My Vampire System ​Chapter 1726: Four or Two

It was somewhat as Quinn had imagined it would be. The city that Quinn was currently in felt like he had leapt back through time.

There were crudely made stone-like structures for buildings, although a lot bigger than human houses.

Then, there were blacksmiths, and market places outside in the streets, while also having a community-like feel all around the area.

The Amra race were very friendly to each other, as they all waved and said hi to Geo.

It was amazing as they could do tasks with two hands while also greeting each other with the others.

On top of that, there was something else Quinn noticed: the Amra females.

They had human-like structures, and they were muscular like giant women.

The women looked more human as they had two hands rather than four like their male counterparts.

However, they had four large breasts in two separate rows of each other.

Their clothing covered up most of their breasts, but Quinn could tell they had nothing underneath to support them, which was causing him to be quite distracted.

“You’re quite the little pervert, I see. I guess you humans are true warriors like us as well.” Geo said.

“No, it’s not that… I mean… it is, but it’s just there so big… and so… our women don’t look like this.” Quinn replied.

He thought that since he changed and became a Celestial, he wouldn’t feel embarrassed, but it looked like he could.

At first, Quinn was getting quite a bit of attention. There were many looking at him, but it was mostly the females. He didn’t have his charm skill active, but apparently, his good looks could even transpire races.

“You have a handsome face, so the women seem to like you, but I’m afraid if they ever were to lay you, all of your bones would be crushed in seconds.”

“It’s a good thing you are small. As expected, no one is paying you any bother or attention” Geo explained.

“They can’t imagine you would be a threat to them.”

Although some people may have found it offensive, Quinn quickly realised that it was just how Geo was, he was direct with his thoughts and was speaking his mind.

Right now, the two of them were heading to Geo’s home, his neighbourhood that was located in a part of the city, but Quinn couldn’t help looking at the large tower, wondering what was inside.

“Geo, Geo, Geo!” The sound of several high pitched voices was heard, and turning his head, Quinn could see what he could only guess where Amra kids running up to Geo.

There were around fifteen of them, all giving Geo a big hug, and some even punching his legs and back.

It was strange because, with each impact, Quinn could hear how heavy the blows were, but he imagined that the kids were just playing.

“On top of their great strength, it looks like they also have solid bodies. This is quite the impressive race.” Quinn thought.

After playing and greeting the kids back, Geo turned around to Quinn.

“Sorry about this. I just need to make a quick stop. Once I get my little neighbourhood all sorted, we can head a couple of streets down.”

“There’s A knowledgeable ex-Tower worker who might know about your kind.”

Seeing that Geo was talking to Quinn, all of the kids started to peek and looked at Quinn. Soon, they rushed over with stars in their eyes.

“What is it? What did you bring back with you? Is this to eat as well!!” One of the kids asked.

Although they were kids, the Amra kids were the size of a fully regular adult human, so it was quite the frightening image seeing around ten of them storm toward Quinn.

“Careful… he is something I picked up while hunting. He is intelligent and can talk, but be careful otherwise you might break him.”Geo explained.

Because of this, the kids started to poke Quinn instead, feeling his soft and fluffy exterior that was completely different to theirs, and soon they began to ask questions.

Seeing that Quinn seemed to be okay, Geo went ahead and started to call all the adults out.

They were amazed by the big catch he had received, and it looked like all the others in the neighbourhood were now helping cook the giant fish. Eventually, the kids started to play a game of soccer.

They had grown bored of Quinn but invited him to play, although they were a little worried that he might not be able to kick the ball.

When the ball was brought out, Quinn could now understand why they were concerned.

Dropping the ball, the ground around it shook for a second. It had to at least weigh 300 kg and was made of solid rock.

“Okay, but how do we do fair teams? I mean, whoever has Quinn will be at a disadvantage.” Gina said.

“We will just have to do numbers!” Another boy called Solace replied.

A random number was given to all those that would be playing in the game, and then the two captains would have to pick random numbers, deciding who would be on their team.

This way, the one ending up with Quinn couldn’t really complain; it was just their luck.

“Ah man, this sucks!” Solace replied as he looked at Quinn in disappointment.

“Okay, skinny, do you mind just staying in goal for the game. At least for the first half and then I’ll get someone to swap with you later.”

“I know it sucks being in goal, but Gina’s won the last two games, and because we’re the best players, we can’t really be on the same team.”

There honestly was no need for them to explain. Quinn was happy to be in goal. This was just a kid’s game in the first place

He was just wasting time until Geo had finished cooking, and he was wondering if he could get some answers from the kids.

Kids often were more honest than adults, and they could maybe tell him more about the tower and the one that resides in it.

The game started, and the Amra kids were kicking the heavy ball like it was a regular soccer ball.

Just from the sports they played, one would tell how powerful they were, and this version of the sport was more brutal.

While having the ball, it looked like the arms were free to use their brute strength to push the others out of the way with their arms, so strength was a big part of the sport.

Eventually, Solace had gotten into the strike zone. He kicked the ball hard and fast, and it looked to have broken the sound barrier as a little dust cloud was made.

The goalkeeper, on the other side, readied all of his hands and put them out, stopping the ball from crossing the line.

“Damn it, I just realised something,” Solace said.

“Our goalkeeper only has two arms. He’s at a serious disadvantage. Maybe putting him in goal wasn’t a good idea after all.”

It was too late, as the goalkeeper threw the ball, and it landed right by Gina’s feet.

She ran ahead and spun forwards, knocking over two defenders, pushing them out of the way.

She had her eyes set on the goal, and when ready, she readied her leg, giving it her all, basting the ball.

The ball went just as fast as when Solace hit it.

“Gina, what are you doing? If that ball hits him, it might kill him!” Solace shouted.

His original intention of putting Quinn in goal was for the other side to take an easy, but it didn’t seem like Gina would be doing that.

Everyone looked in horror as the heavy ball went straight at Quinn, but Quinn just held out his hand and stopped the ball with his palm open in place, not even skidding across the ground a single inch.

“I’m still not quite used to the gravity, but I can still see the ball very clearly, and I’m not a normal human or vampire.” Quinn smiled.

“This is good training, but you’re going to have to kick the ball harder and faster than that to make it worth my while.”


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