My Vampire System ​Chapter 1716: Invisable barrier

Quinn was often a curious person, but as he grew and experienced more things in his life, he no longer had the patience to get involved or be a part of someone’s games, and it was worse when he knew others were involved in such situations against their will.

Which was why he was ready to face the consequences of his actions even now. By now, a red aura had begun to gather in his hand. Quinn wasn’t planning to use his celestial aura from the get to.

This was because he wanted to see how far he could go without it and the best chance for it was nowhere against another celestial!

If Quinn was right about how he interpreted Logan’s theory, Celestials were beings who were worshipped by many living beings for one reason or another.

But this didn’t mean that all Celestials would, in fact, be strong themselves even if they had a huge amount of celestial power.

Unlike them, Quinn had gained strength himself, rather than being born with this strength.

Another thing to note was that he was also a God Slayer, therefore, there was a good chance that he would be able to go against Bliss without bringing out his celestial energy.

“What guts, young one,” Bliss smirked. “However, you have no idea how small your world is.”

“You can’t even comprehend what level I am on and how big of a mistake you have just committed.”

As soon as Bliss finished her words, she stomped her staff on the surface once again, and the white space below their feet cracked.

Within seconds, several cracks appeared throughout the white space, and when Quinn looked back at Bliss, she was no longer there.

“What is happening? Where Am I?” Quinn thought as he activated his wings and started to fly about, worried about where he would be once the space broke.

“Get me out of here, you b*tch!!!” Quinn yelled, unleashing a red aura all around him.

It was blasted in all directions, instantly destroying the white space.

*** *** ***

Upon the high tower, the red energy had long dissipated, and things were going back to normal, but for the people who were on the roof, everything was but normal.

Everyone felt a sense of panic after they witnessed Quinn disappear without any prior warning.

At the moment, most of them were looking everywhere on the tower, high and low, to see if he was anywhere here or if there was some invisible barrier that he was stuck in, but they were having no luck.

“How is this possible?” Logan repeated this question for the tenth time as he continued to inspect the marking on the ground, precisely on the spot from where Quinn had disappeared.

Everyone had seen the ground lit up, and now there was nothing on the group. However, using his advanced set of tools, Logan could sense a source of energy coming from this location.

“That rules out that this was an illusion. Something definitely happened here, but how? How could someone other than me be able to bypass all the security to get up here?”

“Whoever this person was, it’s clear that our opponent is a powerful one.”

Eventually, after searching the area for some time and still having no luck in finding Quinn, they all returned to Logan, hoping that he would have some good news. The shake of his head wasn’t a good sign though.

“This is Quinn we are talking about. Not just anyone could snatch him away from us, and no less while we were present.” Peter spoke angrily and looked in Logan’s direction.

“You… you didn’t do this, did you?… You sure you aren’t secretly actually working with Pure and somehow teleported him away from us?”

Saying these words, Peter was already walking over towards Logan with heavy footsteps.

“Hey, let’s not fight against each other, that’s the worst thing we can do.” Jessica said, getting in between the two of them.

“We need to find Quinn or figure out a way to find a way to know wherever he is.”

“What about the little girl?” Mitchell asked.

“Doesn’t she have the power of the shadow? Quinn was able to teleport himself to her side before. If he is somewhere, he should be able to teleport again, no?”

“But since he hasn’t returned yet, doesn’t it mean that he might be in trouble or isn’t able to use his powers?”

Hannah replied, and then turning towards Minny, she slowly asked, “Can’t you go to Quinn instead? Or if you can’t teleport to him, how about trying to sense his location? That can also help.”

Minny felt like she had a lot of pressure on her, but she also wanted to know where her dad had gone. Closing her eyes, she started to concentrate and used her shadow powers to see if she could feel anything.

However, there was nothing at all. Minny’s eyes started to well up as she felt like she could do nothing and that it was her fault that they could not get in contact with Quinn.

“That won’t work.” A voice suddenly rang in the room, surprising everyone.

Turning their heads, everyone saw who was speaking: a woman with a staff in her hand. Although most didn’t recognize her, Logan knew her well.

“Bliss! I felt you might have something to do with this, but I didn’t think that you would actually meddle this much. Logan said.

“Tell me, were you the one who took Quinn out from the tomb, along with the others?”

Hearing this, the others knew that the person in front of them was serious business. To be able to do such a thing was a giant feat in itself, and thus, everyone suddenly went on guard.

“I’m not obligated to tell any of you that.” Bliss stated, waving her staff as she did. Minny’s body suddenly rose from the ground, and it looked like she was floating in the air.

She tried to struggle, but no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t stop the invisible force from pulling her forward, and in the next instant, she was being held by Bliss’s hands.

“Is it telekinesis?” Jessica frowned.

It happened so fast that the others didn’t even have the chance to react. But as soon as they received the initial shock, they immediately ran forward to get back Minny.

But they had taken just a few steps when they felt as if their bodies had just slammed into a hard wall.

Bliss had built an invisible barrier, and now, no matter how hard they attempted to hit it, they couldn’t even get an inch closer to her.

This included Peter, he was also finding himself helpless. But he didn’t feel defeated. Instead, he pulled back his fist and punched it into the invisible barrier with all his strength.

However, all this strength only created some visible ripples across the barrier’s surface.

“You are troublesome, and I want your shadow powers to be gone.” Bliss’s staff started to light up, and Minny’s eyes began to turn black.

The shadow was coming out from her body, escaping it, and heading towards an item tugged away inside her robe, which, upon careful conversation, looked like a clear crystal.

“Don’t you dare hurt her! Stop right now!” Jessica shouted at the top of her lungs.

“LET GO OF HER!” Everyone suddenly heard a loud yell, and they could see Peter throwing out his fist, but not just that, his body had transformed, looking slightly different from before.

Not only did he have the strange head-tail, his arms up to his forearms, but his skin was also black, raging with the red celestial energy inside of him.

While both his fists were completely red, like a volcano ready to erupt at any moment.

As his punch smashed into the barrier, it created much bigger ripples, this time with additional shockwaves of red aura.

In the next moment, a crack suddenly appeared in the air. Then, as silence filled the room, the invisible barrier suddenly broke into a million pieces in the next instant.

“He broke the barrier?” Bliss gasped, stunned by Peter’s strength.


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