My Vampire System ​Chapter 1695: A good guy?

When Quinn had landed in the middle of the two titans fighting against each other. Something echoed in his ears after a long time:


And a pop-up window appeared the next moment.

[New Quest received]

[An ancient enemy of the vampires is in front of you]

[Defeat the God Slayer]

When the system message had first appeared, Quinn believed that it was the same as he had received when fighting another member of Pure on Mars.

He could tell from seeing Graham’s arms that they both had similar traits, although the colour of the fur on Chris was different.

However, seeing the name it had given the person in front of him, using the word ‘God Slayer,’ Quinn had no idea what this meant, and it was the first time such a term was used.

This proves it; the Pure has somehow managed to get their hands on Werewolf DNA and can fuse it It was almost as if there was a boost in energy with Quinn right after his transformation due to all of these things.

To be able to create the same set of conditions while fighting another Graham would be almost impossible.

This meant that if Chris was as strong as Graham, Quinn had to learn how to utilise the celestial energy that would make him comparable to that moment.

His new technique brought him a step closer, but hurting himself to draw the blood out to use his Celestial Energy was just a temporary solution.

“When fighting Graham, the quest of God slayer didn’t appear, but maybe that’s because right now… I am close to being one of those gods? Also, the System went through an upgrade, too,” Quinn thought.

“I can’t believe it.” Quinn finally spoke. “Are you the real Chris? Chris , who I met in that cave back in those days?”

By this time, Chris had cancelled his fourth stage of Qi and with this, his skin was no longer red. It was his way of showing that he was agreeing to talk and didn’t want to fight.

However, he kept his arms transformed, which showed he didn’t completely feel safe or trust Quinn’s friendly words.

“We never really got to talk much after that. I found out who you really were, and you found out who I really was.” Chris said, still with a smile on his face. “Who would have thought I would be helping the other side!”

“If you knew, would you have still helped me out?” Quinn asked.

“Of course.” Chris didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Quinn, you were a quick learner, the best student among all to whom I have taught Qi. In fact, it was seeing you, how much you improved, and how quickly you surpassed me. Well, that was just motivation for me to improve myself even further.”

Hearing Chris’s words, Quinn felt a bit down. The two hadn’t spent a lot of time together, but he was still one of the few in Quinn’s life journey who had helped him, and after all these years, most of those people are now dead, and, as for Chris, he was on the other side.

“Why… why do you work for Zero?” Quinn asked, clenching his fist.

“1 don’t know if you remember, but at that event, you were there. I know what he get their hands on Werewolf DNA and can fuse it with their members. There was no way Chris could transform like this before.”

The next question on Quinn’s mind was how strong the Current Chris was in front of him. It was enough for the System to recognise them as a threat. This made him remember facing Graham.

The latter was a Dalki who had also been infused with the Werewolf DNA and was perhaps the reason why he was able to grow so strong.Remembering Graham, Quinn imagined if he could beat another one on that level again with the way he was currently.

For one, Quinn was far stronger now than his state in the battle against Graham, but he wasn’t fully confident when he fought against the latter.For one, Quinn had gained a significant boost by consuming the blood of the high spiked Dalki, which gave him great power.

On top of that, Quinn had also gathered the blood of the strongest leaders of the vampires during their fights, and there was the Dalki blood from the other planets. Also, at the time, he could even utilise the blood from the blood weapons and blood armour.

It was almost as if there was a boost in energy with but at that event, you were there.

“I know what he did… he’s probably still alive. He using that damned Qi depletion to steal other people’s life forces! Why does a person like you of all people work for him?”

Just like Chris, Quinn had countermeasures, like the shadow covering his wings. He, too, wasn’t sure what the outcome of this conversation would be and he was a little worried that Ray might have caused some trouble in his shadow space once being forcefully sent inside there, but the latter was acting calm for now.

“Quinn, I don’t really know your story, and you don’t know mine. You are friends with the one from earlier enemy, and didn’t you hear what he said? About how I’m still alive?”

“Werewolf DNA. It makes us age slower, but no amount of Qi control could make one live for this long, at least not at my level.”

The smile had dropped from Chris face when saying these words, and now Quinn knew it was true. Chris had used the Qi drain on living beings to take their life to elongate his own.

“What are you trying to say?” Quinn shouted.

“Why are you telling me this! Is it because you want the two of us to fight? It doesn’t have to be that way. Even now, the two of us are talking fine without fighting. You’re not like that damned Russ.”

“Why can’t we just solve this with a conversation? Do you really believe Zero so much as to do this to yourself?”

Chris didn’t have the answers Quinn was looking for, and although he liked this moment of relaxation between the two, in the end, he knew he had to do something.

With his new Werewolf self, he had more Qi than ever, which meant the fourth stage of Qi was nothing to him. Thus, upon reactivating it, his skin started to turn red again, as he was ready to fight.

“Quinn, your return is a danger to Pure’s goals, and now that I know you also have that Dragon with you, I can’t let you go,” Chris stated.

Still, Quinn wasn’t ready to fight yet.

“Do you remember… do you remember when you and Leo both fought against the Dalki? Although both of you were on different sides, you had come together to face a common enemy.”

“We need to deal with more dangerous things in this world this time, Chris. We can join hands once again!”

Quinn honestly didn’t know why he tried so hard to convince Chris. Perhaps it was because the situation reminded him of one when he was with Arthur, and he didn’t want history to repeat itself.

Or maybe it was because there were very few people alive from his time, and the idea of those that he had good opinions of being an enemy just made his heart feel cold.

“Quinn, you aren’t getting through to him!” A voice called him out in his head.

“You have to resolve to fight this one because this isn’t a person you can go easy on like you have done on everyone before. If you don’t have what it takes, let me out and I deal with him!”

It was clear that this was coming from Ray, who had been polite enough to let Quinn have a normal conversation with Chris, but Quinn was holding out all this time because noticed that mentioning Leo’s had caused Chris’s heart to skip a beat once again.

There was something there, something between that Chris hasn’t yet revealed.

“You really think I’m a good person Quinn?” Chris asked.

“Then would such a good person do nothing but stand and watch when Leo died?”

“What?… Leo’s… dead?”


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