My Vampire System ​Chapter 1720: The Amra

The white space was almost at its breaking point, and so was Quinn’s anger.

And, knowing that this was all because of Bliss, Quinn believed that if he unleashed his energy, including part of his celestial energy, then maybe he could break out of this space and get to his friends before she could harm any of them.

While unleashing his energy, with the space breaking down, a bright flash of white light appeared, completely blocking his view, and suddenly everything around him disappeared.

Now finding himself in the air, the first thing Quinn felt was weightlessness and looking down, he saw the ground, but he was too high.

In the next moment, Quinn crashed into the ground and created a huge crater, and the residual red energy around him instantly erupted into a large flame, lighting up the whole area.

But before it could get out of hand. Quinn quickly contained the energy within himself.

“That was a bit of a rough landing.” Quinn thought while staring at the night starry sky above him.

This was clearly not Green City, nor did he feel like he was on the Earth. For one, Quinn could see three moons, and one of them was purple for some reason.

The moon gave the whole area around him a purple hue that Quinn had only seen on different planets before.

“That damned woman, she brought me here…but for what?” Quinn thought to himself.

In the end, a sense of foreboding enveloped his mind. There had to be a reason why he didn’t want Quinn with the others.

Worrying about his friends, Quinn quickly tried to use his shadow link skill, yet immediately he knew it wasn’t working.

“Wait, what is going on? This makes no sense… why can’t I link up with Minny? I could do it before. Did something happen to her?” All his thoughts suddenly paused.

His heart started to race, thinking about what could possibly have happened because one of the reasons could be that Minny was dead.

“No, I need to calm down and not overthink. I am dealing with an all-knowing Celestial here, and I can’t connect to Laxmus either, so there must be another reason.”

Either way, Quinn was left thinking about the whole situation he was in and was trying to figure out how he could leave this place.

For one, it looked like Bliss could teleport him, quite a great distance, which meant more and more likely she was most likely the one who had teleported him when he was in slumber.

“Why doesn’t she want me to get so involved in everything?” Quinn thought, “Either way, I’m done listening to her and others.”

“I need to just follow what I want to do, as I have been doing since the beginning. So the first step is to find someone who can help me get off this planet.”

Upon searching around, there weren’t any immediate signs of anything that Quinn could recognise.

For one, he couldn’t see anything off in the distance that indicated any signs of civilization.

On top of that, the gravity on the planet was almost 20 times the Earth’s gravity. Although it didn’t affect Quinn much, he still felt a slight pressure on himself.

“I can’t find anything. What if that woman put me on a planet with no life? Then how would I get back to Earth with no spaceship?” Quinn thought.

“Maybe there is a way for me to use my shadow and the wings and fly through space or something? I should be okay, right? If I’m a celestial now, do I still need oxygen?”

There were a lot of thoughts going through Quinn’s head as he continued to find next to nothing.

In fact, there was no sign of beasts either. But after a long time, he suddenly came across a large lake of water.

“Water! That means there should be a sign of life here, right?” Quinn thought.

He quickly ran to the lake to see if he could spot anything, and immediately he noticed the sea life swimming around in the water.

Using his inspect skills, he could see they were beasts, but the beasts were of odd shape and looked like the ones he had seen before.

The sea beasts were covered in a strange rock-like substance; it was hard to believe they could swim as the rocks on their bodies looked quite heavy.

On top of that, the small fish in the lake were actually at the King Tier level, which surprised him.

Quinn couldn’t imagine a fish of such a small size being at the king tier, although maybe it meant just the energy it produced was at the king tier. Either way, it wasn’t something he was used to.

While looking around the Lake, Quinn eventually saw what looked like a human figure off in the distance. It was on the other side, and it looked like they were fishing, of all things.

“Finally, I found someone.” Quinn thought.

Immediately, Quinn started to run across the water, allowing for a part of his shadow to hit the water so he wouldn’t sink. This literally allowed him to run across the water.

It wasn’t long before he reached the other side and was now standing next to the large figure, and he soon noticed something else about the person as well.

“You!! You!! You ran on the lake!!! What are you?!”

The large figure shouted as it stood up. At the same time, when noticing what Quinn looked like, it decided to let out a shriek as well.

“AHHH, what are you… you look nothing like an Amra! But at the same time, you do!”

Honestly, Quinn himself was taken aback as he looked at the person in front of him. Because there was one clear thing, this was not a human. The large figure was as large as the Dalki but was completely different from them.

This person had a grey-like texture on his skin while having large boulder-like muscles all over, but they also contained two distinctive features: the fact that it had four arms and a large rock-like mohawk on the top of his head.

“A Demon tier beast? And the one that can speak!” Quinn thought, now getting ready to act as he prepared himself for a battle.

A shadow covered his arms, and the gauntlets appeared on his hands once again.

“Wait… wait!” the large figure cried out once again, “Why are you attacking me… I don’t want to fight! I just came here to fish. I’m not a beast!”

“Although I do think that you might be a beast because you look like some of the other beasts we have seen as well.”

Seeing that the figure wasn’t hostile, and Quinn wasn’t getting any evil intent from the person, he decided to use his inspect skill before letting his guard down.


Quinn’s inspect skill failed this time. If it were a demon tier beast, the System would have at least let him know, which meant this person was telling the truth.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know where I am right now, so I wondered if you could help me. Where are we… and what are you?” Quinn asked.

Just then, the fishing rod that had been placed on the ground started to move. The large figure grabbed the rod and pulled it with all four of its arms the next second.

Then, out from the lake, he pulled out a gigantic fish with rock-like scales on its body.

It was almost the size of a large house.

This time, using his inspect skill Quinn could tell that this was a beast.

[Demi-god tier beast]

Seeing the level of the beast in front of them and worried that they might be in trouble.

Quinn readied himself for a fight once again, but before he could act, the large figure had already jumped up.

It puffed out its chest, and then, clenching his four fists, he punched them out all at once, hitting the giant rock-like fish with so much force that the beast died instantly.

Before the fish fell back into the water, the person grabbed it by its tail and threw it onto the land. Soon after, landing right where he was before.

“Sorry about that; I have been trying to catch something for a long time now.” The man smiled as he added, “To answer your question, you are on planet Amranion, and I am an Amra.”


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