My Vampire System ​Chapter 1708: A Comeback!

“I can’t believe he actually did it.” Andy thought while staring out of the glass wall of his tower towards the Vampire Corps members training in front of him.

“He saw them practising their different skills, including the Blood Strike, as they pushed their body beyond the limits.”

Some had even collapsed onto the ground, asking for blood, as their skin looked dried up and withered from overexerting the skill.

The training had been intense for the Vampire Corps ever since learning about the Dhampirs l plans.

Although Andy already knew that the dhampirs were strong, he never thought they would be bold enough to launch a full-on attack.

Because no matter who is involved, be the attacker or the defender, both of them would be in a weakened state after a while, and there would be a risk of a third party taking advantage of this situation.

Of course, they could just be expecting that the Vampire Corps would keep to their word of not being the aggressors, or perhaps there was the fact that Pure would be there to have their backs.

But in Andy’s eyes, none of these was enough guarantees for the Dhampirs.

The most likely reason would be that they believed they had the strength to take on the Red vampires and the Vampire Corps, which was why Andy had intensified the training routine.

However, Andy’s current expression didn’t have anything to do with this. Instead, it was because of what had occurred at the Chained event.

“I thought my father was exaggerating some of the stories about Quinn, but it seems like he is really the type to act and help his friends no matter what, and in this case, he even succeeded.” Andy thought.

He had been trying to decide what to do for a while now. While the event was taking place, Andy could see what was happening, and even then, he was undecided on whether he should stick to his ways or do as his father had said.

Yet, there was a strange feeling in Andy, and he knew exactly what it was.

“Father, the Vampire Corps you and mother created… l thought it was my duty to take it over for the longest time, and I have done it with everything I had.”

“I don’t know if I have done an excellent job or not, but I have always tried my best for you.”

“Only to find out that the Vampire Corps was never intended for me and was meant for him.”

Andy played the video again, which showed the confidence in Quinn’s face as he summoned the dragon from the shadow.

There were also videos of the fights from those who followed Quinn. Andy had watched all the videos again and again for some reason.

Trying to clear his head a little, he then decided to take a step outside and walked amongst the Vampire Corps people.

Wherever he passed by, the members would pause and give him a salute while uttering his name and his post – the Commander in reverence.

Standing directly on the training field were around five thousand or so vampires. Finally, everyone stopped their spars and turned towards their Commander and saluted him. Looking at them all Andy smiled.

“Maybe you are more deserving to lead them than me.” Andy thought.

“I guess they do belong to you.” He whispered something to one of the lieutenants by his side, and he soon rushed off and gathered five more men to help him with the task that he had sent.

Feeling that something was about to happen, the Vampire Corps members stood there in silence while waiting for Andy to say something.

The lieutenant vampire returned a few moments later along with the five members, and they were carrying something with them.

It was a large statue of the Hero Quinn. It was thick and heavy in size, but the vampires, with their strength, were able to carry it with ease.

They carefully placed it on the ground, and everyone stared at the greenish statue. The statue was originally made of copper and had a shiny gradient of brown, but over time, it turned green due to its exposure to the environment.

Going to the statue and standing in front of it, Andy’s expression turned everyone silent, and they knew he was about to declare something.

“Recently, I have been going through quite a journey myself, and I know many of you have your own lives and your own adventures that you must have gone through.”

“However, during that journey, I had forgotten the roots of the Vampire Corps. The Corps that my parents created, and the fact that without this person.” Andy pointed towards the statue.

“We wouldn’t be here today. The whole existence of the Vampire Corps today exists because of this person, which is why to show my honour to him, I shall sacrifice some of my blood.”

With the help of his elongated nail, Andy made a small laceration on his own hand and knelt down in front of the statue, letting the blood drip into the ground to be absorbed.

Andy didn’t need to give the others an order or tell them why he was doing this. The members, in turn, started to follow what Andy did as well.

It started with the lieutenant and the other higher commanding officers, and eventually, all the vampires present did the same thing by sacrificing some drops of their blood.

Over five thousand vampires at the main base on earth had done this.

Standing up, Andy looked back at the Vampire Corps Unit, who had followed his actions. He couldn’t help but smile at them once again.

“Once a month, in front of the Great Hero Quinn, we will continue this ritual. We must not forget our roots and must not forget what he has done for us!”

Andy lifted his hand in the air, and others could see two thin lines of blood streaming down his arm as the cut on his arm slowly healed itself.

The vampires followed this action, and they all raised their fists in the air doing the same. It was quite a sight to see.

“I don’t understand your reason for asking me to do this, but I have never seen the vampires more united than ever.”

“Maybe this was your aim? Who knows. However, whatever the case, you have proven yourself enough, so I will listen to you.” Andy thought.

*** *** ***

Seeing this very sight, in one of the towers that surrounded the Vampire Corps base, a man stood in silence, adorning a dark robe that fluttered in the wind.

Seeing his curly hair, and muscular and broad outline, one would guess him to be a man, but he hid his face with a tightly fitted mask covering the lower half of his face.

“The world has once again started to become exciting. And Quinn has returned right at this moment. Maybe all of this is your doing; you always were able to change things, unlike me.”

“If the world sees you in this light and in this way, then maybe I can use that to my advantage somehow.”

The man raised his hand to his mask. It looked like he was about to take it off, but just then

“Hey! No one should be on this tower. State your unit and rank!” A vampire shouted.

Quickly moving his hand into his robe, the man dropped something on the floor and in the next instant, smoke enveloped the entire place.

The vampire tried to focus on the aura and energy it could feel, but he found nothing upon looking through the smoke.

That was because the intruder had already run past the Guard long ago.

“Damn it, an intruder… he was a vampire, I’m sure of it, but what was that other energy that I felt from him?”

“How did I lose sight of them from a stupid smoke bomb!?” The Guard was furious,

Running towards the city that was closely attached to the Vampire Corps base, the hooded man covered himself once more and continued to walk.

When finally entering the city, the man noticed something. All the screens, from big posters to small devices, showed reports about the events in the Chained faction.

It had already been a couple of days, yet it was still a hot topic amongst the populace, and they couldn’t stop talking about the event. After all, the event revealed many things.

Stopping in the middle of the street, the man looked up and on a tower was a large screen showing the frozen-frame image of a certain individual, and below it was a line in bold red letters:

<who is=”” the=”” crazy=”” bloodlord?=””></who>

“Quinn, I guess it’s time for me to act.”


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