My Vampire System Chapter 1714: Intruder

The ball of green energy, which earlier looked like a miniature sun, looked even more so as the colour of the energy slowly began to change. Finally, the giant ball turned entirely red with the aura, growing in size with every passing moment.

[A large amount of blood is leaving your body]

[HP is decreasing due to blood loss.]

“I guess I can use as much blood aura as I want without it affecting my HP, but using my Celestial Energy this way, by inflicting a wound myself, isn’t exactly the best choice for a prolonged use, but it’s all I got right now.”

Once the energy had completed engulfed the green ball, something strange started to happen.

The red energy ball’s power began to spread throughout the city, and the devices that used this energy also started to emit the energy.

It started to rise up like a red fog, eventually reaching the skies and turning them completely red. The people down below were beginning to panic, as it looked like death was upon them all.

“I did say he could do as he wished, but I didn’t expect him to do this,” Logan said, placing his hands on the ground.

He was accessing the city’s system. He ran the whole city using the technology that he integrated with the giant energy ball.

However, to his surprise, he found out that there was no malfunction. The people below even, when hit by this fog as such, didn’t suffer any harm.

However, the clouds in the sky began to darken, and soon a weird phenomenon occurred, the sky began to rain blood.

“Isn’t this just like back then?!” Hannah exclaimed as she stared at the sky. “This scene is familiar to when Quinn faced off against Graham.”

It did seem familiar to Logan. Only there was more chaos back then, vortexes of blood, and even red lighting.

Still, this scene was pretty close to what had occurred back then. To do this much without blood or war around, Logan was impressed.

“You certainly seem to keep getting stronger, but it makes me wonder whose attention you will get with this display”

The sky was dark red, and the clouds had spread far out of the city, hovering over the sea. Quinn stopped sending his celestial energy into the ball and decided to fly back to the roof below him.

He had hit the ground on one knee, feeling a little exhausted. He had used most of his celestial energy up, and it seemed to take a toll on him, most likely because of the large amount and for realising it directly out from his blood.

Still, the energy continued to spread, and if one was to look at the Earth from a distance, one could see a big red dot on its surface.

On top of that, it had somewhat done its job. However, it had done its job a bit too well, unknown to Quinn.

The strong celestial energy wasn’t just felt by those on Earth, but others who had been keeping an eye on Earth could also feel this strange energy.

“It looks like a rookie has just discovered his powers, are we meant to be impressed?”

“There seems to be a lot of chaos going on around Earth these days, Are the others even doing their job?”

“Immortui has taken a liking to the place. He has been having a lot of fun there for a while, and it has been a good energy source for him.”

“Hmm, Immortui is quite troublesome, yet he allowed for a new celestial to act so rampantly? The amount of energy isn’t even that great!”

“You know, that energy doesn’t always correspond with strength.”

“It just allows us to influence things in a specific direction more. Besides, when was the last time you met a new celestial that reached this level, rather than being celestial since birth.”

“I would say that things might become very interesting on earth.”

*** *** ***

The energy had finally dispersed, and Quinn was recovering quite quickly and was no longer using the energy. His strength was back to normal, and he could use his blood powers, Qi and shadow freely.

The only thing that was affected for a while was the celestial energy itself.

“What did you do?” Mitchell asked.

“I sent a message out, telling someone that I was here. You might be getting a few visitors, Logan, but you said it would be fine, right? They could handle it?” Quinn asked.

Quinn was hoping it would catch a particular vampire’s attention: Laxmus. Something strange had been happening ever since he woke up, and Quinn had a theory that it had something to do with another celestial being.

The one who controlled Laxmus. Putting the pieces together, Richard Eno stated that he had been the one to summon a god into their world, and that was how he and others were turned into the first vampires.

This included Laxmus. Now knowing more about the celestials, it was clear that Laxmus was serving another celestial as a dedicated follower.

Maybe he had become a celestial on his own, or a God Slayer, no one knew, but this Celestial and Laxmus had enough time to gather energy for more than a thousand years while Quinn was asleep.

As Logan said, they were cocky and probably, would love to try and take Quinn’s energy for their own.

On top of that, seeing that the marking was on an item, perhaps there were more followers other than Laxmus and the red vampires.

“Well, I guess now would be the best time to tell you this,” Logan smiled. “There actually should be an influx of visitors from all over soon because I have created a special event.”

Logan typed away on his arm for a few seconds, and a screen appeared in front of them all.

“The Special Unbeatable Green city challenge. Face off against the strongest Green City Battle Robots and win the legendary prize belonging to the Great Hero Quinn!”

The others looked at the promotion, a well-made video, of those fighting off against the black Al robots they had faced before.

Showing different abilities in an area of some type, then there was an image used, the one of Quinn right at the end, but it was of the old style Quinn.

“What’s the special prize?” Jessica asked, excited.

To which Logan tapped his lips.

“Now, that’s a secret: enter the event if you really want to know. Anyway, after your little display here and the tournament to be held in the next few days, I’m sure there will be some you would like to meet.”

“The event is a good way for us to gather information about the strength of our own, the strength of our enemies and allies.”

“Not everyone was at the Chained event, and I’ll keep the borders open so we can catch some Red Vampires. You don’t have to enter; just enjoy the show.”

Quinn wondered why Logan hadn’t told him this before. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to have done his little act, but anyway, Logan was right that it most likely would attract even more people.

With that done, everyone was going to head back inside the building. Maybe explore the city again now that they had a couple of days ahead of them.

But just as Quinn took his first step, a bright light suddenly appeared below his feet, surprising everyone.

It was a circular light that only surrounded him.

“Logan, the f#ck is that?!” Peter shouted as he suddenly had a bad feeling and instinctively stepped towards Quinn.

“That’s not me; I didn’t set this up. Quinn, get out of there!” Logan was shocked too.

But before they could even understand what was happening, Quinn had long disappeared from the spot.

*** *** ***

Quinn found himself in a bright empty white void. It reminded him of his shadow space, only the polar opposite. Still, one person stood opposite him, and in her hand was a staff.

“What have you done!” She immediately cried aloud as soon as he appeared.


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