter 1730: Reason for being here.

Following their captain’s orders, the guards immediately headed towards Geo. They pulled his arms behind his back and pushed him onto the ground by kicking him behind his knees. The guards doing this weren’t firm with their arrest though, and Geo noticed that they were looking around at the people.

“They’re uncomfortable with doing this.” Geo noticed. “That means, even they didn’t know that damn Nock would do this.”

Still, it wasn’t like Geo would try to fight the guards because he knew it would only worsen the situation. Even if he had the strength to fight all of these, he couldn’t defeat the Sedi Rank people, who had reached the 25th floor of the Tower.

“Nock, what are you doing? Ever heard when you said that you wouldn’t punish me for our little spar.” Geo said.

“The tower guards aren’t supposed to abuse their power like this. There are a lot of witnesses that saw what happened.”

Nock still felt a strange feeling inside him after losing in front of everyone.

“I trained so hard in that Tower, pushed myself to the brink, but I couldn’t even get past the 13th floor. But why did you come back to this damned town with how much talent you have!”

Nock just didn’t understand Geo’s actions and wished that the two of them could trade bodies. When looking at Geo, especially after the fight and confirming his strength, Nock felt annoyed that someone was giving up this gift they had.

Clenching his fist, he walked up to Geo, and while the others had him held, he suddenly threw one of his fists, hitting Geo right across the head, causing a fracture in his skin to appear on his cheek.

“Shut up,” Nock said.

“I’m the one in the higher position now. I’m the one who is in charge of you and this neighbourhood. I worked hard, and earned this position, so you have no right to criticise what I do!”

“Witnesses? Witnesses to what, everything I have done is according to the Tower’s rules. If you don’t like it, change your fate by entering the Tower and rising above me!”

The more Nock spoke, the more frustrated he was and swung another fist, striking Geo on the other cheek.

After recovering, Geo looked up at Nock with a glint in his eye.

“You have changed, Nock. What are you doing? Did you get into this position just to be a bully?!”

“Are you just taking out your frustration on me because you have reached I your limit in the Tower, or maybe someone else is stomping on you in the Tower, so now you are doing it to-” Before Geo could finish his sentence, Nock was hit again and again.

Nock swung one arm after another, all aiming and punching Geo just in the ahead, and for the first time, through the cracks on the Amra skin, a light pink substance had come out, which was Amra’s blood.

Due to their hard exterior, it was rare for them to see an Amra bleed, and seeing one in front of them, they knew that Geo had to be in incredible pain. Still, the punches didn’t stop there, and the guards were losing their grip on Geo, hoping that he would do something.

They hoped that Geo would fight back or run away, but he did nothing and stayed on his knees, taking hit after hit, until most of his upper body and even the ground beneath his knees was covered with pink blood.

“What is this? Why isn’t anyone doing anything?”

Gina thought, who was watching by the sidelines but could see the horror look on the others faces. Of course, they wanted to help, but what could they do?

“Is there anyone that can stop him, maybe if we ran to the tower and requested someone inside or met another captain?”

While thinking about it though, a certain image appeared in her head. It was a stupid one, but she was willing to try anything.

“I have to go.” Gina thought.

Slowly, she snuck out of the crowd of people and started to run off somewhere, in the same direction from which Geo had just come back.

“Will you look at that,” Nock said, huffing and panting. “Even the guards don’t want to touch you. Come on, get up; let’s have a rematch.”

Geo was using everything he had just to stay conscious, and speaking would have resulted in a lot of pain, but he did do one thing; raising his head, he stared at Nock, and after a few moments, he shook his head a little in disappointment.

“STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!” Nock shouted, giving another punch, this time with two of his arms. It looked like it would be a big one.

“STOP!” Another voice shouted, and the sound of something could be seen going through the air. Turning around, Nock could see that it was a ball. With his other two hands, he caught it and managed to stop the ball but was pushed back slightly to the ground.

“Did someone just try to attack me?” Nock asked as he let go of the ball, allowing it to drop to the ground in place, and there he could see an Amra child.

“Solace? What does he think he’s doing? He’s going to get killed!” One of the kids slowly whispered.

“You’re a disgrace!” Solace said.

“Every one of us looks up to those in the tower; we dream of becoming like them and changing our lives, but seeing you, no one wants to become like you.”

“I hate that you were someone who came from our neighbourhood!”

Nock started to walk towards Solace but only managed a step before Geo grabbed him by the arm. “He’s just a kid. Leave him out of this!”

Pushing on the arm, Geo managed to pull himself up from the ground and threw a punch. His body was weak and slow, allowing Nock to move to the side. As soon as he dodged the punch, Nock clenched his fist and threw another punch at Geo, sending him to the ground.

“Come on, get up, get up!” Nock said.

“Show me how useless I am. Show me I’m the one in the wrong when you are on the ground, and I’m the one standing here!”

Geo lifted his head once more but could only look at Nock. Who decided, again, to turn and head for the boy.

“You got good legs on you to kick a ball that much. Maybe you would have become a Tower Guard someday, but it’s a shame you will never be able to use your legs again.”

At that moment, pushing through the crowds of people, Gina had returned to see what was happening. She quickly figured out what most likely had happened. Turning her head, she soon saw another ball on the ground.

“I have to save Solace!” She thought as she ran up to the ball.

The others could see what she was about to do, another ball would end up going towards Nock, but the people believed that it just meant there soon would be two dead children. Readying her leg, she pulled it back and was about to rip it out and smash the ball.

Just as her foot reached the very top, she saw another figure standing next to her.

“What the…”

His foot moved faster than hers, and as soon as it hit the ball, it sounded as if a cannon had gone off. The ball flew through the air and hit Nock right in the head, throwing him to the side and giving him a shock.

Turning around, Solace could see Gina standing there.

“Gina… you did that?” ʀᴇᴀᴅ ʟᴀᴛᴇsᴛ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀᴛ ꜰʀᴇᴇᴡᴇʙɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ ᴏɴʟʏ.

In response, she shook her head, pointing to the person next to her. Lifting his head up, Geo saw a certain person and smiled even in pain while thinking, “Quinn… It looks like you are quite special after all.”

Slowly Quinn walked onto the soccer pitch. The aura around him blew away the small parts of dirt on the ground. His eyes were shining red as an aura shrouded his body.

The other guards quickly proceeded to apprehend the stranger who had entered the field. On the other side, sensing the blood on the ground, Quinn began to control it and brought it away from the ground towards his own hands.

“I won’t waste the blood you spilt, and I will use it to punish the ones that hurt you,” Quinn said as he opened the palm of his hand. Out came several small darts of blood, moving until it was just on top of their heads.

Quinn moved his hand down, and the blood followed. Each drop of blood had hit the top of the Guards head’s, and instantly they all slammed into the ground, each of their bodies creating a large crater on the floor.

Now on the soccer field, Quinn was the only one standing and had all eyes on him.

“You sent me here to teach me a lesson. I have thought about it ever since I got here. You wanted to show me how weak humans were, right? You want to show me how out in the vast universe, there are those stronger than us, right?”

“Well, screw you, Bliss. Let me show you my strength.”


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