My Vampire System ​Chapter 1724: Surprise entry

A loud buzzer was sounded, indicating that the preliminary round for the event was over.

Usually this would be where those that had success in going into the next round would be jumping for joy, but that wasn’t the case as all eyes of the contestants were looking at two people in particular.

One of them, Peter, who still had his fist held out, and the other, Greg, who could not move from the wall, as if he was a permanent piece of the wall.

“Did I see that right? That was Greg, the triple AAA rank Traveller, the favourite to win!Who..who was able to take out someone like that!”

Looking over at Peter, others tried to see if they could notice him, but none of them could.

It was no one well known, and usually, in cases like these, even if it were someone unknown, they would soon be telling their name to all, but instead, Peter just walked back to the others.

“Hey, I think I might have grown stronger, I guess I won’t have to rely on that other form as much.” Peter said, a little pleased with himself and looking at his knuckles.

Eventually, several staff members came out, including more robots, and the one that would be hosting the event was Vicky Blade.

“Alright, everyone, who has not managed to defeat a robot, please head to the exits located on your right and left.”

“All those that have passed, if you could remain in the current room, please.” Vicky shouted out.

“You guys can just stay here for a little bit,” Jake explained. “We have a special viewing area for you, and besides, I’m guessing they’re going to decide what to do with you.”

As to who you were referring to, it was Peter.

“What do you mean?” Muka asked.

“I mean, he didn’t defeat a robot, but he defeated the favourite who had defeated three. We’re just wondering if others will complain if we let him in or not.”

“I assume that was your intention when hitting him, right?” Jake asked.

Peter shrugged his shoulders.

“No, I just listened to Muka. Honestly. I didn’t even want to listen to her until he started charging towards us.”

Jake just shook his head, thinking that the situation was just getting more complicated, but at that moment, Greg had managed to be pulled out from the wall.

“We won’t have to worry about that, trust me,” Muka said, and they soon could see what she was talking about.

It wasn’t a coincidence that the event had ended when Greg had been hit because behind his body was a crushed robot, the final one.

“It looks like you got your ticket after all,” Muka said. “Just remember to do the rest.”

The group started to move because they could see Vicky was calling them over.

She then informed them to follow one of the AI robots, which proceeded to take the rest of the group out of the room, and as promised, they were in their very own special area.

They were directly in there with the crowd but were watching from their own private glass booth.

The stadium had been packed with people, and it looked like they were all busy talking and cheering with excitement just seconds ago, which was a bit Strange.

“I thought, the event hasn’t started yet. What’s going on?” Jessica asked.

To which Mitchell pointed at the large screen above their heads, where they could see on the screen, Peter. The scene where he had punched Greg being repeated in slow motion.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please be ready to give a round of applause to your contestants!” The announcer claimed.

The whole stadium felt like it was shaking, and in the centre of the stadium, on the ground, the floor could be seen opening up.

Pushing up from the ground, the whole floor was a platform, and on that platform was everyone who had fought just moments ago.

Viky had gathered them to stand in a line and had given them a few instructions, such as to wave to the people as they saw them.

Although most of the 85 or so contestants had done so, those like Peter continued to have their arms folded!

The whole event was broadcasted the second the preliminary round had started. It was a nice surprise for the audience to watch those at home and on other planets.

Since most of it was just those showing off their powers, it was quite exciting, but there were certain things that had been seen that were more popular topics.

One of them being the use of the shadow ability.

“Hey, I know that we should feel safe being in Green city and all, but I was just wondering, seeing that shadow, doesn’t it make you feel and remind you of that Crazy Bloodlord?”

Many people had the same thought since it was something that happened recently.

They didn’t think that the Red Vampires would come out so crazily like so, but if it was the crazy blood lord, the one that seemed to not be scared of anyone, then they thought it was a good chance.

However, rather than being scared that he could be here, the people were more excited that they would see him in action.

“I have a question for you then. Who do you think would win if the Crazy Bloodlord went up against Quinn Talen?” One of those in the crowd asked.

“Are you crazy? You’re talking about the great hero. Of course, he would win.”

“Are you forgetting, the Crazy Bloodlord, took on the entirety of the Chained, and at the same time, he was able to summon that Dragon Dalki thing. We haven’t seen the Crazy Bloodlord’s full strength either.”

It certainly was an interesting topic, but most believed that Quinn Talen would win without a doubt.

Most people were from Green City, and they believed a lot of the rumours about his great strength.

After the cheers started to die down, Vicky began to introduce the contestants one by one.

She would ask them their name, their current occupation, and what they hoped to achieve in this event.

After each person stated their name, there were quite respectful cheers and claps from most people in the crowd and only a few boos here and there.

At the same time, a couple of people also decided not to comment about where they were from, such as the vampire who had shown off its shadow powers.

As for when the other vampire was asked, this one didn’t choose to stay silent.

“Now, everyone, we have quite the interesting one here,” Vicky said.

“When asking to put down their name, they decided to go with the great name Quinn Talen.”

Hearing this, immediately, boos started to erupt from the stadium. “Get out of here, you fake!” Many shouted.

“What’s your reason for putting down that name? Is it someone you respect, or did your family choose that name due to the Hero, or perhaps you are one of the many imposters.

The crowd gave a chance for the vampire to speak because they were interested in what he had to say.

“I am here to let everyone know that I have returned. You will all soon see.” The man said. Still making sure the orb covered his face.

The noise continued and in the end, it looked like Vicky had to move on to get the crowd to stop, but the noise turned to cheers as she stopped at a specific person who had managed to defeat the one and only Greg.

“Everyone is interested to know, who are you?” Vicky asked.

Before speaking, Peter looked out into the crowd and met eyes with Muka for a second. He remembered back to her words.

“Remember you’re doing this for Quinn.” Peter thought.

“It will be better if I showed you,” Peter stated, and his body started to change.

Peter’s transformation ability was shifting his body, his hair was growing his height was changing, and eventually, everyone could see who he was.

“It’s… the Crazy Bloodlord; he actually entered the event!”


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