My Vampire System ​Chapter 1719: New Talent

The next couple of days passed by quickly, with most in the group feeling down. Nevertheless, they were expecting Quinn to return.

Even if he was teleported to somewhere far away, they thought that knowing where they were, he would at least try to make contact.

Some of them feared that Quinn might be in danger, especially after facing off against the celestial Bliss.

And, seeing how strong she was and what she could do, they thought that she might be able to give Quinn a run for their money.

However, Peter quickly disagreed with that statement. Peter was sure that a woman like that could never beat Quinn, which was why she had to use such underhanded methods in the first place.

“Alright, you guys,” Logan said, bursting into the room.

He placed his hand on the side of the wall, and the beds the others were sitting on began to move and eventually sunk into the ground.

Some of the others fell to the floor on their back, while others were quick enough to react and were standing up.

“You guys just can’t mope around sitting here forever until Quinn returns. I already said you could stay here until he returned, so it’s not a problem, but I think you guys should prove yourself useful and help him out.”

“That event I talked about, it starts today. There is already a large influx of people coming here. With my reward and Quinn’s display, it might be the people you are looking for.”

“If you could find out where the red vampires are and where Layla is before his return, imagine how happy he would be?” Logan spoke.

The others looked at each other. It was true that they were pretty much doing nothing, and this was something that Quinn would have done anyway if he was here.

“Logan is right,” Jessica said, standing up.

“Logan is looking for Quinn, and I’m sure he hadn’t just disappeared again after all this time, he already helped me out with the Chained, so the least we can do is help him.”

For some reason, of all the people in the room, because these words were coming from Jessica, they felt guilty, as if they were the ones that should have said these words first rather than her.

“Quinn is a person with great luck, so I agree,” Muka added.

I looked like the group had been given a second wind, and they were ready to act, putting a smile on Logan’s face.

“They aren’t quite at the Cursed factions level, but Quinn always manages to find some amazing people.” Logan thought.

“Now remember, although this is my event, I will be doing things fairly. The winner will receive the grand prize. Of course, you guys don’t have to enter and can just watch as I stated, but if you do enter, I should warn you.”

“Some of these travellers are strong. There will be a few triple-A ranks there.”

“After a thousand years, new generations had taken the stage, just like when there was Quinn back then and others in the past, and it would be ignorant to believe that they can’t match you in terms of strength.”

“Of course, there will be new talent everywhere.”

“There are even who have been training to become someone greater than Quinn Talen and to make their names even bigger than his, and they will see this tournament as a good starting point.”

“Remember, even Quinn was also a nobody once. And one last thing: wear these.”

Opening up from Logan’s side was a little canister that expanded into another item. After Logan gave them the things from it, they all could tell that they were masks.

“They aren’t like the masks before. Unfortunately, the Red Vampires have taken a liking to that style but wear these, so you don’t attract attention, alright?”

“I’ll be busy with other things, but I will be keeping an eye on the event from here.”

The masks were all white and were basically a solid piece apart from the breathing slits and the side accented with a light blue glow.

Everyone wore one, apart from Peter, who could easily disguise himself.

“Why do I need one? My face is not known to the world; I didn’t appear in the broadcast.” Muka said.

“In your case, it’s not about the broadcast, but it’s about attracting attention, and wearing a large helmet, like you used to, would also attract attention,” Logan explained.

Hearing this, and seeing as it wasn’t a big deal anyway, Muka wore the mask, but even then, as everyone went to look at her, just with her eyes alone, there was something drawing about them.

It felt like one would do anything just to rip the bottom of the mask to see what the true face looked like under those eyes.

“Maybe I should get you some sunglasses as well,” Logan said.

*** *** ***

As Logan had predicted, the advertised event was a huge hit. People from far away places came to this event.

People had travelled from the Graylash planets, Pure’s base, and the travellers even stopped hunting on other beast planets for this event.

This event was also a way to show that the human race was still part of one group, showing off the city and the Green family’s strength. After all, they would all be doing battle with Logan’s state of the art robots.

The rules were simple: participants would go up against the Black coloured robots and face them in certain waves.

Whoever got to the highest wave would win the grand prize, which was still a mystery to the whole world.

Logan made a large arena in the centre of Green City. With the help of his power, Logan can easily reconstruct certain objects based on his wishes.

And not long ago, he had found a way to supply himself with a bit more energy allowing him to use more MC cells when using his soul weapon.

Because of that, now stood above the ocean, with all of the apartment buildings and living areas moved to the side, was a large arena, and above the arena was an equally large projection live-streaming the event.

It was so high and huge, and people could view it irrespective of their apartment located in the Green city.

That way, the people could view the event without purchasing a ticket to the actual event. Logan knew that wealthy outsiders would mostly take all the prime seats.

Although he could save them for his people and such, he had learnt to deal with things more politically over the years, and his experience helped him greatly in such situations.

Perhaps this was a lesson he had learnt well from Sam. At the moment, people hadn’t arrived to view the event yet.

That was because the participants or anyone who wished to enter were to arrive first.

Due to people arriving from all over, not everyone was exactly friendly to each other, and predicting that there would be a few scuffles here and there, it was always best to do this without the public.

Right now, all the participants were already in the underground area establishment below the arena. There were several lines and long queues for those that wished to enter.

At the end of the line were what looked like the Al robots themselves, although these were silver in colour rather than black.

“If you have your traveller code, please input it on the right for your details. If you would like to remain anonymous, then please request to do so.” The robot asked each participant.

“Haha, I can’t wait!” A large muscular man, who had beast gear on one of his knuckles, chuckled as he added, “I thought that this event might be worrisome, but it looks like there isn’t anyone here who is even worth my time!!!”

The man said this out loud, clearly trying to rile up the other contestants. However, most kept their mouths shut because they knew the identity of this large man.

Greg. One of the AAA Ranked travellers. Not everyone entered thinking they had a chance to win, but because this wasn’t a one on one event, they wanted to test themselves.

Meanwhile, at the front of one of the ques.,

“Sorry, I don’t have a Traveller tag, but I don’t want to enter anonymously either. Is there a way you could mainly input my name into the system?” The man asked.

“Sure, please type your name on the screen before you.” The robot replied.

The man smiled, and his fingers typed down a name.

Quinn Talen.


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