My Vampire System ​Chapter 1710: Wife Candidate!

The others were currently being offered whatever they wished in the canteen.

Due to it being the main workplace for Logan and somewhat his home, there were many important staff around them who helped the Green city function.

Although most of the facilities were handled by robots and AI, certain jobs needed the human touch, such as communication with other cities, decision making on large projects and more.

Logan had learnt that not everything could be decided with numbers and figures. Sometimes just because it was the best decision on paper didn’t mean it was the best decision overall.

Although the guests were enjoying their time, it was safe to say that many others were looking their way because it was unusual for certain guests to visit the place.

“Hey, Muka, don’t you think it’s best if you put on your helmet?” Vorden said. “I think that’s why everyone is looking this way.”

Muka turned and looked at the others in the room, giving them a smile, which almost caused a fight, as the men were rushing over, trying to see who would approach her first.

Eventually, it looked almost like a stampede was coming their way.

However, before the men could even reach, the black AI Robots stood in their way, stopping them from getting closer.

“It is hard to eat with a large helmet,” Muka stated. “Besides, they didn’t show my face on that video, so I am free to go about as I wished.”

The others awkwardly smiled because they knew that if Muka did walk down the streets, she wouldn’t be able to move freely.

The reaction of onlookers in the room was just a small presentation of what could happen.

Muka was such a beauty that even being rejected by her was a blessing for many if they could manage the will to approach her in the first place.

“Why is Auntie single if she is so beautiful?” Minny asked as she slurped her juice boxes, now on the fifth one.

The others were wondering what the answer was. After all, it wasn’t like vampire leaders didn’t have relationships.

“I think the answer is clear,” Mitchell commented.

“There would need to be someone who matches her beauty, smarts and strength. In short, they would need to be an even luckier person than her.”

Thinking about this, it seemed impossible that there would be such a person, the others thought, but there was one suggestion from a certain little sweetheart.

“What about Dad?” Minny claimed.

“I think dad is handsome, strong, and awesome when he is fighting and has this really cool look on his face when he is saving someone.”

Minny had hopped onto the table and raised her hand in the air, imitating when Quinn had summoned the dragon and his facial expressions.

“You’re talking about his Majesty?” Muka put her delicate long and soft fingers on her chin and gazed into the distance with a thoughtful expression on her face, “He certainly is the most impressive man I know… I wonder.”

“Does Quinn have someone he likes?” Jessica suddenly blurted out while twiddling her fingers.

“I mean… you know we learnt about his life in the museum, but there wasn’t a single person mentioned who could have been his wife or a partner.”

It was obvious to most on the table that Jessica had feelings for this person.

“You see what happens, Quinn.” Vorden thought.

“You go around saving these damsels in distress, and they go falling for you. Meanwhile, all you are concerned about is helping and saving them.”

“He does.” Peter finally answered. To which all the women, including Hannah, were surprised to hear this.

“Vorden should know this as well. There was someone that seemed to be closer to him even before us.”

“She was always there to support him… it makes me wonder what he’s going to do next.”

The others couldn’t help but think about just who this girl could be, and in the end, Lucia, who could tell the other girls were too shy to ask, had decided to pop the question.

“Who is it…do we know her? Is she a famous figure?” Lucia asked.

Just as Peter opened his mouth to reply, they heard the clicking of the automatic door, which soon opened, and they couldn’t help but glance to see who it was.

And upon seeing who it was, everyone subconsciously decided to keep their mouths shut, apart from Minny, who jumped off the table and ran up to Quinn and spread her arms for a hug.

“Have you been a good girl?” Quinn smiled as he lifted Minny up, like a real father playing with their child.

This loving father figure moment of Quinn holding up Minny just made it, so the other girls feel a small pain in their hearts.

Soon, another stood up and walked towards Quinn. It was the dark-haired Vorden.

“Quinn, I didn’t want to leave until I said goodbye to you,” vorden said, placing his hand on Quinn’s shoulder.

“I just wanted to tell you that I have to leave soon. The Blade family, me and Shiro are currently their leader.”

“You saw how dangerous the Chained could be. Fortunately, not all of the Chained were siding with Russ, and those that were, we need to keep them in check in case they create any trouble.”

“In fact, we, the Blade family, have unanimously agreed to keep the sinful Chained members in check and not let them ruin anyone’s lives. We pledged to make up for our family’s doings.”

“Of course, if you need help with anything, like the Chained event or taking down the dhampirs, we will be there to support you. Although I have a feeling, you won’t need our help.”

Placing Minny on the floor, Quinn and Vorden gave each other a hug. Shiro then swapped out with Vorden, and the two gave each other a big hug once again.

“You should visit the Blade family area sometime,” Shiro said, handing Quinn a small card.

“If you give anyone that card, they will be able to take you to us. Or just put it in one of the spaceships, and it will activate the autopilot feature.”

After bidding their goodbyes, Quinn walked up to the table, to which all of the girls almost starred away from him.

“What is going on here?” Quinn asked.

Minny looked toward the other women, and a smile appeared on her face.

“They’re talking about who should become your Wif…”

Lucia had a stream of lightning following her before Minny could finish what she was about to say, and her hands were already covering the latter’s mouth.

“We were just waiting for you,” Lucia said.

“What’s the plan? We know there are a lot of things for you to do.”

The group moved to a private meeting room, away from others, as what they were about to say were personal matters.

“Before I go on, I want to make sure that everyone still wishes to journey with me.”

“After all, you now know who I am and what I plan to do, but I understand you all have your own lives. Jessica, you could now stay here, under the protection of the Green family.”

“The same is for you, Muka. Lucia, at any point and time, if it gets too tough for you, Zinon will be happy to welcome you back to the Graylash group.”

“I understand everyone has their own lives, so if anyone wishes to leave, please, let me know.”

The room was silent, as everyone had already decided a long time ago to follow Quinn.

“Very well, then, as a way of me approaching your loyalty. I will return the favour to you all.”

Quinn had planned to give them celestial energy and had a surprise for Lucia: the Demon tier amulet, but before he could give it, Muka stood up and walked up the front and stood opposite of Quinn.

She placed both hands on his shoulders and looked him up and down before pulling Quinn forward and pressing her soft lips against Quinn’s.

“What is going on… is this… did Muka just kiss me.”

In truth, perhaps Quinn should have pushed away, but feeling her soft lips against his, he was enjoying the moment. Eventually, Muka was the one who pushed away.

“Please… make me yours.” Muka requested.


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