My Vampire System ​Chapter 1722: Team

“So this is the place? It’s pretty big and impressive, and there are even robots everywhere!” Minny jumped with joy while looking at all the technology around them, especially in the newly built arena.

The future had somewhat been disappointing for her. What was the point of waking up a thousand years later if everything was the same? But Green city was a completely different experience.

“So who are we meant to meet here? All I can see are these scary-looking guys.” Jessica complained.

Currently, the group was under the arena. They had arrived at the meeting place before the audience came in a couple of hours. However, they weren’t alone. The contestants taking part in the challenge were also in the same room.

Due to them being special guests, they could enter the waiting area with all the other participating contestants.

“He just said to wait here, and someone would come and take us, so let’s just wait here quietly,” Mitchell stated, walking towards one of the stalls, and decided to order some refreshments for the others.

One could just say the word menu, and a holographic screen would appear in front of them. Then he can order the meal he wants, and a drone or Al robot will come and deliver it to them.

Eventually, one of the contestants with a scar wide across his mouth decided to speak up to them.

“You guys know that this is a solo event, right? There is no group work here.”

It was clear that the man had commented due to the clothes they all were wearing and the strange masks covering their faces.

“We are just friends.” Muka eventually said, standing in front of them, still wearing the sunglasses that covered her eyes.

“There are other groups of friends who have entered this place, so I don’t think there is a problem with us being here, and besides, we haven’t even decided to enter the competition, so why don’t you mind your own business?”

“You haven’t entered the competition?” The scarred man raised an eyebrow, and the others who could hear also found their words a bit strange.

“So you haven’t entered the competition, and you’re hiding your faces. This isn’t a good look, you know. Just take off your masks if you have nothing to hide.” The man started to walk over towards them, but he soon saw that each of the other members was standing behind Muka, ready to support her at any second.

Not that she needed it, which caused the man to shrivel up a bit and back away.

It looked like he was trying to cause some commotion and have some people follow him, but it didn’t exactly work out that way.

“There really are troublesome people everywhere. I guess while we are here, we might as well try and gauge the other contestants.” Hannah suggested.

“There is no harm in getting a head start.”

The group agreed and split up in the room. Minny, Jessica and Lucia stayed in the waiting spot that Logan had told them to stay at while the others looked for anyone related to the Red Vampires, or perhaps anyone who would at least have some information about them.

Naturally, the contestants had split up into groups. Those from Pure who knew each other stuck close.

The high A rank travellers didn’t band together, and they stayed apart since they weren’t so heavily affiliated with the others factions.

Then, there were some vampires too. Eventually, after getting back, everyone shared the information they had gathered so far.

“So, the suspicious ones so far are, or the ones to look out for so far, are two Triple AAA rank contestants,” Muka explained, first looking in the direction of the large man with knuckle type beast weapons named Greg.

“From the information gathered so far, Greg is the favourite to win this event. There has to be a reason why people are so confident in him and why he has such strength.”

“But, Icas, the man whose body is wrapped from head to toe apart from a single eye, is also another one.”

“Other than that, there are also some vampires. The red vampires, according to Hannah, often are in groups, and that would be true, but what has caught my attention more than anything are the two vampires, who seem, to have come on their own and aren’t part of the other factions.”

“A vampire to come here on their own? They must have a lot of confidence in their strength. So I say we keep an eye out on them as well.”

The two vampires in question were leaning against the wall, covered in dark clothing and obscuring their faces from the others.

“Well, at least we know who to watch out for in the event, and we can just have a general look anyway,” Lucia commented.

It was then that a traveller walked up to their group, and as a surprise, it looked to be the same scared man who had criticised them before. His face was a little red as he seemed somewhat embarrassed.

“You guys are a group, right? Well, this is a bit embarrassing, but I guess you were ahead of the others before they started.” The man said, his words not making sense.

“Should I get rid of this idiot?” Peter was annoyed, already stepping forward and ready to punch him.

“No, wait,” Muka stopped him, “Didn’t you hear him say something strange?”

Then turning towards the man in front of them, she asked, “So, what do you want now?”

“Well, I was wondering if I could join your group. Everyone else has already kind of made their own groups.” The man explained.

“And, no one will let me join their group. I don’t come from this city and have always been a solo traveller, but I don’t want to be knocked out before the contest even starts.”

“Wow, he really changed his tune. Where’s all the attitude from before, huh?” Jessica said out loud.

Clicking her fingers, Muka believed she had figured something out. It was often she would take the complicated cases of the vampire settlement on herself, and she always had a curious mind which seemed to come in use, and now was one of such times.

“There are too many people here, and it looks like almost everyone here is participating in the event. It’s most likely that there will be a preliminary round to eliminate everyone who’s just here for fun.”

“People are making alliances to get through the probable elimination round without a hiccup.”

“That’s right, so please, can I…” Before the man could even finish his sentence, he found a hand covering his face with a powerful force that he couldn’t even resist.

“Did you not hear what we said? We are not even taking part in this event!” Peter scowled, “So get lost before I make sure you can’t even get to the elimination!”

“Now that’s not nice, is it.” A voice suddenly interrupted from behind.

Upon seeing whose voice it was, the hall suddenly quietened down, and the participants couldn’t help but talk in murmur and whispers.

“Is he taking part in this event as well? If that’s the case, I guess the winner is already decided.”

“But, this isn’t fair. I am sure they planned something not to let him participate; after all, he can rig the competition to win it.”

The reason for everyone’s worry was because Jake Green had entered the room.

“Relax, you guys, even if I were taking part, I wouldn’t be taking the prize. It would just show how much better I am than all of you.” Jake smiled.

“Anyway, you must be the guests my father told me to look after.”

Seeing the group, Jake started to look the members up and down. He had heard a bit about them from his father but didn’t really know about their identities.

“My father is putting a lot of hope in these guys… maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to see what they got.”

Lifting his hands, Jake smiled.

“Alright, everyone, we will have a preliminary elimination round, right here, right now, in this room. Let’s begin!”


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