My Vampire System ​Chapter 1696: Beyond Demon

A chaotic mess was going through Quinn’s mind right now. When waking up, he felt like he was building a jigsaw getting one piece at a time. As he got more pieces of what had happened, he started to see the whole picture a little more, and he could guess what had happened here or there.

Which was why, when he knew next to nothing, seeing something that reminded him of Vorden caused him to act a certain way. However, despite all the puzzle pieces, one thing he couldn’t see was this.

This was a corner piece from the puzzle he hadn’t started to gather yet, and it had come crashing into the work, nearly throwing all the pieces out of order.

It was why he couldn’t speak or say anything, there were just too many questions going through his mind.

“What is Chris saying? Leo is dead. Was he killed, or did he just die of old age? If it’s true that Chris was there, then he couldn’t have just died.” Quinn thought.

He then remembered a crucial detail. While many of the Cursed faction had so far seemed to have lived long lives, maybe that wasn’t the same for Leo.

After all, he had his own important mission to solve while he was getting rid of Graham, and that was stopping Pure from taking over Earth.

In a way, they had failed that task since Pure had become a mighty force that the people greatly supported today, unlike during Quinn’s time.

“Who killed him, Chris?” Quinn asked, his eyes glowing red and the red aura energy bursting around his body.

“I don’t think you meant to use the influence skill on me. I think you are consumed by rage at this moment,” Chris replied.

“It’s better this way, better that you’re angry at me. Maybe then you can fight me without holding back.”

The ground started to rumble once again, and a loud bang followed shortly after, following even more explosions and sounds of destruction. The two looked at each other, thinking it was one of them but soon realised that it wasn’t.

Deep in thought and focused so much on what had happened in front of them, they hadn’t had time to see what the scenery was around them. The land, Earth, was acting strange,

Tornadoes had created large vortexes that went up to dark clouds that were firing out lighting. Striking the ground constantly.

A pressure of heat had shot up from one part of the land, while steam from another along with trickles of water. It looked like the earth was crying, in pain from the fight that had occurred. Looking at the area around them, Quinn felt a little guilty.

“I know you won’t tell me more, but I will have the answers the next time we meet,” Quinn stated.

“Don’t tell me! Quinn, wait!” Chris shouted, but it was too late. Quinn had become a shadow and had started sinking away. A few moments later, and when Quinn could see once again, he was inside the metallic hull of the spaceship, with all the others looking at him.

“We’re happy to see you’re not hurt,” Peter said.

However, although Quinn wasn’t physically hurt on the outside, there was pain somewhere else. He needed a rest from this all. Because he was hurt on say much, and they knew they needed to give him space.

Quickly finding the sleeping area on the ship, Quinn laid down looking at the bunk bed above, thinking about what he had heard.

“Leo, you were the teacher that helped us out so much at the academy, and even when I turned you and got you involved in all of this mess, you never once got angry at me.”

“Why is it that everyone that decides to get involved with me dies… should I have gone back and stayed with him then?”

There was more than just one moment where Leo had helped him, becoming his vampire knight, helping out Erin several times, with reasonability that should have been Quinn’s. Helping out with the Cursed faction, and he was his teacher in many things in life.

There were ways that no matter how strong Quinn had gotten, he thought he could never best Leo, and in a way, he was excited to see.

If Leo had managed to survive a 1000 years, just how much further someone like him would have been able to hone their skills.

“He always had time to help me with my troubles, but I never got the chance to help him out with any of his. The least I could complete his goal and find out what happened to him.” Quinn thought.

“Have you spent enough time mulling over someone who might have already been dead for a 1000 years?” Ray commented.

“Just because you have come to this realisation or found out this piece of information, you can’t change anything, but what is important is to talk about what happened back there.”

Ray was quite blunt with his words, but Quinn knew he talked some sense, and after helping him out significantly today, he was inclined to listen.

“You should listen up carefully to what I have to say. That guy’s power was dangerous; he had power beyond that of a Demon tier beast.”

“The only person, or a Dragon, I should say, that had that kind of power was Krad, and he is the one that had your shadow powers, to begin with.”

“Huh, wait, my powers, you knew the person who had the powers before me?” Quinn was a little surprised.

“Look, just ignore that part for now.” Ray interrupted.

“What I’m saying is that guy is a threat, a threat that can match you. After 1000 years, you have managed to run into one of these guys, but what if there’s more?”

“During my time, Bliss always talked about these scary things, how too much power in one solar system or area would attract too much attention.”

“I didn’t really understand it, and I don’t really understand it now, but what I do know is they’re more of those out there that are like that.”

In the past, I gave up my life because I believed that the earth didn’t need anyone to protect it anymore, but it’s clear that it’s not like that anymore.

I feel like soon; there might be a battle of the gods or something similar. If that’s the case, you’re going to need more than just your strength.

“When fighting, I realised something. You guys might think this body is strong, but it’s weak. It can’t use my full strength, especially after the new power I got.”

“I didn’t come out and show that Werewolf guy a lesson because I realised that when I went back into the shadow space. The body was in pain.”

“If I tried to do another large scale attack, I don’t know what would have happened. Anyway, my point is… I’ll be leaving you, Quinn.”

“I’m leaving in order to increase my powers, and I’ll come back when you need me.”

A lot of information was being thrown at him, but Quinn had the obvious question he wanted to ask.

“Wait… I mean. I guess I’m fine with you leaving. I don’t think there’s anyone that can really get to you, but where would you even go and do what? You said to get your body stronger, but how?” Quinn asked.

“I have a few ways.” Ray replied.

“There’s the person that had placed me in the tablet in the first place. Right now, we don’t; know where the tablet is but maybe there’s is something that can be done there.”

“It means tracking down that woman, then I don’t want to involve you in her crap. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll just have to search for some demon tier beasts or Nest crystal and consume them.”

“Maybe this body of this Dragon’s will get strong enough to contain the energy then.”

“Wait, consume Demon tier and Nest crystals? More than one? You mean, there’s a tier above the Demon tier?” Quinn asked.

Demon tier beasts were already a frightening existence. The strongest being the Dragon that caused all of this mess in the first place.

“I don’t know about that. I just know that I was stronger than this dragon, and I had consumed a nest crystal before. Maybe it would help you out if you got a few as well.” Ray replied.

*** *** ***

After a short back and forth, there wasn’t really much Quinn could do. Heading to the back of the ship, he had agreed to let Ray free to do his thing. Ray had made it clear that he wasn’t requesting but telling Quinn what he was going to do, which was why there wasn’t much arguing over it in the first place.

After opening up the back, Ray was seen in his humanoid dragon form, summoning wings and flying off in the distance to do his thing. When he would be back, Quinn didn’t know, and for a second he wondered if he had made a mistake if this would be another loss, but he realised that there was no stopping someone like that.

Turning around, Quinn looked back at the rest of the ship.

“Right… this is the Blade’s ship, and Vorden is back as well. It’s time I focus on the things that I need to do and find out what happened.”


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