My Vampire System Chapter ​1701: A Gift

Chapter 1701: A Gift.

Walking up to the case, Quinn could see the item laid out on a cushion in its full glory. It was one of the Demon tier items that Alex way had crafted for him during his time, the Demon tier Amulet.

Demon tier items had always been in a league of their own compared to regular items, and this one in particular had allowed Quinn to turn the tide against his enemies twice.

Once, when the Dalki had launched a full scale invasion against all the planets. Taking control of the Dalki had allowed him to surprise nearly all of them, then the other time was on Blade Island itself. When used with the seedling, it had given him the strength that they needed.

“Whoa, is this actually the real thing and not a replica? It’s the only one that’s locked up this securely!” Jessica exclaimed with excitement.

Usually, even regular people that weren’t in tune with sensing energy would be able to recognize a Demon tier item, but it looked like whatever casing the item had been put in prevented that energy from escaping.

However, as someone who had used it, he would naturally recognise it, though he was wondering how it had ended up here. He could still remember that he had gifted it to Mona…

“It says here, it was a Demon tier item that the Great Hero Quinn had gifted to an ancestor of the Bree family.”

“It was reportedly used by her in the Final Dalki War against the Dalki leader Graham and seemingly lost for a few centuries.”

“Once it was found, Logan Green purchased it for… how do you even pronounce a number with this many zeroes?!” Jessica stuttered when she saw that information.

“Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any information on it. I guess it makes sense, though. If this is the real thing, there would surely be plenty of people that would target it.” Mitchell commented in thought.

“Well, that lack of information has done little to stop people from trying.” Shiro stated with a deep sigh.

“In fact, not just this item, but the whole museum has been targeted by all kinds of groups throughout the years of its existence for multiple reasons.”

“I’m sorry, Quinn, but during your sleep there were many who had dared to pretend to be you.”

“Although the Dalki threat had been gone, your name still held a lot of influence, so there were those that tried to rally others for their cause by pretending to be you, but of course it didn’t work out well.”

“I believe Layla took care of most of them, but sometimes it was Erin or one of us who took them out.”

“I don’t know if you’ve encountered them or not, but there are also people who believe that we shouldn’t celebrate you as a Great Hero to this degree.”

“The majority of those people either don’t believe in your feats, or at least in the severity of the situation overall. The strength of the Dalki had long since been forgotten.”

The Celestial Vampire had already seen the latter case when first chancing upon one of his statues.

There would always be those who didn’t believe in the tales of the past, ȧssuming them to be greatly exaggerated, so Quinn didn’t mind too much. However, he didn’t like the idea of people pretending to be him.

Even if he would want to announce his return, there would surely be a lot of backlash since people would rightfully ȧssume him to be just another case..

He was starting to agree with Vorden about why the old Quinn’ should perhaps be a name left alone and in the past.

“If this belongs to Daddy, then why is it behind the glass?” Minny asked.

Everyone turned to girl and thought about it. It was undeniable that Quinn used to be the original owner, but he had gifted it away.

Given that Logan had paid a large sum of it, who exactly should be able to claim ownership…

“It’s okay.” Quinn said to Minny as he ruffled her hair. “I don’t really need it any more, and besides even if I did have it I think there is someone else here who is more deserving of it, who I would give it to.”

When swaying this, Quinn looked towards Lucia, and she didn’t quite understand.

“This item… it has been crafted from the crystal of the beast that took control of Robin Graylash. Although it can’t bring back your ancestor, I hope it will help you carry on his legacy.”

Lucia’s eyes opened wide, and she went towards the amulet. She looked at it carefully, closer and closer to it, until her fingers rested on the top of the glass.

She never realised that an item would draw so much attention from her after Quinn’s words, but it did, and the others could see the way this had affected Lucia.

However, after a few seconds, sparks started to emit from the glass, and she felt a sharp tingling sensation over her body. Before it was to get worse, she let go.

“Apologies, but I didn’t think you would try to touch it.” Shiro explained.

“As I said, there have been frequent attacks on this place, with the said goal of stealing these items. As a result, all the items, even the replicas, are protected.”

Seeing that she couldn’t get the item, or at least hold it in her hand, Lucia naturally felt a little down. In some ways, Quinn’s words had given her hope.

Mitchell had obtained a pair of Demon tier boots, making him stronger, but Lucia still felt like she had no strength or place in the group.

What better way to help and be more apart than a Demon tier item that was related to her family. A visible form could be seen on the face, and Quinn felt like he was partly to blame.

“Don’t worry, once we meet Logan, I’ll ask him about getting it out of here.” Quinn said, feeling guilty about having overlooked such an obvious issue.

Lucia lifted her head to smile, but the smile instantly turned to shock, as she could see a certain someone doing something behind Quinn. He had already readied his fist, and covered it in powerful Qi.

A large smash sound emanated throughout the museum once the glass casing had shattered into several pieces. Turning around, Quinn could see the amulet being held in Peter’s hand.

“You wanted to give it to Lucia, right?” Peter shrugged nonchalantly when he saw the looks of disbelief on the faces of the others.

“I mean, it’s not like we are stealing anything. As Minny said, it belonged to you in the first place.”

Shiro couldn’t stop shaking his head, and at the same time, there were others in the exhibit that had heard the loud crashing sound.

They, too, couldn’t believe what was taking place. Regardless of all this, there was nothing that Shiro could do now, because it had already started.

Large metal shutters of the entrance and exit of the exhibit hall were closing. The people looked panicked as they were seeing this.

At the same time even outside the exhibit, several barriers of metal looked it to be covering the entire place, making sure no one could leave.

“Well, now what do we do?” Hannah asked.

“We might have to fight a little bit until we can sort this out, because I think Peter’s become their target.”

Several of the training Al robots were seen falling from the ceiling, appearing from the ground. Laser machines pointed all towards where the amulet was and the rest of them.

Despite all that chaos, Peter didn’t seem to care one bit. He simply walked over to Lucia, and carefully placed the amulet with the necklace around her neck.

“Hey… wait Peter!” Lucia stammered, her face all red. She didn’t know whether to be happy about what he was doing, or annoyed, but right now the fear was most overwhelming since everything was pointing at her.

“Don’t worry. They can’t hurt you.” Peter proclaimed, standing in front of her. “Not when I’m here.”

“Oh…” Vorden had swapped with Shiro, because he just had to snarkily comment on this moment. “It looks like you finally managed to find someone other than Quinn to care about.”

*** *** ***

Outside the museum, it had only been a few seconds, yet several vehicles had already turned up. Guards in their uniforms had surrounded the museum to make sure nobody would be able to escape.

That was when an important looking car arrived, and a single person came out, a frown on his face.

“… what are the chances that those guys aren’t involved in this?” Logan thought, a slight smirk forming on his face.


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