My Vampire System ​Chapter 1711: Power share

Everyone stood up from their seats, and their mouths were left wide open. The girls, in particular, looked like their cheeks were red tomatoes, unable to let the words come out of their mouths.

“She… certainly is a daring one.” Hannah thought. “Making that declaration in front of everyone!”

“Does this mean that now Minny will have a baby brother and sister, now that the two of them kissed?” Minny asked, a little excited.

“Huh, what? That’s not how babies are made,” Peter replied, scoffing at the child.

“Are you an idiot? Babies are made when a man and women…” Peter felt a hand placed on his shoulder.

“Please, don’t say anything more; she’s just a child,” Mitchell whispered, wanting to protect the innocent child, who started to sob.

“Minny is not an idiot!” MInny started to cry out loud.

There was so much chaos in the room at once, all from a simple kiss. However, one person had his hand raised over his lips and seemed calmer than usual.

“Muka,” Quinn said. “Explain what you mean.”

“I heard from the others that you gave them a marking proving they were loyal to you and granted them great power.”

“So I wish for you to do the same.” Muka explained.

Quinn thought something had occurred that something was strange. The kiss didn’t feel like Muka had done so out of compassion or love.

On the contrary, it was almost as if it was a task that she had to do. “Then, why would you kiss him!” Jessica shouted.

“Lucia said that Quinn just gave them the marking, you didn’t have to kiss him!” Muka then looked towards Minny.

“She claimed that it was the way one had to prove their loyalty and get a marking.”

Hearing this, Minny had stopped her sobbing. When she felt several eyes on her, she started to curl up and back into a ball before giving off a soft smile.

“Hehe, I… I… I’m sorry!” Minny shouted.

While the two were walking to the meeting room, Minny had an idea to make it so both Muka and her father would be happy.

“I just thought that Daddy would be happy getting a kiss from such a beautiful girl, and I thought that Muka would be happy as well. I didn’t know everyone would hate me.” Minny looked like she was ready to break into sobs once again.

That was until everyone consoled her. “Don’t be silly, and don’t worry, no one is angry at you, Minny,” Jessica said. “Just next time, help us all out, okay.” Jessica winked.

The commotion seemed to be over. Now that Quinn knew what Muka wanted, he explained everything that was going on to her, especially about the changes Muka might experience.

“I accept. I told you before that I already think I have spent my time up in this world.”

“So agreeing with this is a no-brainer if I can finish it by helping your majesty and find out who dared to steal the vampire tombs.”

Kneeling down, and as Quinn started the process, a marking appeared on her body that others couldn’t see, but she could feel that it was successful.

Now it was time for Quinn to see just how many celestial points he could give to Muka.

When giving the points, he told her to inform him when she started to feel pain. Surprisingly, Muka’s limit with celestial points seemed to be at the 100 mark.

So currently, she had 100 points of celestial energy, which was more than the others in the group.

“The Red Vampire that I took care of didn’t have many celestial points… I wonder if this will make her the target of other celestials?”

“I’m also interested in what form she will take on. Just based on her ability and appearance, I have absolutely no idea.”

At the same time, it wasn’t exactly the place to test such a thing. Although the celestial energy was in their body, Quinn could only tell when being close.

It was easier to feel when actually using the celestial energy, and he thought this would be the same for the other celestials.

The last thing he wanted was to make Green City into a war zone because he was testing a few things.

After that, Quinn decided it was best for him to increase the celestial points in the others. So, first, he went ahead and gave celestial points to Mitchell.

When giving him energy, he seemed to have improved from the last time. Maybe it was because he had used the celestial energy somewhat now, but he could control 20 points of celestial energy.

Lastly, there was Minny and Peter. Earlier, Quinn wasn’t so sure about giving Minny a lot of celestial energy, especially if it would make her a target.

Still, since she should be with him most of the time, he knew they would be a big target anyway since they would be travelling as a group anyway.

In the end, Minny said she didn’t feel any pain until 100 points of celestial energy, putting her at the same level as Muka.

“That is impressive; I knew Minny was special for some reason, but to be able to contain as much energy as a vampire lord leader… it’s amazing!”

Minny was proud of herself as she walked with her chest puffed out.

“Alright, Quinn, give me whatever you got!” Peter said, punching his fist as if he was ready for a fight.

Just like the others, Quinn slowly transferred Celestial points to Peter one by one, waiting for him to feel pain. Peter wasn’t one to feel pain, but he could feel the energy entering him.

“Come on, Quinn, I can tell you have a lot more than that… just give it to me!” Peter shouted.

Quinn didn’t want to give in, but it seemed like Peter had no trouble at all even though they had already passed the 100 mark with Celestial points.

“I have a lot of celestial points… but I wonder how far can Peter go?” Quinn thought.

Eventually, Peter had gone past the 200 mark, and it continued pushing him past 300 and even crossed the 400 mark.

“Peter’s body can contain a lot more celestial points than the others..what’s the reason for this. Is he close to being a celestial himself?”

“…or even a God Slayer? He is the closest to me in terms of strength from all of these, but if he is a dedicated follower… maybe I am holding him back?”

Thinking about this, Quinn had stopped when it finally reached five hundred.

“Wait… I can keep going.” Peter asked for more.

“I know you can, but I need to keep some energy for myself, and I think you should continue focusing on getting strong on your own. You don’t want to just rely on my strength.” Quinn stated.

“What about me?” Jessica said. “Why won’t you give me any of this special energy!”

Seeing what had occurred, Quin somewhat expected something like this to happen.

“Jessica, you’re young, and you have a long life to look forward to. Although I don’t mind you travelling with us, this marking is something that I can’t reverse.”

“I promised to look after Minny since she is my responsibility, but you? Do you think you will be travelling with me forever?”

Hearing this, Jessica clenched her fist and stormed out of the room.

“Fine, I understand… I will see how it is!”

Quinn didn’t know what to do but thought that it would be best to leave her be for a while.

Because right now, he didn’t have a solution to make her feel better. Still, he could see someone else who looked a bit left out and down in the room.

Walking over, Quinn moved his hand towards her and lifted the pendant in front of her.

“Lucia, Logan has given me this pendant, and it is yours to keep.”

“Although I won’t be making you a dedicated follower, I do have another gift I can give you.” Quinn stated as he gripped the pendant tightly,

[Would you like to place a Celestial Marking on the Demon-tier Amulet?]



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