My Vampire System Chapter 1702: Black Rock


The AI robots in the room were strong ones and looked a little different from the ones they would usually see. Last time, Quinn remembered them being almost silver in colour. Similar to the metal or Glathrium like material they were made from.

However, these were jet black, with a glowing single circular red-eye, and the core of its ċhėst reinforced, making it quite large and pointed outward a little.

Using his inspect skill. Quinn could see two that all of the Al robots in the room contained Demi-god tier beasts as their core, and there were at least eight of them.

As for the material, it wasn’t glathrium. It was made from Darkrock, which Quinn had never heard of before.

“I have to say this is a pretty good defence for the museum. I’m impressed that Logan went this far… this place must have meant a lot to him.” Quinn thought.

While watching this, four of the robots went towards the group from the front, while at the same time, four of them went towards the back.

Vorden, who was currently in charge of the body, hack hardened his skin and went forward, trying to throw out a punch at the robot.

As the two hands collided, Vorden had surprisingly lost out in strength, and it looked like the hard black exterior was unharmed.

“I wasn’t expecting a fight…” Vorden said as the hardening around him started to disappear, and he was wondering what he could do to help.

Before the wedding, Vorden had time to prepare, but it had been over 24 hours since those abilities had been gathered.

Vorden did touch some of the citizens that were in the museum. It was a habit of his he had picked up at the academy so he would never be in a desperate situation.

Unfortunately, the abilities he had received weren’t the strongest or the best. especially for these robots.

Several blasts of energy had also come toward the group. It would have been easy for Quinn to block this with his shadow, but there were spectators here. Talk about those with the shadow powers had risen lately.

Either way, he didn’t think he would need it. Covering a condensed amount of blood aura in the palm of his hand.

Quinn moved it quickly to each spot of the attacks. When the beam of energy hit his hand, Quinn just had to match the power from the attack with his own blood aura and Qi.

Successfully, moving his hand quickly at each of the blasts quicker than the attacks could come out, Quinn had stopped them all from hitting the others behind him.

Seeing that her king was taking care of that, Muka had also decided to act.

She ran up to a robot that was getting ready to fire another blast toward her. Just before it fired, Muka sped up, running towards it and skidded across the floor.

Her foot had hit the bottom of the robot. It was thrown in the air and slammed onto the ground.

Its energy blast laid on top of its head and went off, blasting it in its own face..

“That was lucky” Hannah thought.

The group had created about two semi-cireles to deal with the robots, one side having Quinn, while the other Peter, so they were never worried.

All of them had confidence after the Chained events that they could certainly get through some Al robots, even if they were in some strange black material.

Right now, Peter was somewhat proving that, as he was faster than the robots, hitting them right in the ċhėst and sending them flying back while avoiding a hit of another, grabbing it by the arm and slamming it into the ground.

There were two more robots, and grabbing each of them by the arm, Peter forced them to use their energy blasters on each other’s heads before kicking them away.

However, while being hit away and flying through the air, the robots would reposition themselves in midair.

They would use small amounts of energy in the palm of their hands to rebalance themselves and then go straight for the attack again.

Once again, Peter would smash them with his strong hard fist, but he noticed that the strange material wasn’t caving in, and that was with him using all of his strength.

“This is getting really annoying.” Peter thought “How do I deal with this.”

While Peter was thinking about what to do or a way to break the strange hard outer shell, he could see that the robot he had knocked away that was closer to Lucia had decided to go for her.

Lucia could see this, and she was thinking about acting but believed that Peter was someone who would keep their promise and would be able to move faster than her anyway.

The robed figure dashed across the room, and something could then be seen coming out from the hood.

It moved lightning fast, and only a whip-like sound through the air was heard. The after image of an object was seen before it disappeared. In the next second, the Black covered Al robot was sliced in half, falling to the ground.

Peter had transformed using his celestial energy, and it looked like his special head-tail could slice through the Black material.

Perhaps he would have found some other way, but this was the sure way to get rid of them and ensure that a certain someone didn’t get hurt.

Still, Peter was careful not to show the tail, using it exceptionally quickly.

On the other side, Peter was somewhat wondering how Quinn would be dealing with this. Their strength in raw power was relatively the same.

Of course, Quinn had better Qi control, Blood control, among other things, but Peter was a little competitive and wanted to see if Quinn had more trouble dealing with the robots than him.

That’s when he could see Quinn holding up one of the robots by its head. Its arms had been twisted in a way, so they could no longer be used.

Still, the others were wondering just what Quinn was doing because when he let go, the robot fell to the ground and never got back up.

None of them did; all of the robots Quinn had grabbed by their head had now fallen.

“Well, I’m happy to know the draining gauntlet still works, and it looks like this body can handle a lot more energy.” Quinn thought.

What Quinn was doing was using his demon tier gauntlet to drain the Qi energy from the robots. Knowing they had beast crystals inside them, he thought he would give it a shot.

After seeing Chris’s amount of energy, the celestial vampire thought it would be best to increase his energy and continue to get stronger even in a place like this.

The intruders had dealt with the Al robots. The others in the room had gone up against the edges of the room, looking frightened.

“They defeated the robots that quickly. Those were the black ones as well. I’ve never seen someone defeat the black ones.” One of them commented.

“Now, what do we do? Should we just break our way out of here?” Peter asked.

Quinn wasn’t too sure that was the right decision. This was a nice place, after all.

“Please don’t,” A voice said, projected over the speaker to the museum.

“I really don’t want to rebuild this place. Especially not from scratch, Just follow the doors while the rest of you stay put, and there will soon be others that will come and help you.”

One of the shutters that had gone down was moved up. while the others remained closed. It was as if someone was telling them to go a certain way Quinn immediately started walking towards the door because he could tell from the voice. It was the one and only Logan.

The group decided to follow Quinn, and eventually, it looked like they had been led to some type of theatre room.

It looked somewhat like the one that showed details of Quinn’s life and the past, but not as big.

For a second, Quinn stopped as he looked at a short man that was across the room. Logan looked a bit older than he did before.

He had even grown a few inches. He only looked a few years older than when Quinn had last seen him, but there was one big change.

Quinn could sense that underneath the strange metallic armour he was currently wearing, that he had a crystal..not just a crystal on him but a crystal in him, and it was a Nest Crystal.

“It looks like a lot has changed since I last saw you.” Quinn stated.

“Yes, and it’s my job to bring you up to date on everything, Logan answered.


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