My Vampire System ​Chapter 1713: A Beacon

Heading down the hallway, Quinn was relatively surprised to see Jessica hadn’t gone off too far, but he could hear her heart racing and noticed a strange expression on her face.

Stepping off, running full speed ahead, Quinn went to her side and had shadow equipped his gauntlets.

Jessica was pulled close to Quinn’s chest as he clad his one hand around her shoulder and was ready to summon his blood aura.

“Who is it… how many of them are there?” Quinn asked.

Being held by Quinn and so close, Jessica felt heat rising in her cheeks. The strange voice in her head already flustered her, and now this.

“Wait, Quinn, there’s a misunderstanding there is no one here… at least I think there is no one here.” Jessica explained.

Just in case, before putting Jessica down. Quinn tried to sense if there were any different energies around.

Unfortunately, he didn’t feel any foreign celestial energy or red aura, only parts of Of coming from others in the vicinity.

None of them seemed threatening, and since Quinn couldn’t really detect them that well in the first place, unlike Leo or Erin, so seeing it was safe, Quinn released his grasp over Jessica.

“I’m sorry, it’s just when I saw you looking like that, it reminded me of when you were with the Chained. I thought you were in trouble again.” Quinn explained, not wanting to seem like a creep.

While Jessica was calming herself down, she started to think about whether she should explain to Quinn what had happened.

The thing was, she wasn’t exactly sure herself, what it was or who it was. Either way, it seemed like someone who knew about her past.

“Quinn,” Jessica said in a soft voice. “There is something I need to tell you, something about me I think you need to know before we continue to travel. It’s something that might get you in trouble.”

Quinn could tell that this was quite a serious matter, so he instantly brought her into the shadow space.

Here, no one could hear what was about to be said. But, honestly, Quinn had come here to speak to Jessica himself to comfort her.

Looking around, Jessica gave herself a deep breath. It was still hard to believe that she was really standing by the legend himself.

“You heard what Hannah said about me before, about how I’m a vampire,” Jessica said.

Hearing this, Quinn started to think back. He actually wanted to speak to Jessica about this because if Jessica really was a dhampir, how could she control her urge?

Maybe if he found out this was the answer to also stopping Erin from whatever was happening to her.

“I am sure you already know that dhampir are formed after getting turned by another Dhampir.”

“Other than that, a dhampir can also appear due to a subclass. However, there is a rumour that those aren’t considered true dhampirs.”

“Many believe that a real dhampir is the one who was conceived and came to this world naturally I’m sure you know that a vampire and a human can’t have a baby, but what if I told you that did happen?”

“Quinn, among my parents… my mother was a human, and my father was a vampire.”

“Wait, Jessica was born as a dhampir… and from her words, she’s the only one that has come into this world this way.”

“Does anyone know about this, is that why you don’t have the same urge to attack vampires as the others do?” Quinn asked.

“I don’t have the urge other dhampirs have. I thought maybe it was because the dhampir part of me was weak or something, but I’m afraid that there are people who know the truth about me, and perhaps the Chained also captured me because of my identity.”

“I don’t know if I’m special; I don’t feel special at all, but there might be those who believe such rumours and will come after me because of that.”

From Quinn’s memory of living Vincent’s life, he remembered that one of the families attempted to create a dhampir by capturing humans and mating with them.

It was why Vincent had ended up killing the leader and leaving the vampire settlement. For some reason, vampires believed that a dhampir would be the death of the vampires.

After learning what was happening with Erin, Quinn believed that to be the case, but what if it wasn’t?

What if Jessica, who was in front of him now, was what they were afraid of?

“Let me know if you feel any different, and Jessica, as long as you stay near me, I will try my best to protect you from anyone who wishes to harm you,” Quinn replied, clenching his fist.

“I won’t let a second Erin appear. Last time I brushed off the responsibility to Leo, but I won’t let that happen again.”

*** *** ***

Since the group had no next destination to go to yet, the intent was to stay with Logan until they had a plan.

After having a pleasant night’s rest, Hannah wished to speak with everyone the following day.

She stood in the room, which they all shared so they could keep an eye on each other, explaining her plan.

“I can’t get in contact with the Red Vampires as I wish, not at the moment,” Hannah explained.

“Instead, I have to wait for them to contact me. However, I think I have a way we can try to find those that might have more information.”

“Those with the Red Vampire markings. The only people who can travel freely through this city are Travellers. They are considered a third party or sometimes mercenaries.”

“They live in all kinds of cities, without supporting either group, just wanting to make a living by hunting beasts and doing odd jobs.”

“Many Red Vampires disguise themselves as travellers for this reason. It might be hard, but perhaps we can run into a few of them and gather information.”

“There might even be a few who would recognise me and would help, but if they know me, I doubt that they would have more information than I have.”

“That could take an extremely long time,” Logan said as he entered the room uninvited.

“How about rather than looking for them, you make them look for you? These groups are cocky, and everyone believes they are the strongest, but that’s because they don’t know the great Quinn has returned.”

“Maybe we should send a message to everyone?”

Thinking about it, maybe there was a way for Quinn to attract the Red marked Vampires if he released the large amount of celestial energy he had gained?

It would make them aware that another celestial was there.

However, it was risky because it could attract the wrong celestial, perhaps even God Slayers that Quinn had recently learned about, or it might also scare others away. On top of that, it would make the City a battle zone.

“The City can protect itself, and besides my Son, Vicky and I are here as well. So trust me, whatever comes this way, we can deal with it.” Logan said as if he could read Quinn’s mind.

“Finding the Red Vampires and their leaders is important to you. I’m just embarrassed I can’t be of more help.”

Make my enemies come to me?’ Quinn thought about it for a while, but in the end, he needed to find the Red Vampires before the dhampirs did.

Of course, he could try and go to the Pure base, but facing someone on par with Chris and Zero on his own was too much. Perhaps fighting in Logan’s territory gave them an advantage.

After deciding what to do, Quinn had requested to go to the top of the tower

And soon, everyone was out on the roof, waiting to see what he would do. On the roof, there were two large spikes above them that almost pierced the sky.

Then above that was a large floating ball of sparkling green energy, as if restricted between the two spikes. Quinn could tell it was pure beast energy. Logan had created this defence system for the City.

“Logan, I’m going to borrow this, and as you said, I’m going to tell everyone that I’m not afraid and that I’m right here if they want to fight me.”

Quinn flew up to the green ball of energy using the demon tier item.

He then activated the celestial energy throughout his body, and the others on the roof suddenly saw the energy ball going through his body.

He couldn’t keep this up for long otherwise, the demon tier wings would be destroyed. At that moment, he created a small cut on his hand and controlled his blood so it would constantly flow into the giant green ball of energy.

He was infusing his celestial blood aura with the Green energy.

Soon, the ball started to turn red, and the whole sky did with it, casting over the entire City. Quinn activated more and more of his celestial energy into the green ball, and it spread all over the City.

“I won’t run away, I’m right here,” Quinn said, holding his hand out on the ball.

Seeing his actions, Logan couldn’t help but smile. Was it time for Quinn’s official return?


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