My Vampire System ​Chapter 1712: Blood Amulet

The demon tier amulet would be the first weapon to receive the celestial marking of Quinn. He thought it was a good choice for many reasons.

For one, the object’s size was small, it was almost insignificant for him in terms of power boost, and lastly, this was perfect for a trial because of its high tier.

The effects of the marking were still unknown. At the same time, since Quinn would permanently lose the celestial points, he didn’t want to test out such skill on a weapon of a low tier grade.

And at the same time, he thought it would be a good way to help Lucia be less dependent on the others and a gift from him as gratitude to her ancestor, Robin Graylash.

“In the future, when I have more Celestial points to play with, I can start to do more testing, but first, I need to see what this skill does.” Quinn thought.

A red glow appeared around the Amulet, and the red celestial energy could be seen moving through Quinn’s veins. The glowing red energy was soon pumping towards the Amulet.

Just like when passing on the energy to others, Quinn could feel it exiting his hand and finally, the red glow stopped, and so did the celestial energy flowing through Quinn.


[You have successfully marked the Demon tier Amulet]

[You have created “The Celestial Blood Amulet’]

Opening his hand, Quinn could see that the appearance of the Amulet itself had changed. The marking on the entire front had the red dragon with wings engraved on it. At the same time, the colour of the Amulet was now a dark red.

“Quinn… what did you do?” Lucia asked, looking at the Amulet.

It was time for him to find out for himself.


[This Amulet contains a marking from the Celestial Quinn Talen]

[The Amulet can draw energy from the blood that has been split within a fifty-metre radius. Energy will be kept in the Amulet until used for one of two things. The Amulet can empower the user with blood energy, combining with the user’s current blood energy, combining with the user’s current powers.]

[The second use of the Celestial Blood Amulet is to use the blood gathered to create a blood clone. The blood clone’s life will be linked to the amount of energy in the Amulet.]

Reading the Amulet’s effects, if someone told Quinn there was an item that could do such a thing, he wouldn’t have believed it no matter what.

For one, the Amulet basically granted anyone wearing the time blood aura to play with. Furthermore, it enabled them to do this without having to be turned.

At the same time. Quinn noticed the particular note that they could combine this with their current powers.

Perhaps, Lucia would be able to do something akin to the red blood lighting Quinn had produced at one point.

Then there was the second ability of the Amulet, the blood clone. Although Quinn didn’t know how strong the clone would be, the clone itself reminded him of his own blood bankability.

If the enemies hurt the clone, it would heal itself using blood from the Amulet.

“To be honest, the abilities of the amulet aren’t too far off what they were before.”

“We still need to gather energy to use this weapon, and the only difference is that the energy is now blood instead.”

“Still, the effects of the item itself are different, and it could be a coincidence, but I doubt it.” Quinn thought.

Thinking about this, Quinn wondered if there was perhaps a way to create a celestial item from scratch.

Rather than marking existing demon tier items, what if there was a way to use a demon tier crystal or add his own blood and celestial energy to the mix during the creation process? Perhaps it could create something truly impressive weapon?

“To do that, I would have to find a forger. There are probably other forgers out there who can create demon tier items, but… honestly, I feel guilty.”

“I don’t want anyone but Alex to create my weapons, and I want to stick to that.”

After seeing the status of the newly marked weapon, it was time for Quinn to see how much Celestial Energy it cost him to level up the item in the first place because he was sure that it was a large number, more so than any of the transfers of energy he had done before.

[2000 Celestial points have been used to consume to create the Blood Amulet.]

[5235/2605 Celestial energy]

Quinn was relieved that he still had plenty of celestial points for himself Because he still wasn’t sure if he would need them for his upcoming battles.

Still, it took a large chunk of his celestial points to create one weapon, so he wouldn’t be doing it again any time soon.

“I wonder what would happen if people stopped meeting my condition? I know the system stated that my level would go down, but what about the weapons I mark?”

“Will they remain at this level, or will they also downgrade?”

Regardless, no one could answer the question for him now.

Then, handing the amulet over to Lucia, he explained what effects it could now do, and once again, the others in the room were amazed. Others in the room had never learnt of anything like this before.

“You… are someone worth worshipping this whole time,” Hannah exclaimed while taking a deep breath, “Quinn, I haven’t said much… because I had…”

“Let’s leave it here for now.” Quinn said, “I don’t know my relationship with the Red Vampires just yet So I would like to keep our relationship for now like this as well.”

“After all, I haven’t told all of you yet, but I plan to find the Red Vampire’s base and their leaders.”

“If you truly believe what you said, try and help us get to the red vampires and help me find Layla.”

Saying this, Quinn glanced at others for a moment and then left the room, heading out to find Jessica wherever she was.

*** *** ***

Jessica hadn’t actually gone that far out of the room. But, once down the hallway, she had stopped realising that she didn’t really have anywhere to go.

“I can’t believe I just stormed out like that: I shouldn’t have acted like a spoiled brat in there.”

“I mean, Quinn was the one that saved me; how could I just shout at him like that after everything he’s done for me.”

Embarrassed by her actions, Jessica covered up her face and slowly started to slide down the corridor wall until she was sitting on the floor.

“I was just so useless, I couldn’t get out of that wedding, and I’m useless now. Of course, Quinn would never like someone like me.”

“That’s not true.” A voice suddenly replied inside of Jessica’s head. It was the first time she had ever heard something like this; thus, she was so stunned that she couldn’t even react as the voice continued.

“Did you know that Quinn was also considered weak for most of his life? There was something that Logan didn’t project in that museum, and that was Quinn’s life before his rise.”

“It was much harder than a life you have ever experienced, and yet he had decided to change it.” The voice said.

“Huh, wait, who are you? How do you know Quinn? How are you even speaking in my head right now?”

“Jessica was trying to think, but the only one with this ability was a few vampires with the Red Vampires, but then why would they be here or trying to cheer themselves up.”

“You don’t have to worry about me but worry about yourself. Believe me, Jessica, I know about you.”

“Who your parents were, your father, your mother. You’re what the vampires once truly feared, and now it’s up to you to change that.”

“You are a natural-born vampire, no correction, and you are also a natural-born dhampir, unlike the Queen. You will play a significant role in Quinn’s journey.”

“Wait,” Jessica stood up. “How do you know that? Who are you?!”


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