My Vampire System ​Chapter 1698: Woken Up

The crew knew something was going on with Quinn because he had requested access to open up the back of the ship. No one knew why, nor did they ask questions. Things just naturally fell in place for them, all now knowing who he was.

Those that were his friends trusted him, while others knew him as a legend, which they still hadn’t entirely processed the fact he was here through their heads.

When returning, he had done so in an assertive mood, Pulling up a seat, Quinn sat down at the meeting table, and straight away, all of the others gathered around, apart from the other two Blade members who were controlling the ship, continuing to fly to their destination.

“I know many of you have questions you want to ask, and it’s the same for me. So first. I will tell you everything that I know, and then we can try to fill in the spots from there.”

Before Quinn went on to explain to everyone. Vorden had updated him on the videos that had been shown of him online, as well as updating him on what the public opinion of him was. Quinn found it all interesting, to say the least.

He also thought the name chosen was quite silly. However, it was just one of the many different things he had been called throughout his life that he could add to that list.

After that, it was Quinn’s turn to talk. He informed everyone there about his situation, Lucia, Hannah, Jessica Vorden and Muka, who didn’t know the full extent of his past.

Explaining what he could remember after defeating Graham and what had occurred when he woke up.

It came as quite a surprise to many of them, but what came as more of a surprise was perhaps that no one knew anything.

Quinn sat there asking if Muka or Vorden knew anything to do with why he was in that apartment with Peter or who could have possibly moved them.

Again it was another jigsaw that he had yet to find any pieces at all, but perhaps since he was found on a Graylash planet, maybe someone who knew something about Owen’s death would know the truth.

Yet once again, there was no luck between those currently present in the room.

Quinn let out a big sigh, but he never thought that the quests granted by the system would be easy at least not the ones like this.

“I guess I can start by learning a bit more information,” Quinn said.

With Chris fresh in his mind, and the whole Chained event, he looked towards Muka first.

“What were you doing with the Chained in the first place? And, if you were with them, I’m guessing you should know what happened to the settlement.”

There were plenty of eyes on Muka, and not just for the boys. The girls couldn’t stop looking at her either. Lucia, who was in the room, kept glancing at Peter, and it seemed like he was looking at her intensely.

“Of course, he would be hypnotised by a beauty like her.” Lucia thought but quickly caught the eye of Peter looking at her, and she soon turned away.

“Actually I don’t know much about myself, your majesty,” Muka replied.

“Please, there is no longer any need for you to call me that. Especially if there isn’t even a vampire settlement anymore.” Quinn replied.

“I do not know what exactly happened to the settlement, only that it was destroyed, and that is due to news from others” Muka explained.

“You see, after your sleep, things were going well for the vampires. Many of the leaders had perished during the fight, and there wasn’t anyone that wanted to take up your mantle after you had disappeared.”

“Some thought that maybe we should wake up some of the older vampires or the Originals, but it would have been impossible to explain to them the current situation.”

“That vampires and humans were now close allies. So only the council existed. You were the last known vampire king, which is why I call you your majesty.”

“As for me, I had decided to go into a slumber not long after. There wasn’t much left for me to do, and I thought it was time for a new generation to take over. Yet, I was soon found awoken by these people.”

“I trusted my ability and stayed with them for the time being, and I believe my luck is well to have come back to you. So I have only been alive for the last 100 years or so.”

That at least explained to Quinn why Muka of the vampire leaders was alive and didn’t look old. She had slept before her time was up and hadn’t lived for all that time.

Then what happened to the vampire settlement, the castle and everything that was there? What about the tablet that was behind the king’s castle?” Quinn asked.

“I think I can answer this one.” Vorden interpreted.

“The settlement was destroyed. The Graylash family had agreed to look after it since a lot of the planets in the area near the settlement had been given to him to look after. Also, Owen felt like he owed a massive debt to you, so he wished to protect it.”

“However, there was an attack on the settlement. It was too quick for anyone to respond to as well. Right now, there is nothing there, no tablet or anything.”

“A lot of leaders were killed, but most of the vampires were left alive. We don’t know whether it was Pure, or the Dhampirs or maybe someone else; we don’t know. No one saw anything.”

It was strange that no one had seen anything, and it worried Quinn even more. Right now, the most likely culprits in Quinn’s head were Pure. From what Logan had told him, the vampires had a large database of different DNA.

The DNA was used to create the Dalki, If Graham had been infused with Werewolf DNA, then it meant the vampires had to also have the Werewolf DNA kept on file as well.

It would then explain how Pure was able to do what they were doing. Maybe it also was how Muka had been woken up as well.

“But what about the Tablet, where has that gone, and the original vampires and the rest of the tombs. Could it be someone who separated all of us, as Muka had been?” Quinn thought.

“Vorden.” Quinn finally said.

“I wish one of our first conversations with each other wasn’t so heavy. I have already had to deal with that with Fex, but I’m afraid it has to be.”

“I need to know what happened for you to be this way. What about Sil, Raten, and the rest of the Cursed faction? What happened to them?”

“Something has felt off Quinn.” Vorden said after hearing his questions. “Ever since you have disappeared, something has felt off, as if someone was pulling the strings to everything. It feels a lot bigger than just Pure or the Dhampirs.”

“In a way, the Cursed faction knew this, and it’s why I think we all thought it was best if we split to do our own thing because we had to, to find out more information guess we were just waiting for your return, Quinn.”

“With that video, I think you might start to see more people coming to look for you now than you thought.”

Finishing that, Vorden stood up and looked behind him. He could see something through the glass that had put a smile on his face.

After that, he stepped to the side, allowing Quinn to see, and what he could see was a city that had been built up from the sea. A large city that wasn’t on any land but was similar to that of a small country.

“One of those people has already contacted me. There’s more than one person that wants to speak to you, and I think it would be best if we both spoke to you together anyway.”

“We’re finally here. We are here to meet Logan Green. I hope with both of us we can fill you in on everything that happened in the last 1000 years.” Vorden stated.


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