My Vampire System ​Chapter 1699: Meeting Place

When the video broadcast of the Chained event was being shown live, one person glued his eyes onto the screen, not just to one specific screen but multiple. Watching them all at the same time, trying to make sure they didn’t miss a single second.

Because when they saw Quinn enter the main stage disrupting the big wedding, their heart started to race, and sweat was pouring down from both sides of his head.

“Is that…” With Quinn’s next move, as he summoned the dragon from the shadow, it had confirmed all of Logan’s suspicions.

He was watching the clip multiple times as he looked at a person he hadn’t met in so long. At the time, Logan had tried to contact his son.

However, the Chained had somehow blocked all forms of communication apart from the live streams. Logan could only assume that it was one of the abilities, but by the time he saw that Shiro had decided to help out anyway, Logan knew they were in good hands.

“I can’t believe it, I thought it might have been them, but I also thought I was being tricked. However, he had the Dragon with him; it had to be him.”

“This can’t be some sort of trick. Quinn has really returned.” Logan said, all excited as he continued to type away in his large lab.

He was looking through files, and the videos, bringing up past dates and trying to figure out a pattern. In the end, Logan could assume when it had started and tried to follow all of the events, eventually heading back to when the Dhampirs had first attacked one of the testing planets on a Graylash planet.

“Here… here is the moment they were last seen. But why were the Dhampirs there? Was it a coincidence, or perhaps they somehow knew Quinn was going to be there before even us… but how is that possible?”

“It couldn’t have been Pure, they worked closely with us and if they had such a strong ally to help them, they would never have partnered with us to try and find the red heart.”

There was a lot on Logan’s mind, a lot he wanted to talk to Quinn about, a lot to apologise and a lot of questions he wanted to ask himself, and he would soon be able to. While deep in his thought, Logan was even unable to hear the sound of his lab door opening

“Hey, so you’re watching the video of that intruder guy, right, the one they’re calling the Crazy Blood-lord?” Jake said.

“Russ is missing, and people suspect him as the number one suspect. As for where he is now, you might want to ask Uncle Shiro.”

Although Jake was speaking and Logan was listening, he had done no such thing to show that he heard. This bugged Jake a little, but he was used to it by now.

“I’m sorry that this whole chained collaboration thing didn’t go well for you.” Jake continued.

“Hey, and another thing, I was meant to tell you before but so much happened. I found that other vampire that you were looking for. I took a blow from him; he seemed strong. I can see why you’re interested in him.”

“Strong?” Logan said, turning his head.

“I mean, yeah, based on what I could see, we couldn’t really fight that much. We were interrupted by a beast Horde.” Jake replied.

It was then that a rare occurrence had occurred; Logan smiled.

“I feel he didn’t use all his powers against you, and let me tell you something, that Crazy Blood-lord is the same vampire you went against.”

“Wait, what are you sure, dad? You’re not losing your mind?” Jake said, clearly seeing that the two people were different.

Ignoring his son’s ramblings, Logan started to lock up the Lab and headed out of the room; he had an important meeting to attend after all.

*** *** ***

Entrance to the giant floating City seemed to be a quiet essay for the Blades.

They also had their own private area where they could dock their ship compared to the rest, which was nice for Quinn and the others because, at the moment, every one of them was hot news around the place.

A city guard came running over with several robes over his arm. He had unique uniforms that Quinn didn’t recognise.

It looked similar to the past military uniforms, only more modern, while also having green fluorescent glowing parts, especially around the colour shining brightly.

It was quite clear that these people were guards, which made Quinn wonder why none of them had beast gear on them. They had no weapons or armour, and it wasn’t an exception either.

When going past the public docking station, Quinn noticed that several of the other guards didn’t have any beast gear on them either.

“Are they just that confident that this city won’t be attacked?” Quinn thought.

“I mean, I guess Logan is here; in a 1000 years, he probably was able to create some high tech defences for the whole city.” Quinn thought.

“I’m sorry to do this to you all, but even though this place is safe and I don’t think anyone will cause you trouble if you want to move around the city for the time being until things die down.”

“It would be best if you all wore these,” Shiro explained, taking over the role of conductor while they were there.

It was expected after what they had been through, so everyone happily complied, and as an extra layer of security, both Peter and Quinn had changed their of faces again. They were the more prominent ones featured in the video.

The group could leave the place safely after Shiro had scanned a strange device into a machine. Once knowing who it was, they seemed to give him, and his guests access to all of the areas.

“It’s a privilege… you know, because of who Logan’s wife is and all.” Shiro winked at Quinn.

That was another tale that Quinn was interested in as well. How that came about, he had absolutely no idea.

Walking around the city, Quinn felt like he was actually in the future for the first time. Unlike the Graylash planet that he was on that seemed to embrace the century where Quinn had come from. This city chose to use its new technology to the max.

It reminded Quinn a bit of the vampire settlement, where everything they could see was powder from Beast crystals. However, it had a modern look to it.

The group had gotten in a large levitating vehicle that had appeared almost out of nowhere. There was no driver at all, and ample space for all of them to sit inside when entering.

The next second, they were being dragged along what looked like an invisible glowing line, avoiding all other vehicles travelling at a great speed while also being a smooth, comfortable ride for the rest of them.

The large tower in the middle, was the obvious place where Logan Green lived; anyone could have guessed that, which was why everyone was worried when the vehicle had moved away from that location.

“Hey, wait a second, where are we going?” Peter asked.

“IA meeting place,” Shiro replied.

“Logan has agreed to meet you somewhere else, and I think you will be quite surprised with the venue that has been chosen.”

Not saying much else; the group just had to wait and see. When the vehicle stopped, they realised that they were in front of another sizable building, and there were also several other people at the place.

It wasn’t an area that had many people, but it wasn’t a quiet area either. Still, no one had any clue why they were to meet in this area.

Climbing up the stairs, they were greeted with an open space, where people were casually eating, laughing and having fun, while in the centre there was a statue that Quinn had gotten all too familiar with.

“I smile every time I see it. I can’t get over it.” Peter said.

“So he wants to meet us here?” Quinn guessed, ignoring the more than life-size statue of him.Shiro shook his head and pointed out the direction of the large building behind the statue.

“Not here, but there.”

Looking closely, the others read the words on the building.

[Earth’s national museum of the Great Hero Quinn Talen.]


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