My Vampire System ​Chapter 1728: All Answears!

“Thanks for playing with the kids. They seemed very satisfied after you played along with them. I hope they didn’t go overboard with their pranks. These kids can be a bit too much sometimes.”

Geo said as the two of them walked out of the small neighbourhood-like village and headed into the city to another location, where Quinn might have the answer to his questions.

“It’s okay, I managed to learn a lot from them, and they seemed like good kids,” Quinn replied.

“I learned a bit about the Tower too, and I can’t deny that I am quite curious about it. They told me all the great things about the Tower and how their life would have been different if they were there.”

“They even said you got up to the tenth level, if you don’t mind, would you tell me why you didn’t become a Tower guard?”

Since Geo was helping him, Quinn thought if there was any way to help Geo within his ability, he would gladly help him. After all, that’s just how Quinn was.

“The Tower, huh,” Geo softly spoke as if deep in thought and eventually began to answer.

“The Tower is a dream for many of the Amra raceIn fact, I don’t know a single person whose dream isn’t to one day enter the Tower.”

“However, not everyone has the strength to enter, and many of those that couldn’t make it past the first floor know that. Because of the Tower, I believe our race can’t evolve past what it currently is.”

“Everyone acts extremely selfish. All with the goal of improving their life, they have forgotten about the others around them, and it was the same for my best friend, Nock.”

“The two of us were orphaned after our parents died trying to enter the Tower.”

“However, our neighbourhood took us in and looked after us. They fed us, and helped us stand on our feet.”

“Since then, the two of us had been training, fighting beasts on the outside and doing all sorts of work, all to become a part of the Tower and accomplish what our parents failed to do and make their dream a reality.”

“The Tower was one of the most difficult things that the two of us did, and I think if we didn’t have each other’s back on each floor, perhaps we would have never made it to the Tenth floor.”

“However, we did it, but you see, there are certain rules for those in the Tower.”

“One is the most well-known rule that states that the people who successfully reach the tenth floor can invite their family to the Tower, to live with them.”

“You know, I was fighting for those who raised me and brought me up, but after reaching the Tenth floor, I was devastated when I found out that the Tower didn’t consider the neighbourhood as my family.”

“So in the end, I made my choice. Some may think I’m crazy, but I know that there are those that eventually leave the Tower.”

“You see, those that enter the Tower, including the guards, are always striving for more. They wish to get better and stronger, to climb the floors and reach a higher position.”

“I find that there is always something above you, and if you are always comparing yourself to those above, you can never be happy with what you got.”

“So I have chosen a simpler life that may not be for everyone, but seeing everyone in my neighbourhood, the smile on their faces, is enough for me.”

It was a touching tale, but judging by the fact that Quinn had heard of no one going by the name Nock in the neighbourhood they were in and from what the kids were saying before. It seemed like Geo’s friend didn’t think the same way and had chosen Tower life.

It was a shame, but honestly, with the way Quinn was, he didn’t think he could live the same way as Geo, to be satisfied with what he had. In fact, everything he had done was always for a better future, a better tomorrow for him, his friends and his family.

In a way, both Geo and Quinn were similar, but they were also stark opposites of each other at the same time. So while both of their goals were somewhat alike, their approach was different.

Eventually, it looked like Geo had brought Quinn to a shopping district, and down an alleyway, there was a sign for a weapons shop. Upon entering the shop, Quinn noticed that most of the items looked similar to the weapons that humans would use.

Although a few things looked more suited for this planet, like the certain weapons, which needed their four hands to hold them properly. Most of the items were dusty as they hung on the wall, but they weren’t all weapons. There looked to be other gadgets as well.

“I got excited there for a second, but then I saw it’s you. Did you break the knuckle protectors I gave you?”

“You know I can’t just keep repairing them for free for you, you’re going to have to pay me free for you, you’re going to have to pay me somehow?”

The voice had come from an old man behind the counter. He had deep wrinkles on his face, but his body looked just as large, fit and functioning as the other Amra. It was also hard to judge the man’s age if it wasn’t for the wrinkles.

Finally, the old man looked up from his counter and laid his eyes on Quinn. Then, adjusting his strange monocle spectacle, he started to twist and turn it, allowing him to get a closer look at Quinn.

“Are you… An alien?” The old man asked.

“Um, yes, I am not from here, and it’s actually why Geo introduced me to you, sir.”

“I was wondering, do you know of a planet called Earth, and if so, is there a way for me to get there somehow?” Quinn asked.

The excitement in the man’s eyes lit up, and he jumped over the counter using two of his arms, landing on the ground.

“You are from a different place? Another planet? Your planet must not have as many troubles as ours based on your mass and size”

“To be able to create such weak things after all this time.” The old man was rambling. “Please, what is your technology like? Tell me about your home.”

Seeing this, Geo couldn’t help but laugh.

“Quinn, this is Dober. He also used to be a part of the tower, but he gave up climbing a long time ago and instead set his sights on what was outside and around the world. There aren’t many creators or blacksmiths like him on the city level. At least not good ones like Dober here. I’m hoping that he can help you in your journey.”

It looked like Geo was getting ready to leave as he lifted the ragged curtain that blocked the doorway.

“Where are you going, Geo? I haven’t thanked you yet,” Quinn asked.

“My people need me, I caught lunch, but I must go out and catch more beasts for dinner now. Dober is a good man, and if he can’t help you, then no one can.”

“Besides, he likes to ramble when he is excited, and I’m sure he has many questions for you. Who knows, you might even still be talking to him by the time I get back.” Geo smiled.

“You know where I will be if you need me again.” Then glancing at Dober, he added, “Look after him!!!”

With that, Geo was gone before Quinn really could do anything for him. Still, Dober seemed more than interested in Quinn and, as Geo said, was asking him questions nonstop. Nearly all of them were about the technology that humans had.

The thing was, Quinn wasn’t really the right person to explain this stuff. He knew a few things from Vincent and Logan but not enough to detail how they worked to help out Dober.

Finally, after Dober was content with the answers, Quinn could ask for his request.

“Ah yes, so you are looking for a ship that will be able to fly into space or a communication device of some kind?” Dober repeated.

“Well, I’ll be honest, there are a few problems with that. First, if we can create a spaceship, I doubt anyone knows where Earth is.”

“However, the first problem will be the spaceship itself. Yes, we have created ships, but they are located inside the tower for important personnel.”

“I have most of the parts from collecting scrap over the years, but some of the main components to make it work are stored in the tower.”

“Since I’m an ex-member of the tower, I could go tomorrow and head to the tenth floor to ask if anyone has those parts, but I don’t have the funds to pay for them. Still, it will be the first step.”

“Go to the tower? Is there any chance that I can come with you?” Quinn asked.

Dober’s eyes went wide when he heard the question.

“Since you have never been in the tower before, you are not allowed up to the tenth floor, you would have to start from the first floor, and I’m afraid that would be the death of you, young one.”


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