My Vampire System ​Chapter 1697: Crazy Blood-Lord!

Although the world wasn’t under a significant threat like it was before, the current options of the public were split in two, and they were almost fifty-fifty in terms of popularity among the people’s views.

Politics was something the people could no longer ignore. It was one of the many reasons everyone’s eyes were on the Chained’s event that was being broadcasted over all forms of media, and the whole world had turned up to see the grand wedding.

Even though the live broadcast had ended, the occasion was still a hot topic throughout the world, and people were discussing the shocking turn of events they had witnessed today.

Many questions, speculations, rumours, and conspiracy theories were spreading across the internet.

The most common were regarding questions such as:

“Have the Dalki returned? What was the identity of the person who had crashed into the wedding?”

“Were the Chained no longer a faction if they were, which side had they chosen to align with?”

“What will be the reaction of the other factions? How will world politics change now in the upcoming days?”

The people’s primary focus was on the Dragon, who had turned into a humanoid. There was a lot of conversation and segments between hosts talking about this.

“Hey, do you think that was the original Dalki or something, like the person who created them all?”

“I heard about that as well; I guess that makes sense. The Dalki always seemed a bit like a dragon, right?”

“And on video, we all saw that Dragon changed its form into a human. Also, from all the history records, I know that none of the Dalki could do that… and another thing is, aren’t Dalki extinct?”

“So how did a Dalki appear all of a sudden? Could this be the God of the Dalki coming for revenge?”

“What I want to know is if it really was a Dalki, then who was that vampire that summoned them?”

“I don’t think they were working with the other vampires. The Vampire Corps were even fighting against the Dalki, so who was this person?”

The other main topic of conversation was the intruders who had crashed the wedding in the first place.

“Why would they do such a thing?”

“Who were they? What were their goals in all of this?”

“What had happened to them after this battle?”

One thing was clear; this stranger had the shadow power, the power of the old hero, and the power of the current guardians of the Red Vampires.

Most believed it was the attack of the Red Vampires since they seemed to be a rogue group who were against peace and order.

However, as time went on, Aj had finished editing his videos together of the events he had managed to capture.

This was footage that the other reporters didn’t have, and after seeing this, people were beginning to give others a second opinion on the whole matter.

Aj had uploaded his clips in order of events and had shown the Chained in light of who they really were.

While walking around on the day of his arrival, he had gathered many conversations from Chained members, insensitive remarks about what they had done on missions and so on.

He had recorded a lot of this stuff secretly but was unsure of releasing it due to the Chained themselves, but now knowing that they were basically no more, most of his fear was gone, and he uploaded the files without hesitation.

After that, he showed the Chained confronting the intruders and soon, Jessica, the bride meant to be, appeared in the video with her face covered in tears and her make-up ruined.

Witnessing this, people began to question if the marriage was against her wishes?

After Jessica, the videos of battles between those from Quinn’s group against the Chained began to roll.

“This is the real footage of the event that I managed to capture,” Aj said as he appeared at the end of all the combined clips.

“There were many rumours of what the Chained were like, and we know that there were multiple times when the Blade family stopped the former from misusing their powers to bully the weak.”

“Which is why I want to leave the question to you, What really happened?”

“Was it another case of forced marriage by the Chained leader?”

“Was this intruder really in the wrong?”

“If he was, why didn’t he attack the allies of the Chained, and we now know that this intruder had the strength to do so.”

“If you ask me, this whole event isn’t so cut and dry for our intruder, the Crazy blood-lord.”

“There are some hidden plays which we can see if we observe carefully, and I must admit that even though, as a reporter, I always strive to be unbiased and direct, this event has made me take a side, and I am inclined to believe the intruder on this one.”

“Though, yes, I might be wrong, but from all the facts, information and what I have witnessed at the event, I must say, the intruder… could be the innocent party here.”

The video ended there as everyone relaxed back in their seats.

“It looks like the world has already caught onto what you guys have done,” Vorden said, stepping in front of the others.

While Quinn was still doing his own thing, they had watched the videos and the incoming reports about the people’s reactions.

“I can’t believe the whole world has seen me crying.” Jessica hid her face with her palms, embarrassed by her appearance in the video.

“I was in the video as well!” Minny cheered and smiled, standing at the table. They had caught her saving Lucia’s life during the fight, and going through the comments, one can see that she had started to gain her own little fanbase.

“We support the little vampire!”

“We must protect her at all costs! Anyone who touches her shall be burned!”

These were just a few of the many comments people had commented. They were absolutely adoring the little vampire.

Back in the hall, Peter was staring at the screen in front of him with a deep frown on his forehead. “The Crazy Blood-lord?” He said with his arms folded. “What is with these reporters and coming up with these horrible names?”

“This will make things harder for us moving forward, and Quinn is just going to have to use my mud mask again.”

“Why?” Jessica said, standing up and snapping out of her embarrassment.

“Quinn saved me. If everyone knows it was really Quinn who saved me, they would understand, and come to his support, won’t they? So, can’t we just reveal the truth?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea unless you want a war on your hands,” Vorden said.

“Quinn’s actions in the past, as you all know, have made multiple dedicated followers from all sides. In a way, Quinn being the Hero he was in the past is the only thing everyone can agree on.”

“How many would believe in his return in the first place? It would be a hard thing to convince people… at least now is not the right time for Quinn to return.”

“But I think there might be something that we can do with this Crazy Blood-lord.”

“Thanks to this video by AJ, there are some of those that think he had done the right thing because he appeared when his people needed him most. Maybe there is a way to make use of this person.”

“Sometimes, to bring people together, we need a figurehead, a leader, who can unite them. Maybe a new Hero rather than an old one is what people need right now.”

Vorden was thinking about something else too, though he didn’t mention it out loud. With this video, those that knew of Quinn’s appearance would now know that he had returned, which meant that everyone would soon start to gather once again.

*** *** ***

In a dark room glowing with Green liquid and countless different containers, a certain group of people had just finished watching all of the videos they could possibly find.

Then, finally, one of the men stood up and walked over to a large glass container, and inside it, a large man was floating.

His eyes were alive and were staring at the screen, and even in the container, he clenched his fists tightly.

“So, what do you think of this intruder? Do you think it’s him?” the man asked.

The one in the container took a few moments to answer, but he finally spoke, unclenching his fist.

“It’s him. He and his group took everything away from me. No matter what appearance he has, I can tell by his actions that it’s him, Quinn Talen.”

“It looks like me, and you have the same thought. I never thought out of all the people in the world that the two of us would be standing next to each other after what happened.” The man replied.

“Yet here we are. Still, we have to be patient, very patient. I have spent all this time making sure things won’t go wrong, and that brat took all the pleasures from me.”

“But worry not, we will take the stage by storm when the time is right.”

The man said, walking away into the darkness once again.


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