My Vampire System ​Chapter 1725: The imposter Quinn

The confident air, the long hair, and the absurd strength were enough to beat the event’s favourite with a single hit. It now all made sense that the one behind it all was the infamous Crazy Bloodlord.

His image had been burned into many minds that day, and now they were seeing him again, and so soon at that, at another widely publicised event. The people couldn’t stop trying to guess just what was Crazy Bloodlord’s goal.

“What is this guy planning? How is he coming out of nowhere and turning up like this.”

“I don’t know, but it’s kinda cool, right? I mean, no one knows about this vampire, and if he’s here, he must be interested in the reward related to Hero Quinn.”

“What if he attacks everyone in the stadium or summons that dragon on us? Relax, didn’t you watch all those reports carefully.”

“That guy didn’t harm a single reporter, and even then, it looked like he was trying to talk to the Chained We all know what the Chained were like, and their reputation was well-deserved.”

“That vampire was just being a romantic, trying to save that Jessica girl from her wedding. So I think him being here is nothing to worry about, and I hope we get to see him a bit more.”

The reaction was primarily positive, as there were loud cheers for the Crazy Bloodlord. After all, they just wanted to see a show, and during the Chained event, they could not directly see how strong he was.

Now, this was their chance. Peter stood silently with his arms crossed, not reacting to the crowd’s response because he didn’t like this idea as much as Muka had suggested.

However, he understood they were taking Vorden’s advice to spread a name as a significant consideration for this plan.

A new name of the Crazy Bloodlord was something that people would support and come together for, and he would become a hope for the people once again. What Peter didn’t like was the fact that he was a fake.

“Quinn, all of this should be you; you never got to reap the rewards for the sacrifices you make.”

“You never got to feel this satisfaction from the general public for everything you have done for them.”

After the introductions were over, each contestant was instructed to wait in a certain area.

They all had their own rooms around the edge of the stadium, just under where the seats currently were.

Finally, it was time for the event to start.

“Let’s see which contestants will be able to get through the first five waves!” Vicky shouted, and the others roared in response.

The Al would randomly call out the participants’ names, after which they were to take centre stage.

Vicky had moved out of the way, rising on a platform, where the base soon disappeared.

At the same time, she would try her best to make sure the crowd wouldn’t get hurt.

Even though there was also a forcefield to protect them from inside the fighting area, she was there to keep things under control.

The event had begun, and a single black Al robot rose from the ground. This was the first wave. The participants had to do their best to take out the single robot.

Considering how they had already done this to get a ticket, many believed that the first wave wouldn’t be difficult for the participants on the stage.

However, for some reason, when watching them fight one on one, the participant seemed to be struggling.

“There is a difference in the room and out here,” Muka stated, carefully watching everything.

“Also, the robots are fighting back here; they’re not just running around.”

It was true, but the participant was able to beat a single robot in the end. Immediately after, round 2 began with the same participant, and this time, two robots appeared on the field, and the participant had to now go against them.

The participant was fighting well and was fighting in a way Peter had never seen before because he was using different crystals to control the flow of the battle.

Crystals that would explode, create smoke screens, and sometimes even release different powers.

With all these different uses, the participant made it to the third round before getting knocked out by the robots.

Once the participant was defeated, there was a round of applause from the crowd as the next person stepped on the stage to take on the robots.

As time passed, more and more participants appeared on the stage. Unfortunately, most of them failed in the third round, with a single person from Pure managing to make it to the fourth round.

Some of them had even used the fourth stage of Qi, turning their skin red and increasing their speed, but in the end, the robots were just too strong and skilled.

Nevertheless, the AI robots that defended Green city were impressive, and it gave the citizens confidence seeing that none of the participants could pass the fifth wave until a well-known face stepped on the stage.

Jake Green.

Using a display of different powers and flashy techniques, he performed well and quickly became the first to finish all five waves.

“That’s the world’s strongest human, right there!” Someone in the crowd cheered.

“Keep kicking butt out there and protecting our city!” Another person cheered.

While other participants were having their turn, a message had come through, both to those in the booth and to Peter, who had been waiting so far.

“Try not to act surprised, but it’s me, Logan. I have been watching the event so far.” Logan explained to Peter.

“The room you are in is one way, meaning you can see what’s happening in the stadium, but they can’t see you.”

“Peter, I know you can take on all my robots, but I want you to take it easy and try to take it as long as possible. It will be your turn next.”

*** *** ***

At the same time, another message was being sent out to the group, and after hearing what Logan had to say, they agreed and came up with a plan.

“Some of us should stay here. I think only a few should go down as to who we should go see first… maybe the one that calls themselves Quinn Talen is the best one to go for.” Muka explained.

Since Muka usually thought through her plans, they were content to go along.

Those who had decided to leave the booth were Lucia, Mitchell, and Hannah, while Minny, Muka and Jessica stayed in the booth, ready to let them know when Peter’s turn was over.

Peter had stepped onto the stage by now, and the audience was expecting some big things from him, but of course, he knew what his task was, and he was going to stick to it.

The first Robot appeared, and Peter threw out a punch without using his Qi. He planned to go toe to toe with the Robot for a while.

However, when Peter’s fist smashed into the Robot’s head, the latter immediately smashed it to pieces.

“Am I this strong…” Peter was quite taken aback as he looked at his fist. But he didn’t have much time to think as the second wave of robots appeared in front of him.

*** *** ***

Inside one of the booths, a participant was spectating the fight very carefully.

He certainly found Peter interesting, with how his strength had grown, and judging by his own actions, it was as if Peter didn’t understand his own power and progression.

In the middle of watching the match, the back door to the booth opened up.

“Oh, it looks like the Green family isn’t as honourable as I first thought.” The robbed figure said, turning around.

He could see Mitchell and the two girls by their side, ready for a fight and confrontation. Even Lucia already had lighting wrapping around her spear.

“Why did you call yourself Quinn Talen? We know you are not the real one!” Mitchell asked, angry that someone would imitate his master.

“I think you should all calm down. I did it to attract attention, and it looks like it worked.”

The robbed figure removed his hood and took off his mask as he spoke.

As soon as they saw his face, they were shocked. Lucia even almost dropped her spear. Because the person in front of them really was Quinn Talen and exactly identical to the statues.


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