My Vampire System Chapter 1721: Four arm friend.

Hearing these words from the strange-looking man, Quinn had a few thoughts going through his head, but one thing was quite odd with his system. Why had the inspect skill failed when using it against this person?

This was the first time this had happened. Could it possibly be that the system had no such information on them, unlike it did with the Dalki and the different beasts?

If that was the case, then it could mean that the person in front of him, the giant man with four arms and a rock-like structure base for a body, was an Alien.

A true and real alien, unlike the Dalki, who were artificial. Of course, beasts were also alien, but other than humanoid beasts, they didn’t show much intelligence.


Using the inspect skill again, this time, the information that had appeared was the same as the person in front of him had told him.

[Race: Arma]

“How can this be? This is another race with speaking intelligence, but why did Bliss send me here? Wait, how far exactly did Bliss send me here?”

“Humans, even in this time, have yet to discover other civilisations. How will I get back to earth?” Quinn started to think and, honestly, felt a bit uneasy.

“All is not lost yet; there is a good chance these people have technology that could allow them to fly, or maybe I can get in contact with Logan somehow, and he can just give me instructions on how to build something.” Quinn thought.

Judging by the fact that the mysterious stranger was also surprised to see what Quinn looked like, he could guess they had never seen a human before.

“My name is Quinn.” Quinn eventually said, realising it had been a while since he had spoken. “I’m a human from Planet Earth. Have you ever heard of such a place?”

“Earth?” The large man voiced, placing all four hands on his chin at once.

“I can’t say that I have ever heard of a place before, but just because I haven’t doesn’t mean that no one will have.”

“There is a good chance that someone in the city might be able to help you out.”

The strange man was tying up his fish with some string, which wasn’t giving Quinn hope about their technological advances, but at least he knew there was a city, so there was still hope.

“I’m sorry for scaring you earlier, my friend, but would you mind telling me where the city is or which direction it is in? It would be a big help.”

The stone man put the fish onto his back after creating wooden contraception, and the large head cast a shadow over him. Then, smiling at Quinn, he nodded.

“The name is Geo, and I’m heading back there myself anyway. Why don’t you tag along? And besides, it’s better this way.”

“If you were to enter. people would ask all sorts of questions. For now, I can just say you’re an intelligent beast that I have decided to keep as a pet.” Geo explained.

Although Quinn didn’t like the round of being someone else Pet, he could tell that Geo was quite friendly and wasn’t trying to hurt Quinn at all.

It reminded him of all the videos he watched as a kid that showed how hostile alien races would be towards humans, but that didn’t seem to be the case this time.

“That’s fine, I’m in a little bit of a rush though,how about we run to the city and get there as fast as we can? Will that be alright with you?” Quinn asked.

“Sure, I wanted to see what your race could do anyway. It is amazing to see that you can walk on water already. Humans are really interesting things.” Geo replied.

The two were getting ready. Quinn wanted to see just how fast Geo could run, after all, he couldn’t just run ahead of the latter since he had no clue where they were heading.

Also, Quinn wasn’t as fast as he usually would be due to the gravity that his body had yet to adjust to.

Geo bent his legs and jumped up. Quinn was surprised to see him advancing through the air with a single jump.

He hardly made contact with the ground. Once was enough to send him a great distance, almost 50 metres in one direction, before he had to jump once again.

Of course, Quinn could keep up, but he had to constantly use his legs to push off as if he was running off the ground.

“Wow, this is great; your race is also incredibly fast. I thought with your small bodies, you would be increasingly slow.” Geo said.

Quinn wanted to correct Geo, tell him that not all humans were like this, and Quinn wasn’t even a human in the first place, but he was worried that information like this would lead to trouble.

For example, what would they think if they found out that many humans were weak or naturally slow? Moreover, he didn’t want another Dalki to appear.

“Is this what Bliss wanted to show me? Another race? And what it meant to get involved in the celestials and the others?”

“Geo, you dealt with the Demi-god tier beast pretty easily, you must be a strong warrior or something. where you come from, right?” Quinn asked.

“Strong warrior.” Geo’s face turned slightly red.

“I am not skilled. I just know enough to help my family and my siblings get by. This is food for them and those in my neighbourhood. If I was truly skilled, then I would have become a Tower Warrior”

There looked to be a bit of distress on Geo’s face when saying these words. Although Quinn was interested in learning what exactly Geo was talking about in terms of Tower Warrior, one thing was clear: they were stronger beings than Geo by his side.

Thinking about this, he couldn’t help but wonder just how strong Geo was compared to him.

“We can slow down now; we are almost there,” Geo said as he came to a sudden halt, and Quinn could see a strange structure off in the distance.

It was ginormous in size and was almost as big as a well established human city. The only word that Quinn could use to describe it was a tower. A large tower made of rocks pierced the skies, having a circumference as wide as a city

And at the same time, outside of the Tower, there was a wall, and beyond that. Quinn could only imagine a living area inside.

It was hard to say if the place was technologically advanced or not based on the outer structures.

The walls on the outside were uneven and crudely made of rock. Guards stood near the entrance, and the whole place looked like something that would have been made by human civilization around 3000 years ago if this was Earth.

However, at the same time, there was the Tower. The Tower alone looked beyond advanced, perhaps something that a genius like Logan would have created.

What Quinn didn’t find though, was any flying spaceships of any kind, which was still a worry, but Quinn wouldn’t give up hope.

“Just follow my lead for now, and it would be best if you don’t talk while we are going through the entrance. Once we are in the city, it will be okay.” Geo explained.

“The Guards are from the Tower, and they are always suspicious of people trying to take down the Tower.”

“However, the people in the city don’t believe that.”

Something weird was going on, but more so than that, as Quinn got closer to the city and the huge Tower, he could feel something else, which was quite familiar to him: the celestial energy.

“What… is in that Tower? or, more importantly, what is at the top of that Tower?” Quinn couldn’t help but ask after sensing the energy.

“That is where Athos lies, our God who watches over us,” Geo replied with reverence in his eyes.


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