My Vampire System Chapter ​1700: Quinn Museum

Chapter 1700: Quinn Museum.

Quinn was silent as he processed what he was witnessing in front of him. Museums are places where proofs and records of important events and people that had impacted history are kept for future generations to see.

Since Quinn hadn’t felt the effect of what he had done first-hand and didn’t feel like a substantial amount of time had passed, he just couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

However, his thoughts were soon interrupted by laughter. Turning around, he saw Peter holding his belly as if he was in pain, hysterically laughing out loud.

“How… just how?” Peter said.

“Why would they make a museum of a single person? Are you a fossil or something?” Peter laughed.

“Oh my gosh! This is the Quinn museum!” Jessica exclaimed, “You really brought us here! I always wanted to visit this place but never got the chance.”

Jessica’s comment had stopped Peter’s laughing, but he was still smirking and raising an eyebrow. Because Jessica wasn’t the only one excited, Lucia e before the credits and Hannah looked to be over the moon about being here as well.

“I guess you guys don’t understand,” Hannah replied as she could see strange looks coming from the two.

“This Museum is quite a famous place. Only one such museum exists on the Earth, located here in Green City.

“You know, getting on Earth is a struggle of its own. You also know that everyone has good opinions of the Great hero Quinn regardless of their faction’s alignment. So naturally, many wish to visit this place, including the Red vampires.”

Hannah was looking up at the grand entrance with a proud expression on her face.

“Wait for a second,” Peter said as he moved closer to Quinn.

“Am I the crazy one? You girls are excited to go into a museum of the Great Quinn when he’s right here in front of you!”

Quinn didn’t know what to do, so he just smiled at the girls. It did make them realise that it was pretty strange, but they still couldn’t contain their excitement. The fact that they were with Quinn still didn’t make sense to them.

To them, he was a fantasy, a myth, a legend that they still had lived most of their lives hearing about and seeing the museum had brought them back to a little of how they were.

“Come on, let’s head inside… and Peter, I think you will be surprised too,” Shiro commented as they headed towards the Museum’s entrance.

The Museum was quite large, and it had a designated route for the others to follow.Surprisingly, as the name seemed, not all of it was about Quinn.

There was information about the Dalki, the vampire and the leaders as well. It even showed some of the subclasses that Quinn had gone against, as well as the bloodsuckers on top of it.

There were even large life-size models of many of them. The others were all amazed by what they saw while playing the information videos.

If one stood next to a statue and pressed a buŧŧon, then a holographic display would play their actions, attacks, and more of what that said beast, creature or the person was like..

While the others were having fun though, for Quinn, it was reminding him of the past and everything that he had gone through.

“This is amazing; everything in here is so detailed,” Lucia commented.

“Yeah, there are vampire subclasses here that even I don’t know anything about. The people who created this place must be very knowledgeable.” Jessica commented.

“That’s because they are.” This time, the one speaking was Vorden instead of Shiro.

“This whole Museum was made by none other than Logan Green. Someone who witnessed this incredible piece of history with his own eyes.”

Quinn knew that wasn’t all. Logan could write things in such detail because he also had memories of Richard Eno. It looked like Logan had omitted some details, and for a good reason as well.

“The best bit is yet to come; follow me.” Vorden said with a huge smile.

They soon walked through the hallway of the Museum and appeared in front of a big gate, above which, five words were inscribed in gold: The Life of Quinn Talen.

Upon stepping in, they had entered a large cinemalike room, but it was in the shape of a giant sphere. The seats were around half full, and as they sat down, everyone waited for the show to start.

Finally, a hologram display began, and now everyone seated felt like they were experiencing life as it had happened about a thousand years ago.

Not only that, but it had started from the very beginning when Quinn had joined the academy. Although Quinn could see some of the scenes were not entirely accurate because he was the one that lived through them.

However, there was extreme attention to detail, and everyone in the video looked real.

“Quinn’s journey began at the Second Military Base Academy. It was where he met life-long friends and experienced a life that inspired him to change the world.” The narrator in the video started to speak.

“One experience and friend that truly had shaped Quinn’s personality back then was a fellow student named Peter chuck.”

Just then, the video showed a frail and sheepish Peter standing near the hallway and nervously looking around with a scared expression on his face.

Suddenly got hit in the gut and was beaten up by the other students. There then was a scene where Peter waited outside of Quinn’s and Vorden’s dormitory, all beaten.

“Doesn’t he look a little like Uncle Peter, and they have the same name!?” Minny said, pointing at the screen.

“But that Peter is really weak… it can’t be him; he keeps getting beaten up in the video.”

Although it really wasn’t something that one should laugh at, Quinn couldn’t help himself. He let out a chuckle seeing the old Peter on-screen compared to what he was today.

“What is that wimp doing!” Peter shouted out loud at the screen.

“Fight them, don’t let them hurt you like that!” Peter stood up from his seat. It looked like he was more frustrated than others regarding his old past self.

The video continued going through what Quinn had done. The experience at the academy, facing the first Dalki together with his friends and then the next adventures, one by one.

Quinn could see that Logan had done well by not showing other characters’ faces, such as Layla or Erin; perhaps there was a reason for that.

Soon, the video showed the demon tier beast and all of the key events that Quinn had experienced. Including what he had done in the vampire world.

Of course, it only went briefly over these things, showing the key things, but the video was done as a well-made movie.

It showed Quinn fighting against vampire leaders, then against Bloodsuckers and more. All three girls and Mithcell hardly blinked as they looked at the screen in amazement. Finally, the video concluded with Quinn defeating Graham.

The video had ended, and as they left the large room, the others couldn’t stop talking about the events they saw.

“I never knew the Great hero had been through so much. No wonder he was so strong.” Jessica commented.

“It makes sense, and it’s even more inspiring that Quinn was never that strong. That he had grown strong through all his experiences.” Hannah added as the rest nodded.

“Again, guys, the guy you’re talking about is right here; you can stop talking about him like he’s dead,” Peter said.

“For me, it was nice seeing you peter.” Lucia finally said, tapping her feet on the ground.

“Your younger self looked kinda cute.”

Hearing this, the others thought Peter would make some remark or shout back in anger like he usually would. Instead, though, he just folded his arms and looked away.

“I guess you’re not wrong.”

“We still have more to see,” Vorden said as they moved to the next room.

When entering, Quin noticed several pieces of equipment that Quinn used to own. He saw the different gauntlets, and there were also replicas of his unbreakable swords, the soul weapon of the twin tails and his other weapons.

However, none of them were the original weapons. At least that’s what Quinn thought until his eyes landed on one item that was encased in a glass box, just like the other weapons.

“That’s… real,” Quinn said. “And to think it’s here.”


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