My Vampire System ​Chapter 1707: A ping

After Logan concluded the presentation, Quinn was getting a much-awaited catch-up with Logan. At first, they flew around the city in these levitating pods that looked to be powered by strange crystals.

There was clear open glass on one side, while it was pitch black to the outside. This way, only they could see through the other side, while no one else could see inside the flying pods.

Logan knew that their group would attract a lot of attention, so this was the best way to travel around.

It was amazing for them, including the girls who were originally from this time, to see the majestic cityscape.

It was clear that they had never experienced this city before as they gazed upon all of the large structures that shot up from the sea, creating large platforms for everyone to live and move across.

“Many more things have changed in the past thousand years. I know it may not seem like much, but there are.” Logan explained to Quinn.

“As we continue to discover more planets in the beast solar system and out of that, we are learning about different types of minerals and crystals.”

“With this, we have been able to grow our technological state. It allowed us to function more as the vampire settlement had done.”

“This is a time where structures, infrastructures and even computer-based things can be comprised or destroyed.”

Seeing a mother and her child enjoy what looked like a shopping trip down the street, Quinn couldn’t help but smile at this scene.

“I don’t doubt that much of this is because of you,” Quinn replied. “You really have done a lot.”

Continuing their trip, Logan explained all the architecture and even went to explain some of the defence systems they have set up.

Not only was the city protected, but Logan had also created a few advanced satellites and fleets that would be stationed just outside of the earth’s atmosphere.

He went on to explain how Pure was also part of this operation. In the end, the two groups realised that they wished to protect the earth. If that was gone, what would they be fighting over or protecting in the first place?

This security system was there to protect them from any real outside forces that might choose to attack earth, and the collaboration was to show the people that they could do things together.

It was quite impressive, which just begged the question, even more, why all of these groups had to fight?

Just as Quinn was thinking about this. Suddenly, a large explosion went off in the city. The pod quickly turned and moved on Logan’s command and headed towards the explosion.

And when they came close, they saw a masked stranger running through the city.

“That mask… it’s a Red Vampire.” Hannah commented.

“It’s quite close to the facility; perhaps they were trying to find out what information we have.” Logan observed.

“Should we stop him and capture him?” Jessica asked. “You don’t have to worry about that,” Logan replied.

Just as Logan replied, Black armoured Al robots began to come out from the group. And it wasn’t just one, but a number of them, and in the next instant, they were going after the intruder.

It didn’t take long for the intruder to get collared and captured by the robots.

“This system has many defences, and the colour of the Al robots dictates how strong they are… black is the highest grade and the strongest robots the city has.”

“As you can see, they also act as the police force and can deal with the small threats we have once in a while quite well. It’s not every day someone of you two’s calibre would come here.”

Although Quinn didn’t really get to test out the strength of the robots. Peter had crossed arms against them, and he knew they were a pain. And, depending on how many robots the city had, it was safe to say it was well protected.

The tour came to an end as the flying pod moved towards a tower that had a large strange green glowing object on top of it. After careful observation, one could see it was a giant ball of energy.

This was where Logan spent most of his time. Upon entering the tower, Quinn felt the same vibe he did with all the other places of Logan’s he had visited.

The whole place was a controlled mess. Again, items were everywhere, and it looked more like an experimental lab than an office.

However, here multiple different crystals were being experimented on rather than gadgets.

“I guess, as long as he’s got something new to look over, he’s happy to keep spending his time in this world.”

“I thought he would have gone mad after a thousand years.” Quinn thought.

The others were sent to a relaxation room where the staff would treat them with whatever meal they wished to have, and they could finally relax and recover from the battle.

Meanwhile, Quinn and Logan were left to speak on their own for a second.

Before leaving the office, Vorden looked back at the two and closed the door.

“I just wanted to talk to you, just the two of us for a moment or two, Quinn.” Logan started.

“I have been trying to find a replacement for myself, to run the operations from this place, so I have been creating an Al system that is similar to me.”

“I believe if you give me a week or so, I can perfect it so it can go to meetings in my place and can…”

Quinn raised his hand to stop Logan from continuing.

“You don’t have to come with me.” Quinn smiled.

“Look, I know you want to. You stayed, you did all of this, got involved in all of this because of me, and honestly, you don’t understand how thankful I am for seeing the result.”

“After seeing everything you built up and everything you have done, I realised that you are no longer just someone who was part of the Cursed faction.”

“No, that’s not right; you never were just someone who was part of the Cursed faction, you’re Logan Green.”

“You were destined to do great things, and you have done. You have this whole city, I mean, you’re the leader of the Human race, at least half of it.”

“On top of that, you have your own family and all this space force and advanced technological stuff.”

“So I can’t just come here and take you away, and if you won’t listen and still think of yourself as a member of the Cursed faction, I’m ordering you to continue doing what you are doing.”

Logan was speechless for a moment. He slowly pressed his hands on the table and then turned around to look outside through the glass walls of the tower.

“I… I will listen to what you say, but I just won’t follow every order.” Logan replied and turned around.

“As you said, I’m not part of the Cursed faction; I am a Green. That means I can do what I want. So why would I need to listen to you.” Logan smiled.

“Quinn, no matter what, those close to you will follow you. I have observed this fact, and do you know why we will follow you?”

“We all know that you would do anything you could to help us if we were in your place, and that’s why we are willing to do the same.”

“No matter what, whatever you need help with, information, weapons, or if I think you are in trouble, I promise I will help you somehow.”

” I guarantee that. Whatever time of day it is, no matter how tired I am, I will answer your call when needed because I know that you will do the same.”

“I just want to ask you, what are you planning to do now, and how can I help you with it?”

Shaking his head, Quinn couldn’t believe it. Of course, Logan, of all people, would be able to use his own words to find some type of loophole.

“I found out from Andy, Fex’s son, that the Dhampirs are planning an attack on the Red Vampires.”

“It looks like they have some information about their base or where they are located.”

“I was just curious about the Red Vampires before, but now I’ve decided I need to find them.”

“I need to find Layla before the Dhampirs attack them.”

A familiar notification sound popped in his ears just as he finished these words, and two lines appeared in his head.

It was clear it was from his system, but he wasn’t expecting any of this, and when he saw what they were, he was stunned.

[Congratulations, you are now a level 2 Celestial]

[A new celestial ability has been unlocked]


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