My Vampire System ​Chapter 1715: Out of my way!

The person in front of Quinn was someone he hadn’t seen for a very long time. He had heard about her a lot more than directly being in confrontation with her, but in the end, she was someone that he would never forget.

Despite her not looking exactly the same, she still looked quite familiar, and the energy in front of him was without a doubt celestial energy. He immediately sensed it, since he was also a celestial now.

“Bliss,” Quinn said.”Oh, I’m surprised you remember me,” Bliss replied.

Her voice was low but deep, and Quinn could sense the anger in her tone. It was clear she was upset, and she wanted to have a conversation without the others hearing, therefore, she had brought him to this weird space.

Quinn looked around before responding. He wondered where he was and if there was a way out of here, but he senses nothing. It certainly was strange and he needed to be on guard.

“If it’s a separate space, and works a bit like my shadow space, then maybe I can destroy this space too to escape if things get out of hand.”

Quinn thought, assuming the chances of this meeting ending on a good note were low. After all, he wasn’t really in a good mood as this person just whisked him away against his will.

The celestial in front of him, although at times seemed to be on Quinn’s side, Ray had given plenty of warnings about her, and the fact that she had lived for so long as well, Quinn could imagine she was a powerful Celestial.

“What is this place? And why did you bring me here? Why are you even annoyed at me?” Quinn asked, seeing that Bliss’s hand was gripping the spear.

“I’m here to talk about that beacon, that beacon of celestial energy you shot out of nowhere!” Bliss shouted.

“What were you thinking? Do you know what you have done? Do you know what your actions could do to Earth? The whole planet can now become a battle zone!”

Bliss took a few deep breaths. It looked like this matter had seriously affected her.

“I’m sorry, but there isn’t really a guidebook on a teacher to teach me about all these celestial ‘rules’ Quinn replied. “And besides, I don’t care. There was a good reason why I did that: to find my friends.”

This reply was met with loud laughter from Bliss as she slammed her staff on the white surface.

“You still think of friends and family as a celestial? Don’t you understand, Quinn? You are a god now!”

“You will outlive all of your friends. Even if they find ways to prolong life, they will either die in some battle, of some disease or even by accident.”

“Perhaps, you will continue to make new friends and continue your life, but eventually, you will feel nothing.”

“No longer will you feel a friendship for someone or sorrow when someone passes away because you will realise that it is just the cycles of the universe, and the universe has chosen you to play your part.”

“The only thing you will feel is the satisfaction of completing your condition. It’s foolish to continue thinking the way you have done!”

Honestly, Quinn had given some thought to what Bliss had said. Was his life endless now?According to the system, one of the levels meant that even if Quine died, he would be reincarnated.

On top of that, he felt that his emotions were numb whenever using the celestial energy. This wasn’t something that just occurred over time; it was something about becoming a celestial that had changed him.

“I… am starting to know what Vincent sensed back then.” Quinn thought.

“Besides, you need to look at the bigger picture.” Bliss started to explain.

“The more you directly meddle in world affairs, the more celestials will come to this place, and do you know what might happen then?”

“They might just think that it’s easier to get rid of this one small planet and its race to keep the balance overall.”

“That way they can focus on creating balance on other planets and places. Now, do you understand, your act was like a big beacon?”

Quinn somewhat understood, but he wasn’t expecting another celestial from other places to come, but he also had an answer for that.

“You think you know what this Universe wants?” Quinn replied.

“The universe decided to make me a celestial in the first place for a reason.”

“So if you really believe in all that crap, then even I am here for a reason, and while I am here, I’m going to protect this place.”

“So, even if all of the other celestials come here, then I will just have to beat them and tell them to get lost. I care about what I want right now, and right now, I want to find Layla.”

“You seem to like to snoop around in people’s business, orchestrating everything as you wish.”

“I bet you know where she is, so why don’t you tell me if you really want me to stop doing crazy things like that?”

There was a deep frown on Bliss’s face, and Quinn could see the energy rising in her staff. He was ready for a fight, and it would be a fight with an actual celestial for the first time and against someone he knew.

He wondered how he would fare, or if there would be no contest at all, but slowly, the energy diminished from Bliss’s staff.

“Listen to me. I can’t see your future anymore, but I can guess what you’re going to do. You’re going to fight anyway, so let me give you an ample warning.”

“If you want to save the lives of the human race and not cause more trouble than you already have done, then don’t use your celestial energy.”

“And get rid of the God Slayers and anyone who looks like they might become one, you understand?”

“I have been keeping the balance well until you showed up!”

Quinn took a few steps forward and twisted his hand slightly.

“You talk a lot; if I’m such a problem, then why don’t you kill me? Or maybe it’s because you’re afraid… afraid that you might lose.” Quinn smiled.

Once again, Bliss laughed at this comment.

“You knew celestials are all the same. When you come into this world, you try to fight against the other celestials, doing things your own way.”

“But soon, you will realise that the celestials are not meant to fight against each other. We have to remain united.”

It was then that a thought came into Quinn’s head: what was Bliss’s condition? Why did she use her powers of future sight to try to save the human race? At the same time, he started to think of what Laxmus said at the time.

If Laxmus was really doing the work of another celestial, then Laxmus was trying to send as many lives as possible off this planet.

“Wait, it’s all making sense now. What Logan said about the celestials keeping balance, and what she said just now.”

“Bliss was never in a war with some other god; rather, the two of them were working together.”

“She tried to save as many lives as possible while the others tried to take it.”

Thinking about this, Quin thought about how many lives were lost and how many people had to suffer when the so-called god in front of him could have saved their lives.

There was anger rising in him as he remembered his close friends.

“All of this, just to fill some conditions? So the celestials could feel a small sense of satisfaction?”

Having figured it out, Quinn didn’t want to say anything, not directly to them. There were too many things he had yet to understand, for one, this space they were in now. So instead, he said his final words.

“You left me a message, so now I want to leave you with one as well. If you’re neither going to help nor kill me, you should step out of my way, or I will be the one coming after you.”


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