My Vampire System ​Chapter 1727: God’s Tower

The soccer match continued, and eventually, the kids on the Solace team stopped trying to get the ball from the other side. It might sound a bit confusing but they were literally letting their opponent through, allowing the other team to take shots at goal because what they were seeing wasn’t something they had ever seen before. Right before their eyes, they witnessed the skills of a legendary goalkeeper.

Using his speed, eyesight, prediction, reflexes and strength, Quinn was able to stop every single incoming shot, and he did so with ease. In the end, the kids looked to have given up on the team Vs team match, and even those on the Solace team were just shooting balls toward Quinn, to watch him block the ball.

It was truly a sight to behold for the kids because they themselves knew how near-impossible it was to block all goals.

“This is amazing, not even the adults can block every single one of our hits, and this person is so small; how is this possible?” One of the Amra said.

“Who is Quinn? Is he a famous soccer player or something? Wait, he’s a beast, right? What is he?” Solace thought.

After playing for a while and still not being able to score any goal against Quinn, the kids were tired and decided to take a break for a while. Honestly, Quinn welcomed it as he shook his arms that were becoming slightly sore from the repeated hits.

The kids were taking their shots with more and more strength every time. Although, Quinn did get used to one thing: gravity. He could pretty much move as fast as he could do before, or at least comparable to when he was on Earth. During the break, the kids couldn’t stop asking Quinn certain questions.

“How could you stop our balls so easily, especially since you look so weak?” Gina asked.

“Yeah, even the adults are afraid to block mine and Gina’s shots, but you took them on no problem at all. Only Geo has ever done that.” Solace asked.

“Ah, that, well, where I’m from, we have a similar game, and I have good reflexes,” Quinn replied.

“Speaking of Geo, earlier, you said he was the only-one that would be able to stop your shots; he must be quite strong compared to the others then, right?” Quinn asked.

While saying this, Quinn looked at Geo and could see how the others around him respected him a lot. The other adults were showering him with gifts. It was clear he was special, at least in this neighbourhood.

“Of course, Geo is strong,” Gina said.

“He’s strong enough to go to the Tower and become a tower soldier, but instead of living a good life in the Tower, he decided to stay with us and look after everyone. Geo’s the best.”

“Yeah!” The other kids agreed. It looked like Quinn’s opinion of Geo was right. He really was a naturally good person.

“Do you guys mind telling me more about this tower, and we can play again after that?” Quinn asked.

The kids were happy to answer Quinn’s questions, and he had learnt a lot from them. First, the Tower was where their God resided, the one that was the ruler of the land and the city. At the same time, it was where only certain Amra were allowed to live.

According to the children, all Amra wished to live in the Tower, and at any point in time, they could try to climb the Tower, but climbing the Tower wasn’t easy, even if it was something anyone could attempt to do many lost their lives in trying to climb it.

Each floor was filled with dangerous tasks and trials, making it hard for a person to move up. If a person could pass the first ten floors out of the hundred, they would be allowed to live on the tenth floor.

Not just them but their family would be able to live there. Life in the Tower was easy and is a lot more luxurious than outside. It is a common goal for the children to enter the Tower and reach the tenth floor at least.

Those who have reached the tenth floor sometimes come out and are known as the Tower guards. They also kept order and controlled the city. It was their job.

According to them, there were higher positions than that in the Tower as well, reaching levels 25, 50, 80 and 90. Reaching these floors presented one with a better quality of life. The floor themselves would have no trials on the specific floor and were the living area for those ranks.

Then, there was the 100th floor, where their God resided. For as long as the Amra can remember, they have only had one leader, and no one has been able to reach the 100th floor and live. This had always been the same for them, and no one had ever replaced their God.

“Even on a planet off in the distance like this one, they have a hierarchy. I guess things don’t change no matter where you are…”Quinn thought.

“Then, why did Geo not choose to become a Tower guard and live in the tower, If life is so much better there?” Quinn asked.

“We’re not sure,” Gina replied.

“All we know is he took the test with another person from this neighbourhood. It was Geo’s best friend, Nock. In the end, Nock became part of the tower guard while Geo returned to us.”

“Maybe it would be best to ask Geo himself. Perhaps he knows something about the tower that the others don’t since he has entered it before.”

“What I am concerned about is the amount of celestial energy I can feel. It’s a lot, just too much. Which makes me wonder what condition he has that he’s been fulfilling.” Quinn thought.

The match had started again. And Quinn continued to be the amazing goalkeeper he was, but it was short-lived, as the food was finally ready. Geo called everyone over, and they all started to dig in, including all the hungry little kids.

From what he had learnt, the Amra people had to hunt their own food and feast on the beasts that lived here. Which was something that humans weren’t able to do—something about the energy in their body.

In fact, shortly after the humans removed a crystal from the beast, the body would deteriorate quickly unless a forger did something to preserve it quickly.

Quinn didn’t feel quite hungry, so instead, he decided to use this time to climb up and try to get a full scope of the city and sense if any of these guards had celestial energy. Meanwhile, the others continued to eat the good food.

“So, did you guys have fun with Quinn? You didn’t play too rough with him, I hope.” Geo asked.

“What rough? Quinn was amazing; we have never seen someone so strong before!” One of them answered.

“Oh.” An older woman raised an eyebrow. “I guess you can bother someone else to be the goalkeeper for both Gina and Solace then.”

“Haha, I doubt that.” Geo laughed.

“Both Gina and Solace are soccer prodigies. I can only take a few shots from them before my arms start to give up. Their ball becomes a weapon from their kicks.”

Both Gina and Solace looked at each other at that moment.

“How long were we playing for?”

“About an hour.” Another adult replied.

Thinking about it, the two knew that Geo wasn’t joking. He really did have to stop being in goal for their shots after around half an hour. Geo was also the only person at whom they could kick the ball with full strength, but with Quinn, they hadn’t held back either.

It seemed like none of the other kids had realised this, but the two of them did, and as they looked at Quinn on top of the roof, shivers started to run down their rocky backs as they thought about just how strong this stranger was.

“Hmm… that Tower… l wonder…” Quinn thought.


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